Where you are Chapter 7: Home


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At the end I didn't need to go to the police station and I found a place to stay until I find a way to get back home.
Tae-Woo gave me his card and told me if I ever need anything, to feel free to call him.
When they left, Min-Joon told Secretary Chang to discharge me from the hospital.
When he left, it was just Min-Joon and I. On our own. I'm sure he's skeptical about my amnesia. He's most likely going to ask me things and trick me into saying the truth.
"Hannah" he says. I look at him "Your full name is Hannah Elizabeth Morgan. You are from Chicago, Illinois. You are 23 years old. By what secretary Chang told me outside, you seem to have both your parents and have a brother, but he can't tell if he's older or younger."
He's actually older by 10 minutes. I think to myself.
"Why are you telling me this? You just told me a while ago everything about me is fake"
"Yeah, well. A fake identity is better than no identity" Min-Joon shows me a pair of boots. My boots "Put them on. We're leaving"
"Where are we going?" I ask him.
"Home" he tells me.
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