Why Did You Summon Me? Chapter 68: It's a Success!


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Chapter 68: It's a Success!
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Finally, after all his painstaking efforts, Baiyi could see his desired results. Apparently, Mia liked the 'casual and childish' kind of teaching a lot so even after a full day of lesson, she did not show signs of being confused or lost at all. Well, it was obvious that the method had succeeded.

"I feel like Mr. Hope is so nice today." After the lesson was over, Mia let out a tired but satisfied smile and expressed her gratitude to Baiyi, "Thank you so much, Mr. Hope. I'm so happy..."

"Well, if you like it that much, we'll use this kind of method more in the future, alright?" Baiyi replied while stroking her little head.

Actually, it would be quite inconvenient for Baiyi if she kept wanting him to use that teaching method. However, for the sake of Mia and the Voidwalkers, he was willing to overlook the inconvenience.

"But Sir Hope, I still think that you're spoiling her too much." The Sorcerer had a somewhat different view from Baiyi, "You're going to turn her into a princess, you know. Even after she manage to become a supernatural being in the future, she would become a soft-hearted academician like the Scholar!"

"Isn't that good? She's a girl after all. It's alright to spoil her once in a while," Baiyi replied, "Well, everybody's path is different anyway. I do feel like this is the best for her now. You can't expect her to be like you."

"Well, there's no problem if you're there for her. But can you promise to be with her forever? All the time? There will be a time where she would have to face her difficulties alone. Or could it be that, you're willing to stay with her forever? In that peaceful environment?" The Sorcerer asked again.

Hmmmm... You do have a point... Surely there would be many ocassions when Baiyi could not be around Mia, just like last time when he went to the arena. It was still okay being separated when she was in the safe and secure academy but what about after she graduated? In order to free the Voidwalkers from the Void, Baiyi would certainly need to go to many places, including some of the most dangerous areas in the realm. By then, the current arrangement would definitely pose a problem to them.

After realizing that, Baiyi now had more problems in his hands. Wanting Mia to be nurtured under a relaxed and happy environment but being independent the same time? Well, that would certainly not be an easy task for the both of them.

Just as he began to think about that problem, the Shadow who usually kept her silence suddenly interjected, "Why do you all always want others to follow the path that you have arranged? It should be for Mia to decide for herself which path she plans to take, right? Do you think that she will really like the life that you arranged for her? Sir Hope? Have you forgotten my past life?"

Urghhh... What she said kind of makes sense as well... Baiyi had to agree with her. Especially after the Shadow had reminded him, he roughly recalled her past life and he had to admit that she was totally right.

During her lifetime, the Shadow was a rather complex person. She spent most of her life playing the role of a typical good girl since she could walk and talk, from being a church's sister to becoming the pope candidate, with the hope of becoming the first female pope in the world. It had always been like this--- with her walking the path that was laid by her elders, teachers and superiors.

In the eyes of others, she might be the most perfect woman but deep down in her heart, it was not the same at all. It was not until she had reached the last page of the script where she was about to attend the papal coronation and become the new pope, that she finally fell... And she fell hard. In the end, she chose to tear up the script and embarked on the path that she had always wanted to walk. Even though it was only for a few years, but it was the happiest she had been... Like the shadow underneath the light, in the end, she chose to become the shadow of darkness.

That was the story of the 18th Walker, Sonya the Witch of Light and Shadow before her death. How bright the light side of her life and how insane the dark side of her life. Without a doubt, her story served as a reminder for Baiyi.

After listening to the words of the Shadow, the Warrior who was even more of a taciturn person expressed her view as well, "In fact, sometimes, it's best to just follow the flow and see where destiny leads us to. Look at me, I've never once planned my future and I lived a pleasant life because of this."

"That's why, if it's possible, I wish that Mia could have the same as well. After all, escaping the Void is something that we should do on our own," the Warrior calmly declared.

It was rare to see the Warrior so talkative.

In short, the two women's speech served as a valuable reference for Baiyi. He had his own thoughts in his mind and intended to discuss it with his teacher later on. As he used his consciousness to check on him, W-wait what? The two of them--- the Archmage and the Scholar--- are still locked in a combat?

Ah, forget it. I'll just leave him out of this... Baiyi thought to himself

Just like that, the third day of their holiday had finally come to an end and it was time to deliver the promise between Baiyi and the academy. Mia, who had already changed into her uniform, stood in front of the three presidents together with Baiyi. It was the first time she met the President directly so it was inevitable for her to feel slightly nervous at the meeting.

