Why Did You Summon Me? Chapter 369: They Are More Than Just Moe


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Although the Godsfall elite troop were taken aback by the Cleric Walker's Word of God — which had caused them to suffer some loses in the first clash — they soon recovered from their reveries, remembering that they still had the advantage in numbers. Furthermore, the fairies of Eom Village had been blessed with strength boosts, but they were not experts at combat. When the Wise Mad King's elite troop remembered that they also had superior equipment, gears, and skills, their confidence returned.

The apex fighters of the elite troop chose to reveal themselves at this time. Two fairy sorcerers walked to the forefront of the elite troop and raised their staffs. They had donned bizarre black, skin-tight leather suits. If their strange fashion sense was not because they were into kinky or emo activities, then one could guess that they had donned these outfits because it made their nighttime activities easier. These two sorcerers were the masterminds behind the forbidden spell that struck Eom Village!

These two were at the peak of Legendary-level; they could even be considered having taken half a step into the Immortal-level. With that level of skill, these two were capable of casting forbidden level spells if they worked together, as well as utilizing power equipment and runic complexes. They had been recovering their mana and psychic energy as quickly as they could, just so they could partake in this battle. 

Their first target was Tisdale, who had done a lot of damage to their troop with her magical attacks. One of them began to chant the incantation for a fire spell, while the other chanted an incantation for an ice spell. A fireball as large as a human and a large icicle appeared in midair, after which they raced towards Tisdale, all the while negating the effects of the Cleric Walker's theurgy.

When Tisdale caught sight of the incoming attacks, her face paled. She almost wanted to curl into a fetal position and close her eyes. Suddenly, she remembered what her teacher had taught her, so she quickly reached into her clothes and pulled out the scroll of a defense spell.

However, someone on her team was faster than she was. The plushie flapped its fins in a laidback manner and announced, "Their magic shall be negated."

Suddenly, a bright white light engulfed Tisdale. When the two magical spells struck the light, they dissipated.

The light was a spell just a rank lower than Word of God; it was called 'The Lord's Shield'. It is a potent anti-magical barrier that could make its user immune to magic spells at seventh-grade and below.

"There's no need to worry about these heretics," the plushie encouraged. It cast another boost on Tisdale, to increase the damage of her magical attacks. This gave her the confidence she needed to continue fighting.

"I'll help you, Big Sister Dale!" Nota's soft, timid voice cried out. She transformed into her original fairy form and flew to Tisdale's side like a crystalline damselfly. This was the form she had assumed when she helped Baiyi in his highly acclaimed battle against Vice President Grant back then.

Both students soared into the air and began to face off against the two apex enemy sorcerers.

"Pssh! If you wanted to help, why did you have to turn into something so small? And the other one is wearing pants! I can't even see anything from here!" The hammerhead shark plushie grumbled. Although Nota did not wear any clothes in her original fairy form, the plushie could not see anything from where it was. 

"Sharkie, what did you say?" Little Mia asked as she wiped beads of sweat from her forehead, which had been caused by her prompt use of an ice magic spell to save a random fairy. 

Before the plushie could reply, Mia felt a chill at the nape of her neck. Before she could react, she was yanked away by someone, who she fell to the ground together with. As soon as Mia and her savior hit the ground, they rolled away from their positions, narrowly avoiding some combat chi sabers that appeared moments later, infinitely close to skewering them!

The attacker was a high-ranked Godsfall knight, who had taken advantage of the moment Mia had lost her focus to attack! However, the knight did not expect to miss a rare sitter like that! 

"Aahh… Attie?!" Mia looked at her savior — a girl who had pulled her into an evasive roll right on time — in surprise. "Th-thank you."

"No need," Attie calmly replied, and both girls helped each other up. Attie then brought out a black, thick cylindrical object from her pocket before walking in front of Mia. As she faced the knight, she calmly said, "I'm going in, help me a bit."

"You bet! Here comes my boosting spell!" Mia replied and raised her staff, in a bid to cast a water spell. This was the element she was adept at using. 

Attie shook her head sideways in disappointment, then she turned to face Mia. With an upset expression on her face, she said, "I was asking you to help me remove my hairband and keep it safe!"

This was the little cat-ear hairband that Mia had bought for Attie earlier on. Attie had probably donned it for the festival because it made her cuter. Had she really forgotten to take it off all this while?

'How was I to know that you were still concerned about how cute you are?' Mia thought, feeling a little wronged. However, she shook her head in affirmation and removed the cat-ear hairband from Attie's hair, after which she put it away.

When Attie saw this, she nodded in contentment.

Suddenly, her expression turned cold; it was though she was now reprising her role as King of the Steppe. She slowly raised the stout club-like object in her hand and pointed it at the enemy knight.

The enemy knight, on the other hand, was preoccupied with fending off attacks from Zakum the fox. When Zakum saw Attie drag Mia away from the knight's line of fire, it charged at the knight, with its teeth bared, in an attempt to clamp down on his throat. This new arrival diverted the knight's attention, giving the girls enough time to get to their feet and have their little exchange. Now, Attie was serious.

