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Hearing Bai Aoxue’s sigh-like talking, Zhao and Zi Yuanyue were stunned at the same time. But they did not turn back. They clenched their fists tightly and then slowly released it.

How nice if… if the person who was listening to this sentence at this time was master.

Thinking of this, the two people no longer thought more and sped up the pace to leave.

In any case and no matter what method was used, they were willing to try, as long as the master could be safe!

Ye Zhaojue and Luoyan were puzzled when they heard Wenxi’s words of Bai Aoxue. They also guessed that something must have happened. They planned to see Bai Aoxue in person.

“Wenxi. Is Aoxue busy?” Luoyan asked doubtfully.

Wenxi listened to Luoyan’s words and hesitated, but then she remembered what Miss had told her before leaving. She said calmly: “General, Princess Luoyan. Princess suffered some cold last night. She is not comfortable. Prince doesn’t allow her to leave and told her to have a good rest.”

Ye Zhaojue listened to Wenxi’s words. Although he was very unhappy on the face, he was actually very satisfied that Jun Yeyan cherished his niece so much.

“Hum! It seems that this bad boy has a conscience. What a good girl my Aoxue is! It’s his honor to marry her!” Ye Zhaojue snorted coldly. But the satisfaction and happiness in the eyes could be seen by everyone.

“Aoxue is ill! Is she better now?” Luoyan was concerned about Bai Aoxue.

“I’ve asked the doctor to see her. It doesn’t matter. She just needs a rest for several days.” Wenxi said as if it was the truth, and no one noticed that she was lying.

“We will leave tomorrow morning. Wenxi, you should take good care of Aoxue. We’ll be back as soon as we finish the things.” Ye Zhaojue didn’t want to leave Bai Aoxue and said with some reluctance.

He had only come back for a few days before he had to leave. Although he had personally entrusted the most beloved niece in his life to the one who deserved to be entrusted, he still felt sad in his heart.

He still didn’t do his duty as an uncle. Maybe it was because he didn’t do his duty that Aoxue saw through the world at such a young age and developed such a cold and indifferent temperament.

Ye Zhaojue felt ashamed and sad.

“Don’t worry, General. We will take care of princess. Prince loves princess very much. We all know that. Princess just hopes that General and Princess Luoyan can come back with your baby boy next time.” Wenxi’s heart sighed at Bai Aoxue’s prophecy, saying as if she was comforting and joking as well.

Bai Aoxue knew from the beginning that Ye Zhaojue would blame himself this time because he could not protect her or take care of her. These self-accusations had been with Ye Zhaojue for too many years, and it was impossible to change them immediately. So, Bai Aoxue had to let Wenxi say so to quickly change Ye Zhaojue’s vision and thoughts.

Sure enough, Luoyan’s face turned red when Wenxi said so. The heroic appearance disappeared. Standing beside Ye Zhaojue, Luoyan was like a timid and lovable little woman at the moment.

And Ye Zhaojue coughed unnaturally. His tough and handsome face turned a little dark red.

“I knew this girl would say that!” Ye Zhaojue slightly turned his head and pretended to look at the scenery.

He and Luoyan hadn’t had a wedding yet. Although they were both have each other in their hearts, but they would scrupulously abide the rule between men and women. There must be one day when he married Luoyan home heartily.

“Well, go back to take care of that bad girl. Tell her that I will be back as soon as possible. I will come back with her aunt!” Ye Zhaojue waved and said helplessly.

Wenxi did not dare to stay for too long. She left after giving a salute.

She was afraid that the longer time she stayed, the more flaws she would show. After all, it’s not easy to fool Luoyan and Ye Zhaojue. They were both very smart!

After Wenxi left here, Luoyan looked at the direction of Wenxi’s departure and frowned tightly.

Ye Zhaojue saw Luoyan like this and asked with wonderingly: “What’s the matter? Do you feel uncomfortable? ”

Luoyan shook her head, and there was a sensible glimmer in her eyes. Then she slowly opened her mouth and said: “Wenxi is lying.”

She affirmed by using one sentence without any hesitation.

There were some doubts in Ye Zhaojue’s mind after listening to Luoyan’s words. But he still carefully asked: “Why?”

“Don’t you know Aoxue? Is she the kind of person who will not come to say goodbye to you just because she is ill? Is she the kind of person who will not come just because Jun Yeyan forbids it? Ask yourself if you are more important or Jun Yeyan is in her heart?” Luoyan looked directly at Ye Zhaojue and said.

When Ye Zhaojue heard Luoyan’s words, he immediately understood. He also felt a little bit confused just now, but he didn’t think too much about it. When Luoyan said so, he found out that Wenxi was lying!

“I must be the more important one! Jun Yeyan needs to wait for 100 years to surpass my position in Aoxue’s heart.” Ye Zhaojue said to Luoyan childishly as he rarely was.

“Alright, you are the most important. Catch up with Wenxi now. I’ll see why she lied!” Luoyan said to Ye Zhaojue with a smile but immediately changed her face when she was saying the second half of the sentence.

Ye Zhaojue agreed with Luoyan’s words and worried about Bai Aoxue even more.

After all, Wenxi was given to Bai Aoxue by Jun Wuhen.

Thinking of this, Ye Zhaojue scolded himself for his carelessness. But he didn’t think more and immediately stepped out of the gate and chased Wenxi.

Ye Zhaojue was so fast that Luoyan almost couldn’t keep up.

After Wenxi left the General’s mansion, she took some secluded alleys and took a lot of detours. After confirming that there was no one following her, she walked to 5th Prince’s mansion.

