Why Did You Summon Me? Chapter 53: Get Lost!


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Chapter 53: Get Lost!
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The way the Fairy was crying really did make her look like an abandoned wife. Faced with such a situation, Baiyi really did know how to console her. But then again, why should he? What identity should he use to console her anyway? It was obvious that the Fairy harbored feelings towards him so he could not possibly go fan the feelings now, could he?

Fortunately at that time, the Archmage appeared in time to help save the day for his disciple. He changed the topic and asked the Fairy, "Lady Fairy, now that you've woken up, I have a question that I really need to consult you."

"Eh?" The Fairy quickly stopped her tearful act and in a second, she returned to her normal state. After all, she was a someone who had experienced many things. Being abandoned by men was a matter so trivial that it was not even worth mentioning at all. In fact, she was actually just playing around when she behaved in a spoiled, petty and charming manner in front of Baiyi.

"You actually want to to ask about the bow, don't you, teacher?" The Fairy asked. Just like Baiyi, she addressed the Archmage as teacher as well.

"Yes, that is indeed a very interesting weapon..." The Archmage replied.

Before they entered the Void, most of the Voidwalkers had a default weapon that they always used. Some of them were exceptionally intrepid and valiant, just like the Archmage's Book of Servitude or the Lich's Souls of the Enslaved. Those weapons were so powerful that they were worthy of being called Divine Weapons. However, compared to the bow that the Fairy had, those weapons were still a grade lower.

That bow was also known as the Caudillo Butterfly. Every Fairy who possessed it would receive a title called Feng, which would replace their name for their entire life. Before that, the Fairy actually had a typical lengthy and complicated fairy's name but ever since she had inherited the bow, she was renamed Feng and had to leave the Fairy Village all by herself amidst the bustling cheers and celebrations accompanied by drums.

Not to say that the other fairies were heartless in forcing the Fairy, who had never gone through any training or cultivation beforehand and had to face the strange and sinister human world all by herself, out to starve to death or to be kidnapped to become a slave but it was just that the bow was really too powerful. Anyone who was acknowledged by it, even if that person was nothing more than an ordinary man, would come to possess a very powerful energy. And that energy would even increase as time goes by...

So at first even though the energy that she possessed was only enough to bully groundhogs and unicorn cub, after possesing that bow for a period of time, she actually managed to hold out until reinforcements came when she was battling the Demigod Level Lich. And in the end, she was also the one who gave the killing shot that sent the Lich to the Void. From that one event, one could really see how powerful and valiant the bow was.

It was no doubt a fearsome thing. The existence of The Law was something that even the Voidwalkers could not understand. After all, having all those powerful supernatural beings trapped in that place that existed outside of the realms was also a result of The Law.

Because they did not understand The Law at all, none of them was clear on why Baiyi was able to escape from the Void. However, because Baiyi came from a different world, they suspected that Baiyi was not entirely bound by The Law that was applied to every part of the magical world. It was also why they were extremely curious about everything that had to do with The Law. For example, the secret technique of the Church's tribunal--- The Last Trial, the mysterious Soul Banishment Spell and even the Fairy's bow. Each and every one of the Voidwalkers was enthralled by those things that could send a person's soul into the Void. And out of those three, the item that Baiyi would most likely come across was the bow--- the Caudillo Butterfly.

"But I've already told you everything that I know about the bow." The Fairy replied in a serious tone, "I swear I did not keep anything to myself. You can ask my man if you don't believe me!"

Ahem, ahem! W-We do believe you, Baiyi quickly replied.

Other than Baiyi, not every Walker would exchange their memories with each other. For example, the Paladin and the Cleric simply scoffed at idea of exchanging memories with the Lich and the Devil. It was the same with the Fairy as well. From the very beginning until now, she only exchanged her memory with Baiyi and she even vowed to never exchange memories with others in the future. Well, it was indeed the loyalty and chastity a fairy had towards the love of her life.

"So, darling, have you tried to use the method that I taught you to locate the presence of the Caudillo Butterfly?" The Fairy queried again.

I did but I could not find anything at all. Then again, isn't that the skill that only the master of the bow could perform? What's the use of me casting it anyway? Bayi said dejectedly. Of course he would never give up trying to attain a Divine Weapon.

"But how come? You're my man so this means that you're its owner too! Using Earth's method of speaking, this is the common property of us spouse. Therefore I'm very certain that there won't be any problem with you using that technique. Maybe, it has already gotten itself a new master now?" The Fairy said confidently.

" What strange logic is that? Even I don't acknowledge us as being spouse, so how can a bow acknowledge that! How can it possibly recognize me!" Baiyi complained under his breath.

"Ah... A new owner. It must be the Feng of this new generation then... Hmmm, I wonder if that person is easy to deal with..." Speaking to himself, the Archmage was soon lost in his own thoughts.

Hey, hey, my teacher! Are you seriously considering fighting with this generation of Feng? Not only is the act of killing and seizing his weapon immoral, how do you actually expect me to fight with an archer who inherited the name Feng? Do you even realize that it is a freaking real Divine Weapon? It's not like Undine's colorful potions you know!