"What a loyal mutt!" The enemy knight remarked. This pissed Zakum off even more, causing it to attack more ferociously. The knight, however, displayed a praiseworthy amount of dexterity, calmly dodging the fox's bite attacks, leaving him with enough time to drop more backhanded comments. "What a pity that mutts are just brainless beasts, aren't they? All I need do is…" 

The knight somersaulted backward — once again defying the laws of physics — perfectly dodging the fox's fangs and landing on its back. As soon as he landed on Zakum's back, his cold blade was swung right at its neck!

"Die! Huh?"

Instead of the feeling of cutting through flesh, the sensation that coursed through the enemy knight's blade surprised him. He shifted his gaze and spotted a very strange sunflower right in front of his blade. Furthermore, to his horror, the sunflower was smiling at him in a very human-like way, causing all his body hair to stand on end! 

"What the f*ck?!" The enemy knight quickly moved his sword, in an attempt to slice off the flower's disc; however, another flower disc emerged from an exposed stalk, and the sunflower, which was still giving him a teasing smile, tilted to the side.

From the looks of it, every tendril and branch the sunflower had was capable of spawning another sunflower. Baiyi had never actually tried to calculate its limit, but with the Cleric Walker's unstoppable recovery boost in play, Suuny the sunflower could probably pull this off all day, or at least until Baiyi returned.

The Kitty-cat Maid, whose countenance had turned ice-cold, was not willing to let the enemy knight test the sunflower's limits. The black, stout cylindrical object she pulled out was the War God's sword, which Baiyi had given her before he left.

Ready to aid her was Potter the Owl. They were both ready to perform a team-up routine that Aya specifically designed for the two of them. Potter dissolved into a thick cloud of black fog, which proceeded to completely cover Attie.

It condensed into a jet-black armor that fit Attie snugly. This armor looked more aesthetic than Baiyi's; not only was it graceful and beautiful, but its design and adornments managed to accentuate Attie's skinny frame. It also added two protrusions on Attie's flat chest. There was an owl-shaped insignia on the armor.

A black mask also emerged to cover Attie's cute face. Now, a sleek black armor, which emitted a chilling countenance, with the War God's sword in its grip. The sword began to emit bichromatic red and yellow rays of light.

As soon as the sword was activated, the enemy knight's battle instincts, which he had spent years to hone, began to scream danger. The knight followed his instincts and leaped off the ground, trying to dodge the incoming attack, but he had reacted one second too late. A black lightning bolt fizzled past him, and a sudden intense feeling of pain made him realize that he had been gravely injured. 

He landed on one knee, holding his sword for support. He gritted his teeth because of the terrible pain, then he raised his head to look at the black armor facing him.

The enemy knight had no idea when the black armor had moved past him. It had moved so fast, its movement almost seemed like teleportation. He had no idea how it had been able to move that fast. Had it not been for his quick reflexes, his head would have parted ways with his neck!

At that moment, he decided to do what he considered the smartest action to take. He turned to one of his comrades, who was beating up an Eom Villager, and yelled, "Help m—"

Before he could finish, Attie had already moved. His instincts screamed danger, so he was forced to evade dexterously once more. This time, however, his enemy was much faster than before. He learned of this after his arm was sliced off.

The comrade he had called out to was a knight in heavy armor, who was holding a heavy pavise in one hand, and a flail in the other. This heavy knight had already injured a dozen Eom Villagers; in fact, he would have killed them if not for the Cleric Walker's theurgical spell. When the heavy knight heard the cry for help, he quickly turned around to see his comrade rolling in the dirt, away from a chilling black armor. This left him confused.

"The bloody f*ck is this?" He mumbled. His armor was a gift from the Wise Mad King himself. Lifting his heavy pavise — which his comrades had nicknamed 'Battalion'— the heavy knight summoned combat chi, which he used to cover himself with. After that, he charged right at the black armor attacking his comrade.

However, there was no denying Attie. The girl swung the War God's sword upward, aiming at the charging heavy knight. Suddenly, the charging heavy knight was neatly cleaved in half. He was not the first idiot to face the War God's sword with only combat chi protection, hence his fate was an inescapable one.

Although Attie had been Kitty-cat maid for a while now, since she abdicated her position as the King of the Steppe, she had lost her skill with her own sword. She was even someone who had given Baiyi a pretty tough time, albeit in the past! 

Attie approached the amputated knight. When she reached him, she hesitated, but ultimately spared the man from experiencing coup de grace. She remembered her Master's words clearly, telling her the importance of leaving some of their enemies alive.You see, this Fox must have been plagued by an existential crisis for a while now, for being referred to as a "doggo" all the time… Plus, it hadn't been able to eat some nice, juicy meat, has it…?Oohhh! Now this is the type of cuteness I dig!
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