Gently patting her on her back, Baiyi whispered, "Don't worry! Don't be afraid! Just follow what I taught you yesterday. Do you still remember the order?

Mia nodded her head lightly and replied, "Y-Yes. First, it was the kitty, then the d-dog, then the whale and Mr. Bear..."

"Yes! That's it! Just like that! It's easy, right? I believe my Mia can do this!" Baiyi patted her shoulder while he continued encouraging her, "Alright, go! Have faith in yourself!"

Having heard the whispers of the two people in front of them, the three presidents were unconvinced but they did not show it on their face. They did not try to urge Mia maliciously or create a tensed environment for her, instead, they waited politely and each of them had a warm and kind smile on their face. Not only were they trying to make her feel relaxed, they were actually using their eyes to encourage her as well.

Finally, under the relaxed environment, Mia finally overcame the nervousness that she felt inside her heart. Gently letting out a breath, she secretly fisted both of her palms and walked forward to the wooden box that was placed on a table. After giving a deep bow to the three presidents, she gently closed her eyes and began to use her Psychic Energy to probe the barrier that was enveloping the wooden box.

The kind of barrier that was guarding the wooden box had its formations or runes drawn inside the box. The Mana reaction that one would get differed according to the formations as well. Right now, inside Mia's perceptions, she could see the magical lines that were arranged in a crisscross pattern, just like the layout that Baiyi had placed on the table yesterday.

Just like that, she instinctively recalled the steps that Baiyi had taught her yesterday, "First of all, you mark the nodes by using these small animals first," Mia began to work, and with her imagination she replaced those lumps of magic nodes into little marked animals.

"Then, you follow this fixed order to stimulate the nodes. But be careful not to touch those obstructions and disguised lines okay?" Baiyi's words from yesterday slowly appeared in her mind one by one. As Mia recalled back the scene of yesterday's simulated exercises, for a short while, she forgot that she was actually dealing with the real barrier in the President's office.

It was all thanks to the relaxed atmosphere that she could smoothly carry out the whole process and accurately use her Mana to stimulate the nodes that were already replaced by small animals in her mind. There was no mistakes or accidents at all throughout the entire process.

"Wow, this girl is very good. It seems like she's born to be able to adapt to pressure." The Archmage, who had finally ended the battle, came to watch Mia's performance and complimented her.

What was their final battle result? Well, Baiyi did not even bother asking. He was certain that the battle ended in a handshake and the dispute was swept under the rug to be solved later on, just like how it always had been.

His attention was mostly used to carefully observe the reactions of the three presidents in front of him. When Mia was in the process of cracking the barrier, they were also observing the whole process using their own Psychic Energy from the side. When they saw the way Mia handled the enchantment, a few surprised looks could be seen appearing on their faces.

Actually, the whole process was not carried out skillfully so it was obvious that she had never came across those enchantment before. However, her movement was exceptionally precise and stable so they could not help but wondered, Could it be that this little cute girl in front of them really possess a very extraordinary innate aptitude? If this was true, there's nothing wrong with enrolling her directly into the Golden Rose class, right?

Just as the three of them were having the same thoughts, the barrier was finally cracked open. The moment Mia sensed the complete disappearance of the barrier, her long and thin eyelashes quivered slightly before she opened her eyes. With the last ounce of nervousness in her heart dissipating, she took a deep breathe and decisively opened the wooden box, revealing something that was lying quietly inside--- it was a book that had already began to turn yellow.

The box did not explode nor disappear! It meant that the barrier was successfully broken!

"It's done!" Immediately, a relieved expression appeared on Mia's face that had turned red with excitement. Careful not to touch the content of the box, she handed the box respectfully over to the three presidents in front before glancing backward and gave Baiyi a proud smile.

Baiyi instantly gave her a thumbs up and affirmed her impressive performance.

"W-Wow! She actually did it! Hurry! Let me see!" President Rhansey found it difficult to hide the excitement in his heart. He quickly took the box from Mia and took out the book inside before pushing the box away and flipped the book open on the spot.

"As I thought! It is indeed the log of the Sage Vagabond!" The President announced to all of the people who were present in the room, "This log records his process of discovery of the Ancient Rohserlian Mausoleum and the methods to crack the protective enchantment as well! This will definitely help us a lot in the future! There may even be an opportunity for us to breakthrough our current power level!"

One could easily tell that the President was indeed very ecstatic!
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