Wild Princess: Marrying an Ugly Prince Chapter 177: You Deserve the Bes


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The next morning when the light of the dawn just broke through the sky, Bai Aoxue and other people had already prepared everything and began to head towards Yangzhou.

And this time Bai Aoxue did not ride a horse, but sat quietly back in the carriage, and began to sleep again.

Thinking of the gambling between Bai Aoxue and Hongxiu, Jun Yeyan didn’t take a carriage with Bai Aoxue this time, but rode a horse, side by side with Nalan Youhong.

Quite different from yesterday, Nalan Youhong was in a very good mood this morning, and even sang songs.

“Well, Zhao’s dead face is handsome, and it’s not that ugly.” Nalan Youhong muttered as Jun Yeyan walked towards him.

Zhao had a good hearing. When he heard the words of Nalan Youhong, he clenched his fist and then loosened it again, but the blue veins on his temples showed that he was in a bad mood.

“How was it going last night?” Jun Yeyan pretended not to know and asked inadvertently.

As soon as Nalan Youhong heard what Jun Yeyan said, he laughed proudly, “It went so well. I am so elegant and handsome. How can I not succeed?”

Jun Yeyan glanced at Nalan Youhong and said, “Yes or no?”

Nalan Youhong wanted to continue to brag, but he found Jun Yeyan apparently didn’t have the mood to hear his nonsense. So he suddenly changed his face and glanced at Jun Yeyan and said, “No comment!”

As soon as Jun Yeyan heard his words, he said with a cold smile, “It must be that Mumian didn’t agree. Well, she listens to Xue and always asks Xue’s opinion. If you don’t know that, but you make Xue’s husband angry, can you still marry Mumian?”

Nalan Youhong heard Jun Yeyan’s words and abused him secretly, but he still played up to him, “We are brothers, do you want to see me die alone?”

Jun Yeyan glanced at Nalan Youhong and said, “No comment?”

“No! Say it, say it! I would say all I know and say it without reserve!” Nalan Youhong said.

“Oh…” Jun Yeyan smiled coldly, turned the horse head instantly and left a mouthful of dust to Nalan Youhong.

“I don’t want to know now.” His banter made Nalan Youhong angry!

Watching Jun Yeyan leaving towards the carriage, Nalan Youhong just wanted to pounce on him, shake him and ask him whether he was his brother!

Jun Yeyan smiled, in a very good mood. Of course he knew Nalan Youhong’s thoughts, but he wanted to dampen Nalan Youhong’s excitement, in case that he was too pride to find a wife.

Nalan Youhong would not know what Jun Yeyan thought. If he knew that, he must curse him because Jun Yeyan didn’t let him happy.

And as expected by Jun Yeyan, although Mumian loved Nalan Youhong, Nalan Youhong said he wanted to marry her, she turned him down.

Although it hurt Nalan Youhong, what Mumian said next made him revived.

“What did you tell him?” Bai Aoxue asked to Mumian.

Now four women sat in the carriage and discussed about Mumian and Nalan Youhong’s marriage.

Jun Yeyan opened the curtain of the carriage and saw they were talking. His mouth twitched and then he closed the curtain.

Li Xiao looked at Jun Yeyan and laughed, “Master, you can listen here. The princess is really…special!”

Jun Yeyan didn’t speak, but glanced at Li Xiao and turned up the corners of his mouth.

Li Xiao saw this rare scene and widen his eyes, and shocked by Jun Yeyan and Bai Aoxue’s love.

It seemed that his master really fell in love with Bai Aoxue.

And Li Xiao deeply realized Bai Aoxue’s importance.

When Li Xiao thought Jun Yeyan would not speak, Jun Yeyan said slowly, “My Xue is the best woman in the world!”

Li Xiao did not reply and also not deny it.

He didn’t have a deep relationship with Bai Aoxue, but he knew her temper yesterday. Bai Aoxue was very similar to their master.

Their master would leave no room to protect his people, and whoever injured his people would also have a bad ending. And Bai Aoxue was the same. In other words, even if the Emperor hurt her people, she would also hit him!

The obstinate character of Bai Aoxue was recognized by Li Xiao. It was said that for two people who had similar characters, there would be many contradictions between them if they’re together, or even they could not be together.

