Why Did You Summon Me? Chapter 152: This Plushie is Evolving Again!


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Chapter 152: This Plushie is Evolving Again!
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With Baiyi's current level, he was still unable to cast any forbidden spell like Instant Death, let alone making a scroll with it. In truth, not all forbidden spells could be cast just by using incantation like the Harlek’s Incantation of Incineration, most of them actually needed various magical materials, tools and even formations to aid the casting, some were even affected by geographical conditions and weather constraints.

That was also why the Book of Servitude of the Sage-Emperor of the Magi was classified as a Divine Weapon. Because the item allowed the caster to be exempted from all of the constraints of the casting conditions, the Archmage was able to readily cast any magic that he liked, playing the domineering tyrant and dominating everything with the help of the mighty item. Oh, you don't like my way? It doesn't matter. I'll drop two forbidden spells and see how you like it now?

Although the Archmage no longer had the item on hand, it did not stop him from directing and ordering his disciple however he liked since it was not him who needed to do all the work anyway. Just like that, not only was he not being useful, the topic had now started to divert to some other nonsensical direction.

"No, that spell will not work! Why don't we make a Requiem of Souls 1 ?" The Lich was the second person to come up with a suggestion.

Dude? How should I cast it without your Soul Slaver 2 ability huh? Yeah, I think it would become more like the Harem of Souls instead…

"The main effect of this powerful scroll is not on its lethality but the ability to gain an upperhand in a battle, right? I suggest that you make a large-scale barrier that could buy you some time to escape when you meet with a strong enemy," the Scholar chimed in.

Tsk! You, an academic scholar, want to discuss combat strategy? I'm afraid there's not many people who would be able to beat me in this realm you know.

"Or perhaps we could do some Theurgy Scroll? I remember last time you were worried about being discovered when you brought Attie to the church, weren't you? You don't have to worry about that anymore if you make this scroll," the Cleric proposed.

This sounds like a pretty feasible idea. But, wait a minute, where should I get the materials from? You don't really expect me to steal some holy water or bibles from the Church, right?

"How about a Fortune-Telling Scroll?" The Astrologer suggested, "Although it's basically a hoax, it's particularly handy to deceive those superstitious aristocrats you know."

So, you mean that all of you astrologers are just a bunch of crooks?

Eventually, the discussion turned even more bizarre. On the contrary, the Engineer regained his professionalism and returned to normal as he proposed, "Why are you guys so scrupulous about the magical scroll? There are many things that the magical furnace can produce so we can do some other things too, can't we? Like for example, we could forge a power core and insert it into Mia's hammerhead shark doll so that the Mana in it would always be sufficient when she uses it as a weapon or whenever one of us enter it."

The so-called power core were also be known as 'the heart'. It was usually installed in magical marionette to provide long-lasting energy, allowing it to move about for a long period of time or even cast magic and combat physically. There was no doubt that it would be very suitable for the hammerhead shark plushie.

Oh, I can't believe that you're the one who would come up with such a feasible suggestion! Baiyi was slightly surprised. Could it be that this guy have decided to leave his hentai-ness behind after seeing his glider creation turned into reality? Wow, then we really must break out the champagne to celebrate this good news!

"You see, Sir Hope, I've even finished the design for the power core," The back-to-normal Engineer immediately demonstrated his professionalism and took out his blueprint, it looked like he really was not all talk and no cider, to show Baiyi through Memory Exchanging.

The design of the blueprint was very complicated, even Baiyi felt a little overwhelmed by the complexity. However, the design was very dynamic and after studying it for a while, he could not help but said, Wow, what an exquisite design! As expected from the back-to-normal Sir Engineer! You're indeed almighty and professional! Then again, there are many settings that I don't understand at all. Like this strange node over here. What is it for actually? Somehow it seems to be a little redundant? Baiyi pointed out the part that he did not understand on the blueprint.

"Ahem, ahem, i-it's nothing. D-Don't you worry about it. That was added on in order to increase the stability of the core," the Engineer replied with a hint of nervousness in his tone.

In a flash, Baiyi started to feel suspicious towards him. After staring at it for a while, he finally found out that the node that was disguised as a stability boost actually had another function…

However, Baiyi did not directly expose the Engineer. Instead, he continued to ask the Engineer, "The design of the core seems to be very complicated , huh? I suppose it would probably need you to activate it personally?"

"Of course! When the time comes for you to activate this technique, you must let me enter the hammerhead plushie! I need to set the whole thing up all by myself," the Engineer added, "Remember, you MUST let me enter the doll, Sir Hope! Then only we can ensure the accuracy of the power core and... ARGHHHH!"

Before he could finish his sentence, Baiyi had already cast a Silence Spell on him. The node that he was skeptical of was actually something that would let the hammerhead shark doll grow a magical tongue. As for what he was intending to do with that tongue, well, you guys could just imagine it yourself…

Still, although the Engineer had to pay the price for his hentai action, the idea that he suggested was actually pretty good. For that reason, Baiyi did not completely throw his idea into the dustbin but it would still better if he was the one who design the core himself.

