Wild Princess: Marrying an Ugly Prince Chapter 81: Kill the People Who Hurt Her


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Bai Qiwei did not expect that Bai Aoxue would kill his two shadow guards in such a short period of time. He moved back step by step: “Bai Aoxue! What do you want! I am your father!”

Bai Aoxue smiled coldly: “When you decide to kill me, you are no longer my father!”

Although Bai Aoxue and Bai Qiwei were distant with each other, the grievances in her heart seemed to engulf her and completely burn her mind!

Bai Aoxue could feel clearly that the grievances didn’t belong to her since she and Bai Qiwei were distant with each other, so probably they were left in this body.

Incomprehension, heartache and resentment-all kinds of emotions mixed together, as if they were going to drown her.

Even if she just had complaints against Bai Qiwei instead of hatred, how could she not hate him now since Bai Qiwei really intended to kill her? Even if she had already dead, the nostalgia in her heart still existed. It couldn’t disappear in a short time.

Bai Aoxue looked at Bai Qiwei with hatred, while she was trying to suppress this feeling.

These were not her emotions. Since she was the newborn Bai Aoxue, everything belonged to her no matter what it was. She didn’t need such emotions!

Gently raising her hand to stroke her chest, Bai Aoxue slowly closed her eyes.

But she did not notice the shadow guard who was trying hard to crawl towards her on the ground.

Bai Aoxue said in her heart: Bai Aoxue, since you have already left, then you should leave forever. In the future, I will live a good life and be kind to those people whom you still worry about. As for those people who you can’t wait to drink their blood and eat their flesh, I will deal with them one by one.

It is also an explanation for you! Now, Bai Aoxue is me. I should take charge of my emotions and my beliefs!

Thinking like this, the resentment in her heart faded away.

No one saw the short-term change of Bai Aoxue. People who didn’t know the condition thought that she and Bai Qiwei were looking at each other.

So, no one noticed the figure that was crawling slowly on the ground.

Bai Qiwei was stunned when he saw that Bai Aoxue did not attack him but closed her eyes. Then he immediately came back to himself and started to think how he could retreat safely.

Now he just had few shadow guards. If he and Bai Aoxue fought with each other at the risk of mutual destruction, he would be doomed to lose. But since that he had already intended to kill Bai Aoxue, the situation now was beyond redemption.

If this was the case, he must either go the whole hog or drop it altogether!

In this world, he and Bai Aoxue’s father-and-daughter affection was going to die!

Perhaps in those days, he should not marry Ye Wanqing for the transitory glory out of greed.

Thinking about this, Bai Qiwei looked at Bai Aoxue with no hesitation anymore!

And Bai Aoxue opened her eyes at the same time. She looked at Bai Qiwei clearly and decisively.

Perhaps that was why they couldn’t be father and daughter. They were the same kind of people who were cold-blooded. As long as they made up their minds to cut off something no matter what it was, they would leave no leeway.

“Bai Aoxue, the reason why our relationship has gotten out of control is all because of your stubbornness! If you are obedient and helpful, I won’t kill you!” Bai Qiwei looked at Bai Aoxue with a poker face.

When Bai Aoxue listened to Bai Qiwei’s words, she smiled coldly. Bai Qiwei was such a person who would never admit his mistakes. He was always right, and others would always take the consequences.

“I, Bai Aoxue, am naturally stubborn! I won’t do anything that other people want to do! I will try what people don’t dare to try! People say that 5th prince is ugly, but I insist that I marry him! I am not a chess piece of any of you! I only belong to myself. If you dare control me, then don’t be afraid of my cruelty!” Bai Aoxue smiled proudly and looked at Bai Qiwei with cold eyes.

Although everyone was fighting, they paid attention to the movements of Bai Aoxue and Bai Qiwei. After listening to the words of Bai Aoxue, everyone had different ideas in their minds.

“What a good ‘naturally stubborn’! If you’re someone else, I will certainly appreciate you, but you are my daughter! I don’t need a disobedient chess piece. Since you don’t want to be a chess piece, why should I keep you?! If I can’t take advantage of you, neither do others!” Bai Qiwei smiled deeply and looked at Bai Aoxue with his dour eyes.

“That depends on whether you have that ability!” Bai Aoxue clenched the dagger in her hand, looking at Bai Qiwei indifferently.

Just when Bai Aoxue was about to move, a voice that she couldn’t be more familiar with came over from the entrance of the small courtyard.

“Miss!”Mumian rushed to the door of the small courtyard. She never thought that it was such a scene. Looking at Bai Aoxue with worry, she shouted.

But she didn’t know that her voice let Bai Aoxue, who was always cautious and calm in front of danger, get flustered!

Bai Aoxue had not expected that Mumian would come to Prime Minister’s mansion at this time. After thinking about it, she understood what was going on.

“You brought Mumian here!” Bai Aoxue turned to look at Bai Qiwei.

And Bai Qiwei looked confident. He smiled and said: “How could I become the Prime Minister of Chengxi if I didn’t even think of the worst situation! This is called ‘justice will eventually prevail over evil’!”