Because of their similarities, they both knew each other’s temperament. Both of them were cold-blooded, unruly and proud. So two people would not interfere with each other, and neither of them wanted to step back first or admitted to lose first, and then they must feel tired.

But now Li Xiao found that this two people with similar personality changed a lot.

Once his master stood by his words, and everyone knew that he was ruthless, which was not as superficial as it was, but the quality of him.

Now, however, the master had completely changed, and became the man, whose eyes were full of tenderness, who would step back for his beloved.

Perhaps love was a good medicine in some people’s life. It’s even a guide to change his dim life.

For only such good medicine and guidance could warm and save this powerful and lonely man in his remaining years.

Bai Aoxue didn’t know the dialogue between Li Xiao and Jun Yeyan and also didn’t know Li Xiao’s thoughts.

She was considering Mumian’s marriage.

“Mumian, tell me. Do you like the man?” Bai Aoxue looked at her seriously and asked.

Mumian heard that and frowned, “Miss… I like quarrelling with him, and I’m happy about that, though sometimes he irritates me. But if he looks at other women, I’m so angry!”

Bai Aoxue heard Mumian’s words and thought: I had raised a girl who enjoyed being bullied?!

But from Mumian’s words, Bai Aoxue knew that she really liked Nalan Youhong. But she had unspeakable feeling that Mumian followed her for so many years and suddenly would be taken away. This made her feel that she suffered loss and could not express it.

But looking at Mumian’s sincere and happy face, Bai Aoxue did not feel depressed. She said that she wanted this girl to be happy, and now this girl found someone who loved her. Shouldn’t she be happy?

“That’s okay. When the journey to Nanyue Dynasty is over, I will ask Nalan Youhong to propose a marriage, then I will ask my uncle to take you as an adopted daughter, and you will marry Nalan Youhong as Miss of General’s Mansion, so the Nalan family won’t bully you because of your identity!” Bai Aoxue rubbed her eyes, but she reminded of Jun Yeyan’s words, so she put her hand down.

Hongxiu and Mumian heard Bai Aoxue’s words and were moved.

“When you get married, I can’t see you every day. In case someone wants to set you up or bully you, he can’t do anything to you because your identity. After all, my uncle’s status cannot be ignored.” Bai Aoxue continued.

When Mumian heard Bai Aoxue’s words, she quickly shook her head and said, “Miss, I don’t marry! I want to accompany you forever. Do you forget? When we were young, Miss and I made a deal that we’d be together forever! Miss said you would be alone without me.”

Bai Aoxue was deeply impressed by Mumian’s words. She remembered when she was nine years old, she was beaten and scolded by Bai Suxue and other girls, and Mumian stood in front of her and protected her. These two weak children held tight to support each other and made that oath.

At that time, Bai Aoxue’s world was dim because of the death of her mother, the disgrace of her aunt and other sisters, and the change of the family power, all of which gave her a heavy blow.

At that time she only had Mumian who took care of her and followed her. She was like a bunch of mayflies that would be annihilated at any time, only knowing to grasp Mumian tightly.

She lived the most difficult life during her lifetime.

And she didn’t think Mumian still remembered their oath and remembered Bai Aoxue’s desperation at that time.

Although it was not her who made the oath with Mumian, Bai Aoxue was fortunate that she was her now. It’s shameful to steal her happiness, but she was satisfied at this moment.

Thank you, Bai Aoxue. You gave me such happiness. I’m sorry that I took everything that belonged to you.

“Mumian, do you think I’m still alone? There are so many people around us, and I am not that helpless girl any more. Now I can support you in this turbulent world. So Mumian, you should be a better life. But I can’t give you such a better life. You should create it by yourself, you know?” Bai Aoxue’s eyes looked warm which was like spring wind in March.

Mumian heard Bai Aoxue’s words, and turned to look at Wenxi and Hongxiu. She did not fully understand and asked Bai Aoxue, “Miss, can I really create it by myself?”

Bai Aoxue nodded, “Even though I am a support in your life, I will never leave you and always be your family. You and your beloved are the protagonists in your life. All I’m saying is that I hope you can understand that you will have a happier life in the future.”
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