After checking all of the materials on hand, he realized that he did not have anything that was suitable to build the power core. It would be a little too cheap if he only used ordinary Mana or Chi Restoration Crystal, not to mention the fact that it might tear the doll apart.

The best material to forge the power core would be the heart of some powerful creatures, like dragons, demons, monster pincers or tentacled creatures. And among all of that, the best one was none other than the glittering, winged servants of the God... The heart of an Angel.

However, those things were too far away to be obtained and they were no doubt out of his reach at the moment. Because of that, Baiyi had no other choice but to create an ordinary small-sized heart for the hammerhead shark plushie.

Now that he had made up his mind, he secretly sneaked into Mia's room where the little girl was still fast asleep. The girl was particularly trusting when it came to her family so she did not even lock her door at night when she was sleeping. With just a slight push on the door, Baiyi easily entered her room.

Mia was still deep in dreamland, lying sideway on her bed with her arms hugging the hammerhead plushie close to her chest. Her blanket was partly kicked off, revealing a fair calf that was the dream of the Hentai Walkers.

Aww, look at how cute she is sleeping soundly like that.. . Baiyi quietly watched her adorable sleeping face and held back the impulse to poke her face. Without making any sound, he secretly stole the doll away from her arms and then covered the blanket over her before leaving the room.

Once again, the hammerhead shark doll was brutally cut open and filled with a heart that was made from the Chi Restoration Crystal by Baiyi. As a matter of fact, the crystal was part of the contents from the pouch that was stolen from Undine. The middle-grade consumables had a more powerful effect than the Chi Restoration Potion so, of course, Undine would always keep some by her side in case of emergency. It did not come in handy last time but now he finally found a purpose for it. Without any hesitation, he chose the one bottle that had the highest quality.

The reason why he chose Chi as the core instead of Mana was because he had taken into account that currently, the hammerhead shark doll could only cast magical spell. Now that Chi prowess was loaded into it, although there was still no supporting means of attack yet, it would be useful when a Walker who was skilled in physical combat enter it in the future. That small piece of crystal might seem kind of small but with just that bit of Chi prowess, in the hands of powerful fighters like the Knight or the Hitman, it would not be inferior to magic at all.

As it was only a simple core, the whole setup process did not take too long to install. Before dawn, Baiyi had already finished the installation and after he had stitched the hammerhead shark plushie up, he tiptoed quietly into Mia's room to return her the doll before she woke up and throw a tantrum for not being able to find her favourite doll when she wakes up.

When he pushed the door open, although she was still not yet awake, but due to the fact that something was missing from her embrace, she seemed to be sleeping restlessly. Her brows were creased together, the corner of her mouth pulled down, the blanket covering her body was kicked away and perhaps due to her tossing around, one of the straps of her nightdress slipped down her shoulder and exposed a large area of fair skin that it was supposed to cover...

I shouldn't let her wear this kind of strappy nightdress anymore in the future... Still, why is there still no sign of development in that body of hers! Baiyi wondered as he quietly placed the doll back into her embrace. Before he left, a thought flashed past his mind and he turned around again to cover the blanket over her.

Just as he was about to shut the door, Mia's dazed voice suddenly resonated from behind, "Urghhh!!! M-Mr. Hope... Y-You can't touch t-there ... Urghhh... I-If you really want to k-kiss me, you can o-only kiss my f-face..."

Shocked, he turned back in a flash and saw Mia still sleeping on her bed. It looked like she was just sleep talking. His heart that was gripped tightly finally managed to relax.

But... What the hell with her? Is it triggered because of our conversation just now? What role am I playing in your dream right now? Errr... Somehow it doesn't seem like I'm a good person in there... Baiyi could not help but wonder.

Without warning, Mia continued to murmur in drowsiness, "A-Ahhh, this is good... I like y-you the best, Mr. Hope..."

Eh? Why did it suddenly become like this? Somehow, hearing Mia's last sentence, Baiyi's mood began to lighten up. Contented, he left as he quietly shut the door behind him.

The next morning, Mia had returned to her usual normal appearance. With a cheerful smile, she greeted Baiyi and did not notice the changes in the doll that was in her arms, let alone the secret mission that he carried out the night before.

As for Baiyi, he was feeling extremely refreshed and high-spirited, as if he wanted to shout out to the whole world and let the world know about the joy that was inside him. He even rewarded Attie with some pocket money and told her to buy whatever things that she liked.

Sometimes, even a Voidwalker could be happy all day long over a simple short sentence.

After the girl had finished their breakfast, he asked, "I'm going out to get some magical materials, do you guys want to follow me and have a stroll together?"

To his surprise, Mia who usually liked to shop shook her head and looked at him with a pair of puppy eyes, "Mr. Hope, it's been over one month since the school holiday started. Can you accompany me back home to my hometown now?"
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