"Relax, relax! I was only thinking about it. There are many ways to deal with an archer actually. First you can activate the Stone Sentinel Maze 1 to trap him, then actualize the Reality Marble 2 and before he can pull out his bow, you cut off his hand immediately... " The Archmage continued to mumble in a very low voice.

Why does this scenario sounds so familiar? Just because the opponent is an archer you immediately thought of another archer-related anime, didn't you? But hello? That Archer 3 is different from this archer! This archer that we're talking about use a freaking real bow okay?!

"Alright, alright! Darling, let's just leave teacher alone. Let us go pick some accessories for your cute little apprentice, okay?" The Fairy said, at the same time using part of her consciousness to entangle with Baiyi's consciousness. Letting out another chime-like chuckle, she cackled, "Teehee! Look darling! It feels like I'm holding your arm, doesn't it? Awww, this is like a date! This is actually my first time going shopping with a man..."

While they were having the long conversationearlier, Baiyi had already left the academy and he was now walking on a street full of stores. Even though Baiyi was dressed peculiarly in a black cloak just like a thief and the Fairy was long dead and no longer had a corporeal body, it still could not stop her from having such a bizarre fantasy.

It had been a very long time since she last went for shopping. Come to think of it, she actually longed for the love and care of others... So even though Baiyi had multiple thoughts in his head, he did not have the heart to say it out loud to her. Quietly, he followed her advice and walked into a shop called "The Magic House of Love".

Somehow, the shop was deserted. When the shopkeper who was dozing off saw Baiyi, he immediately pulled himself up and exclaimed passionately, not even batting an eye at Baiyi's weird attire, "Welcome to the shop! May I know what is it you're looking for, Sir? Do you prefer something more explicit or implicit?"

Huh? What does that even mean? Is this like an urban or trendy word for the youngsters now? Feeling slightly strange, Baiyi said, "I need some accessories, women's."

"May I know how old is the woman?" The shopkeeper said as he turned around to have a look at his goods.

"A little girl. 16 years old by the end of this year," Baiyi replied.

"Gee, so young? Looks like you have quite a unique taste. But then I must remind you, you'd better be careful. If you are found out, the minimum punishment would be at least three years! The maximum is death penalty, you know!" The shopkeeper whispered as he lowered his head.

Is this guy crazy? The skepticism Baiyi felt was slowly growing bigger. Before he could open his mouth to ask, the shopkeeper took out a variety of strange things and spread it out on the counter in front of him, prompting Baiyi to have a look.  

WHAT THE FREAKING HELL ARE THESE THINGS! CAT EARS PIN? CANDLE? ROPE? Those three were the only things that he could describe out loud. The rest of them were pretty much a whole bunch of blurry mosaics. He could barely recognize the stick-like or the egg-like shaped items that was covering the counter.

"ARE THESE THINGS FOR LITTLE GIRLS?" Baiyi was practically shouting furiously as he picked up a mosaiced stick-like item.

"Don't get angry, Sir. This is the smallest size I have! I'm sure things will turn out fine if you go slow. " The shopkeeper quickly said.

Turning his head back to look at the sign of the store again, Baiyi finally saw the small printed words that was written behind: Adult Toys Store ... Enraged, Baiyi turned back around and shoved the mosaiced stick into the shopkeeper's mouth. Without another glance backwards, he strode out of the shop and even though he had gone quite far away, he could still hear the cursing and yelling of the shopkeeper.

The group of Walkers who were watching the whole show was already thrown into a laughing fit. Only the Fairy shyly whispered to him, "Darling, you should not have been so rude. We could buy them for later when I get out of the Void..."

Your words are even worse! You'll make people fantasize about your flawless body being bound and tied up by the rope you know! Baiyi fumed inwardly as he hung his head low and walked into another shop. This time, he read the sign carefully to make sure that he did not repeat the same mistake. It was a proper clothing store.

Actually, he still remembered that particularly revealing sorcerer robe. Since it would be a waste to just put it away, he decided to ask the tailor whether he could alter the robe. Perhaps he could lengthen the skirt, cover the shoulders and add some fabric to the back?

Well, the results? After he had told the tailor his requests, Baiyi instantly got chased out of the shop by the tailor who was waving a pair of scissors. Apparently, it was not enough for the tailor to just toss him out because he even shouted a lot of vulgar words at Baiyi, "I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! TO THINK THAT YOU ACTUALLY WANT ME TO ALTER SUCH A FLAWLESS DESIGN INTO THAT KIND OF LOOK? YOU'RE KILLING ART, DON'T YOU KNOW THAT? SUCH A PIG WHO HAS NO SENSE OF AESTHETIC VALUE! DAMN YOU CONSERVATIVES! YOU LOW CLASS NOUVEAU RICHE! GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!"

What the hell? How can this kind of people become a taIlor? Oh my god, look at that disgusting manner! Furious, Baiyi grumbled inwardly as he walked away.

Well, what could he do? CIvilians were often harder to deal with than supernatural beings.
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