But what Wenxi didn’t know was that she had already been followed by two people.

Ye Zhaojue’s heart became colder when he was looking at Wenxi’s cautious behavior. He became more worried about Bai Aoxue. If it weren’t for Luoyan’s hindering, Ye Zhaojue would have captured Wenxi.

“Calm down. We haven’t figured out what happened yet.” Luoyan held Ye Zhaojue’s hand and said lightly.

Ye Zhaojue turned his head to look at Luoyan, who was calm. He followed Wenxi again, but he no longer had any intention of making a move.

Luoyan looked at Ye Zhaojue’s back and shook her head with resignation. As long as involved in things about Bai Aoxue, Ye Zhaojue would lose his sense of propriety without a trace of heroism on the battlefield.

But that’s why she was attracted, wasn’t it?

Wenxi came to the back door of General’s mansion. After whispering with the attendant at the door, she quickly entered the door.

When Ye Zhaojue saw this, he went in with Luoyan from the back wall quietly.

At this time, the sky had gradually darkened. There was no light in the bamboo grove. Only by moonlight could they see a winding path. Ye Zhaojue and Luoyan did not expect that there was such a quiet place in 5th Prince’s mansion.

The quiet bamboo grove was pleasing with the caress of the breeze. But at the moment, Ye Zhaojue heard an indistinct roar. Although it was very light and inconspicuous that he probably couldn’t hear it without the wind, Ye Zhaojue could conclude that the roar really existed.

A violent twitched in the left eye! Bad omen!

Ye Zhaojue had some uneasiness in his heart. This feeling also appeared yesterday. At first, he didn’t pay attention to it, but then it disturbed him. Later, it gradually disappeared. He thought it was an illusion.

But now it became the truth, which made Ye Zhaojue cannot help but think of something worse.

“What’s the matter?” By moonlight, Luoyan saw Ye Zhaojue frowning tightly and asked in bewilderment.

“Did you hear the roar? It’s like a wild animal’s roar.” Ye Zhaojue asked in a low voice.

Luoyan listened carefully. She frowned softly and then shook her head slowly. She said: “I didn’t hear it.”

Luoyan didn’t look like a liar. Then he thought that compared with himself, Luoyan’s internal power must be much weaker, so it was natural that she didn’t hear it.

But he was more concerned about the roar.

The roar was too creepy and was kind of heart-wrenching. He didn’t know why listening to the roar made him become more and more restless.

Passing an open-air hot spring, Ye Zhaojue and Luoyan didn’t linger, let alone stop to watch. They just cared about the roar.

If it were at ordinary times, they would praise the scenery here.

Until seeing the Bamboo house in front, Ye Zhaojue and Luoyan looked at each other and slowed down.

The two people held their breath and came to the outside of the Bamboo house. The light in the house was light yellow. It looked warm from the outside and made people yearn for it.

“Wenxi, why didn’t you be back until now?” There was a confused female voice in the Bamboo house.

Ye Zhaojue could recognize that the voice was Mumian’s, who had been following Bai Aoxue since childhood.

“I always felt that someone was following me today, so I had to walk a little more to get rid of them.” Wenxi’s voice was still bland.

“Oh, let it go! Miss has been there for too long, why hasn’t she come back!? I’m so worried about Miss. She just woke up today after such a serious injury. Now she went to the prince’s mansion without taking medicine. What should we do?” The anxious voice of Hongxiu sounded in the room.

After Hongxiu finished saying, the three people became silent immediately, but did not know their conversation was heard by others.

When Ye Zhaojue heard that Bai Aoxue was seriously injured, he was clear. His heart was already in a state of anxiety.

“But… Miss told me not to go!” Mumian said sadly.

Ye Zhaojue and Luoyan looked at each other and didn’t hesitate any more. They pushed open the bamboo door and went in.

“Who?” The three people turned their heads at the same time.

Turning around, they saw Ye Zhaojue with a sulky face.

“Gen… General…” The three people became tongue-tied and shouted.

“Where is Aoxue?” Ye Zhaojue didn’t answer. He asked directly.

They all looked down after giving a glance at each other, and they didn’t answer.

“General is asking you! Where is Aoxue?” Ye Zhaojue looked at the behavior of the three people and became furious!

All of the three people were terrified especially Mumian. She had never seen him so angry since she was a child. And when he was angry, he never used the term general before.

Luoyan pulled Ye Zhaojue’s sleeve and looked at the three people: “Zhaojue is just worried about Aoxue’s safety. Aren’t you also worried about Aoxue? Let’s go and have a look. ”

“But… But Miss said that we were not allowed to go.” Mumian said haltingly.

As soon as Ye Zhaojue wanted to speak again, there was a faint male voice outside the door.

“If General Ye wants to go, I will lead the way for you.”

Ye Zhaojue turned his head and saw a man with a mask on his face and a figure similar to that of Jun Yeyan.

“Go.” Giving a glance of him, Ye Zhaojue finally spited out a word.

Several people followed Zhao, zigzagging many ways. Then they came to the back of a rockery. Along the way, even Mumian heard the desperate and heartbreaking roar.

When Zhao pressed a dark button, a small door appeared on the rockery. Although they were surprised, they did not ask anything. They followed Zhao carefully into the secret way.

As going deeper and deeper into the dark road, the originally clear roar became weak. On the contrary, it was like sobbing. But Ye Zhaojue was increasingly uneasy.

They finally saw the light. Although it was a little bit dim, but it was much better than the bamboo path.

The eyes of the group of people suddenly opened up. Following the whimper, they turned around and saw the scene that they would never forget.
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