Wild Crimson Rose: Beloved Handyman Prince’s Courtesan Wife Chapter 96: 2nd Round (4)


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The requirements to win a battle in this stage was simple: get your opponents off the stage, have them surrender, or knock them out. As long as they got rid of one, they gang up and pressure the other. Since these two were dragons amongst men,

The youth's attack was stopped and he staggered back a little from the recoil, surprise flashing across his face momentarily. A slight smile appeared on Shen Tianyu's lazy expression. She slowly walked towards him, yet the youth didn't move. It was as if he was rooted to the ground. Her eyes had changed completely. They we're no longer languid, but eyes of a predator staring down at it's prey. The youth was also a noble child, albeit not as noble as some of the others. He had come this far based on his superior cultivation talent. Yet, as expected, experience was the master.

The youth gulped and gripped his hand. His nails dig into his palm, drawing blood but the pain woke him up somewhat. He took in a deep breath through his nose and readjusted his grip on the wooden sword.

Shen Tianyu raised her eyebrows a bit upon seeing that. 'Oh? What a brave boy.' She praised him in her mind because she knew her predatory aura was no joke. 'This one will probably achieve great things in the future as long as he's guided correctly. It might be worth it to befriend hm later.'

The youth bellowed a loud shout and rushed towards Shen Tianyu's with the wooden sword again, Shen as only about halfway to where he was. He raised his sword again Andy struck down, this time with more force behind it, perhaps with all his strength. Hi sorry instincts olds him the enemy in front of him was formidable, so it would not do him any good to fight a long battle. He needed to end it as soon an possible. However, this attack was in vain. Because he was too focused on strength, he did not pay as much attention t other aspects of a battle.

Shen Tianyu easily sidestepped his strike, which cut a deep gash into the stone stage. Her leg then shot out and kicked at him while he still hadn't recovered from his own attack. He immediately flew sideways off the stage stage, into the crowd gathered at the bottom. Because of some people that weren't able to run away in time, his fall was cushioned. But, he still lost the match. He wasn't allowed to get back in so he could only watch now. He was initially worried about his partner being ganged up on but after sitting down at the side, he realized he didn't have to be.

On Rong Jian's side, he dodged the attack of the youth. Jen kept stalling for time, blocking and dodging. He would occasionally glance over at Shen Tianyu's side to see how she was doing. As soon as she kicked her opponent off the stage, his aura changed. "Well, now that's my partner has finished, I should be finishing too, don't you think?" Without waiting for an answer, he rushed at his opponent. With one stroke of his sword, he hit his opponent at the waist and threw him off stage. Unfortunately for this one, Rong Jian's was not as kind as Shen Tianyu, Andy he landed on the hard ground. It wasn't until a little while later, that he got up, with the help of his partner.

The official stood up and yelled at the top of his lungs. "The pair of Shen Tian and Rong Jing wins the first round! They will be moving onto the second round!"

Shen Tian and Rong Jing were the couple's alias for the tournament. One didn't want their identity be found out, the other just followed along because it was fun. Unfortunately, Shen Tianyu was not good at names and could only come up with such a name on the spot. It really wasn't much different from her original but it will do. This isn't a new continent after all, except for the ones at lavender Palace and Lotus Pavilion, no one else should know her unless they really looked into her background. The ones stationed at the two businesses were also bound by a strict confidentiality's code a single well as their loyalty. And even if they did leak her identity, Shen didn't really care. The fist was the law, and this included more than a physical fist. If people started doing things because of her history, she had no qualms about making them suffer.

Furthermore she had already prepared a history for both of them so if anyone looked into their name, they would find that first.

Shen Tianyu and Rong Jian walked off the stage and stood within the crowd. Some of the others contestants eyed them wearily. They had not stayed the last two times, why are they staying to watch others compete now? The couple ignore the others inquiring gazes and continued watching. They watched all through the battles to take place that day. The result was the two royals, Junzhu Wen Ya and the Crown Prince passed their battles. However, the couple's next opponent should wouldn't be be them. Rather, it as a tag team of sleaze bags that had passed their battle with many tricks.

After the battles of the day ended, with the announcement of the official, everyone was about to head home. Shen Tianyu walked towards her and Rong Jian's defeated opponents. They had stayed to enjoy themselves and, who knows, they might meet these cultivator sin the future, it was better to be prepared. The world was big but it was also small. With not that many cultivators, they were sure to meet each other at some point, either as friends or foes.

"Hey you two." Shen Tianyu called out to them first as they we're leaving. "Sorry this is so late, I just wanted to say good fight." Shen Tianyu sheepishly scratched the back of her head.

The courteous youth bowed with cupped hands. "This Miss is exaggerating. It should be me who is anxious of Miss laughing at my performance."

"No, no. You did really well. It was only because I had ore fighting experience that I was able to best this young master, I am not deserving of such high praise." Shen Tianyu raised her cupped fists, but didn't bow. "I hope we can be on good terms with each other from now on. This was only a competition and I hope young master won't bear a grudge against me."

"That would be my honor. As this Miss said, this is only a competition, they are made to be competitive and it's not as if this will be the only one." The courteous youth replied.

"Then that's good. I will be staying at Lavender Palace throughout this tournament. If you ever need me in the short term, you can find me there, just ask for me by name." The two exchanged a few more pleasantries before Shen Tianyu and Rong Jian left. The other yout did not utter a single word the whole time and merely nodded at occasions to show he was paying attention. The courteous youth didn't refuse Shen Tianyu's goodwill, who didn't want more connections. Also, as a noble child, he wasn't stupid, how could a mere courtesan be so powerful and have battle experience? Weren't they afraid of scarring them and reducing their beauty? Even if Lavender Palace didn't mind, the women must mind. This was a matter of their popularity after all. And would they spend so much just to build the cultivation of entertainers? The answer was obvious.
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