After listening to Bai Qiwei’s words, Bai Aoxue showed a gorgeous smile. She narrowed her phoenix-like eyes slightly, picked up her eyebrows and looked at Bai Qiwei: “But you missed one thing. I’m not Bai Aoxue anymore. I can kill anyone even you, let alone those lives!”

When Bai Qiwei heard Bai Aoxue’s words, he did not panic. Instead, he smiled and said: “If that is the case, then you will see how your loyal maidservant dies! Do it!”

When the guard who was next to Mumian heard Bai Qiwei’s words, he immediately drew the sword at his waist. He was going to chop Mumian’s neck with the sword which flashed gloomy light.

All this came so fast. The sword went straight towards Mumian before she understood what was going on.

She had been originally worried about Bai Aoxue in General’s mansion, but a servant of General’s mansion had said that Bai Aoxue asked people in Prime Minister’s mansion to pick her up. Since she had been worried about Bai Aoxue, she had come back without thinking too much.

But she did not expect that she was taken in and once again became Bai Aoxue’s burden.

Thinking of this, Mumian wanted to relieve herself. Slowly closing her eyes, Mumian didn’t want to be Bai Aoxue’s burden any more.

“Nalan Youhong! Are you still planning to hide in the dark?!” At the critical juncture, Bai Aoxue shouted! She even shook the surrounding air.

When that sword was only a few centimeters away from Mumian’s neck, it was tightly held by two fingers.

Nalan Youhong was worried when he saw Mumian. He originally planned to show up to save Mumian, while he did not expect that Bai Aoxue had already known that he was here.

The guard did not expect that there was still someone to stir up the situation at this moment. When he was just about to pull the sword out of Nalan Youhong’s hand, he was kicked away by Nalan Youhong!

Reaching out his hands, Nalan Youhong held Mumian in his arms easily.

When Bai Aoxue saw this, a tight string in her head gradually loosened. She sighed softly.

But she did not notice the figure that was flying to her!

“Miss! Be careful!” Mumian anxiously shouted when she glanced at the figure that was flying to Bai Aoxue.

Unfortunately, she missed the best time.

Bai Aoxue did not notice the abnormality around her since she just relaxed. In the past, she would not be so careless. However, now she was relaxed because Mumian was just rescued.

When everyone heard Mumian’s voice, they all turned to look at Bai Aoxue.

Ye Zhaojue’s eyeballs were congested. This was a scene that he would never forget in his life!

The shadow guard, who had already approached Bai Aoxue, threw himself at her with his last strength. Holding a long sword, he was going to stab Bai Aoxue!

When Mumian called Bai Aoxue’s name, that shadow guard’s sword was already close to Bai Aoxue. It was too late for her to escape.

Bai Aoxue did not expect that the shadow guard whose neck had been twisted by her actually survived and even fought back at the last moment.

It was impossible for her to escape now. She could only try to protect her vital organs.

That shadow guard yelled: “Bai Aoxue! Even if I am going to die, I will let you die with me! Hahaha….”

The sword quickly penetrated the abdomen of Bai Aoxue, but he did not find that Bai Aoxue gently moved and protected her vital organs.

Although the sword had penetrated her abdomen, her life was not in danger. She would take a lot of time to recuperate at most.

“No!!” Ye Zhaojue screamed with his eyes wide opened! But he couldn’t stop anything!

Bai Aoxue stepped forward along the long sword with a smile on her face. Her hands turning into claws, she tightly seized that shadow guard’s throat.

“Do you, an underling, deserve to die with me?!” Blood slid down the sword, but Bai Aoxue did not feel pain. Her smile was evil, and that arrogant look was peerless at that moment.

“You…” Before that shadow guard finished his words, Bai Aoxue quickly broke off his neck, letting him loose the hilt and fell to the ground quickly.

Bai Aoxue turned to look at Ye Zhaojue. When she just wanted to say that she was fine, she felt dizzy.

She slowly fell down, thinking that this body was still too weak. She must take supplements and train herself after waking up!

“Aoxue!”Quickly pushing those shadow guards in front of him, Ye Zhaojue stumbled towards Bai Aoxue.

At this moment, the surrounding air seemed to be extracted, making everyone feel hard to breath.

However, no one found that Nalan Youhong’s face turned pale suddenly!

A cold wind whizzed past. When Ye Zhaojue was about to pick up Bai Aoxue, he was pushed away by a strong power!

When everyone saw what was going on, Bai Aoxue had already fallen into someone’s arms!

That man was tall. He wore a black cloak, and the hat slid his entire face. Only some ink hair that reached his waist was scattered, dancing with the cold wind.

He gave out endless cold air which was mixed with endless anger!

His fingers which held Bai Aoxue were white and highlighted his forbearance and anxiety.

“Kill those people who hurt her!” He slightly opened his sexy and cold thin lips. His faint words were mixed with endless anger and dominance, shocking everyone’s heart.

Everyone was stunned. They looked at this man who frightened everyone. His charisma was so strong that no one could compare with him. People had no courage to refute him even he said such a gentle sentence!

He let everyone be extremely scared just by one view of his back!

When his words, a man in the same black clothes appeared quietly, kneeled on the ground with one knee and said: “As king wish!”
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