Where you are Chapter 9: My kindness doesn't come free


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The car stopped in front of a huge black gate. As it opened, and the car drove in, I took a look out the window. I took in the beautiful scenery, of clean cut grass, tall trees and bushes with well-kept flowers. It took about 3 minutes before we reached the house. He has a really big estate by what I saw in the drama but seeing it in real life is really eye-catching. As we went on I saw small houses as well as what might be storage spaces.
"Some of the cleaning crew live here" Min-Joon said.
I never saw those in the drama. Yu-Na hasn't gone to his house yet, so maybe that's why I've never seen it.
When we had finally reached the mansion. I was amazed. It looked just like the drama, but in this case, I was seeing the house as a whole. Since it was so big I would only ever see a bit of it on the screen, but I had no idea it was this big.
"Wow. Your house is so big" I said looking out the window. Min-Joon scoffed. He opened the door, got out and reached out his hand for mine. I took it and he helped me out.
"Isn't it lonely living by yourself in this huge house?" I ask him. Min-Joon furrowed his eyebrows. I realized it wasn't the best question to ask him, seeing as we have just met, and this is the house his parents lived in before they died. Not the best thing to ask a stranger; even if I know the answer.
"I'm used to it" he answered. We walked inside, and it was just as beautiful as the drama. Min-Joon told Secretary Chang to show me around as he made his way towards his study.
I was shown the huge kitchen, the even bigger living room. Then I was taken to the back of the house where I was shown an indoor swimming pool. We went up the stairs and Secretary Chang pointed to the bedroom where Min-Joon sleeps which was at the end of the hall, then he took me to the other end of the hall and opened the door to the bedroom I'll be staying in. It was huge. Three of the walls were white will the other was painted burgundy. The bed was round, there was a huge flat screen TV on the wall facing the bed, there was a fireplace, a chandelier and not to mention a walk-in closet.
"It's so beautiful!" I said, looking at the room in awe.
"I'm glad you like it" Secretary Chang said, "Now, if you'll excuse me" he bowed and walked out of the bedroom, closing the door behind me.
I laid down on the bed. The thought of Min-Joon contemplating about what almost happened between him and Ae-Ra crossed my mind. They almost kissed today, it could almost happen again and next time I might not be able to stop it.
Without thinking I head over towards Min-Joon's study. The door was open, so I invited myself in. He was sitting on his chair with his feet on his desk, reading papers and marking them.
He's obviously still sulking over what happened between him and Yu-Na. So that a bigger misunderstanding doesn't happen, I have to fix this. Now.
I coughed, and he looked up.
"Yes?" he said. I was sure I had a plan but now I have nothing.
"I want to repay you for your kindness" I paused "but I don't know what to do" I said. Min-Joon leans back in his seat.
"I was waiting for you to say that" he said with a smirk.
"Excuse me?"
"My kindness doesn't come for free. You'll of course have to repay me with manual labor" I was shocked by this turn of events. His character tends to be kind in the most unexpected moments but he's also rude, so I should have seen this coming.
"I haven't had a home cooked meal in a while. Why don't you start there?" he asked. An anger was boiling inside of me, but if I'm going to fix his relationship with Yu-Na and find a way back home, I have to stay on his good side, even if it means becoming his maid.
Combining all the food in the fridge and in the cupboards, there wasn't enough for an actual meal. I have no idea what to cook with this. Better yet, I have no idea how to cook, period. Looking for recipes on my phone could help, but Min-Joon hasn't given it back to me.
Okay Hannah. You can do this. It's about time I learn to cook anyways.
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