Wild Princess: Marrying an Ugly Prince Chapter 14: Turbulent Undercurrents


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"Whoops, I was just wondering who it is, and it turns out to be you, our First Miss. Since Mumian the servant girl was not obedient, so I let them to teach her a lesson. It seems that now our First Miss, you want to claim for your maidservant." A really soft and lovely female voice arose behind Bai Aoxue.

Bai Aoxue knew that the real master had come. With she having caused such a turmoil, it would be strange if the real master Su Qianqian had still not showed up yet, Bai Aoxue thought.

In fact, Bai Aoxue admired the woman Su Qianqian.

Su Qianqian could reach the present status among so many concubines in obscurity, and this showed her superb capability and diplomacy skills.

As for the intrigue against each other, whether being in the previous life or in the preceding world, Bai Aoxue scorned for it.

"Hehe, it is really rare for you to be so smart like today Aoxue I do come for Mumian," Bai Aoxue said to Su Qianqian, smiling sweetly.

"I don't know what it was that Mumian had done wrong and let Auntie Su have treated my maid like this. Is it because, Auntie Su, you have self-regarded as the wife of the house for so many years, and then you forgot your identity? A humble concubine dared to punish my own maid in such a way without my consent. Wasn't that a slap in my face? And now I come here to get back my face and the justice. Is it wrong?" Bai Aoxue covered her lips, smiling softly.

Bai Aoxue said so calmly as if she was having a chinwag, but what she said did directly hit Su Qianqian in the most tender spot.

The maidservants present looked carefully at Su Qianqian, being afraid that she would lose her cool.

But Su Qianqian dammed up the anger and forced a smile. She said: "These words you just said are not correct. The maidservant Mumian sneaked into the kitchen and stole the bird's nest soup that the master bestowed to me. Since she is the First Miss's maidservant, I had once thought that it is nothing and just let it go. But unexpectedly she refused to admit it. That was not good. Mumian did in this way, and people who do not know might think that your maidservant's misbehavior resulted from the lack of your discipline. Therefore, I took the liberty of teaching her a lesson."

"Humph! Is Auntie Su beating around the bush to say the lack of my discipline? I know what kind of person Mumian is. She is totally different from those beasts in human face who stop at nothing in doing evil just in order to win others' sympathy." Bai Aoxue said with a sneer.

Bai Aoxue thought in mind: If you wanted to pretend to be generous, I would let your cat out of the bag today. Otherwise how could the game continue?

Hearing what Bai Aoxue said, Su Qianqian changed the color on her face, and her fingers already turned slightly white. But she still repressed her anger: "First Miss, you misunderstood me. I just did it for your sake."

Bai Aoxue looked at Su Qianqian and marveled at the woman's forbearing capability.

She could not help sighing in her heart: It was no wonder that Bai Aoxue's mother could not compete with Su Qianqian.

"Aoxue really should thank Auntie Su. But, I have said that even if my maid did something wrong, it should be up to me to punish her, not anybody else. Besides, my maid would never do anything stealthily. I hope that Auntie Su would not jump to conclusions." Bai Aoxue said while looking at Mumian who felt wronged.

Hearing Bai Aoxue's words, Su Qianqian was on the breaking point of anger and humiliation. She was about to say something while being interrupted by Mumian.

"Miss, I didn't steal the bird's nest soup. When Miss was having a rest, Cuiyu, the Auntie Su's maidservant, came. She told me there was a bowl of cooked bird's nest soup in the kitchen, and I could go to take it to Miss."

"Since I thought that Miss had fallen into the pond several days ago and had not nourished the body yet, so I went to the kitchen. But who knew that when I picked up the bowl, many people emerged in the kitchen and surrounded me, accusing me of drinking Auntie Su's bird's nest soup. I told them that it was Cuiyu who had told me to take it to my Miss, but Cuiyu denied having said that to me. Miss, I did literally not steel the bird's nest soup." Mumian looked at Bai Aoxue, with her eyes full of the trust and firmness.

Bai Aoxue gently patted Mumian's head. She said: "My maid never lies. I wish Auntie Su would get Cuiyu for me to interrogate her fully."

Su Qianqian had never expected that Bai Aoxue had changed so much and she would be arguing with her over a maidservant.

This was in fact a drama directed by Su Qianqian, because she had felt angry and wanted to stand up for her daughter after hearing Bai Suxue's words in the morning.

But Bai Aoxue was the accident in this play. For the Bai Aoxue in the past, she might swallow hard without saying a word. But for the one at present, Bai Aoxue would not let anyone get away even just with a hostile look.

"Go to take Cuiyu here." Su Qianqian knew there would be a tough battle. She said to a maidservant beside. Having noticed the wink of Su Qianqian, the maidservant quickly left.

Bai Aoxue stood with her hands clasped behind the back, the skirt shining as red as the flame. It did be a really beautiful scene. But in Su Qianqian's eyes, it was a bit gloomy and frightening.

The maidservant returned soon, followed by another maidservant with a seemingly smart look.

"Do you seek Cuiyu for what, First Miss?" Cuiyu stood before Bai Aoxue, paying no respect to her.

Cuiyu didn't notice the expression in the eyes of other present maidservants towards Bai Aoxue, as well as the separated corpse lying before the main building in the courtyard, or otherwise she would not have been so arrogant.

"It seems that the maidservant of Auntie Su is just so-so as well, or she is just as the same as Auntie Su yourself. For such a maid without any respects to her master, what lessons should her be taught? Besides, she maligned my Mumian!" Bai Aoxue said, looking back and gazing at Cuiyu, but in fact she took the aim at Su Qianqian.
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