Where you are Chapter 6: I saw her lying


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After a few minutes, there was a knock on the door. To my surprise, in came Tae-Woo. He must be the officer assigned to my case. He's so much cuter in person. I'm starting to feel light-headed again. No, I must keep calm. I passed out in front of Min-Joon, I can't do the same in front of Tae-Woo.
For an outsider, he and Min-Joon are just staring at each other, but for me, the term glaring, fits the atmosphere much better. Tae-Woo's partner hits him on his arm making Tae-Woo look at me.
"Hello, my name is Shin Tae-Woo, and this is my partner Gu Bong-Chol. We're here to ask you a few questions" he says to me. My goodness, I feel like screaming and hugging him.
"You must have heard from the doctor by now, but she doesn't have any memories of what happened" Secretary Chang says, "She doesn't even know her name" he adds, to make it sound more serious.
"Oh. Is that so?" Tae-Woo's partner asks. I nod.
"We're sorry to hear that" Tae-Woo says, "Do you have anything on you, like a wallet?" he asked. I shook my head.
Someone took it and hasn't given it back. I look at Min-Joon. He's acting like he knows nothing about it "We can check through missing person's and investigate the nearest airport. Someone must be missing you"
I'm sure someone is, but not here. No one here knows me, no one here cares about me. Suddenly the knowledge of being all alone in an unknown place with no identity hits me like a ton of bricks. Tears start flowing down my eyes.
"Why is she crying?" Tae-Woo's partner asks surprised. Tae-Woo hits him then rushed to give me his handkerchief.
Through the corner of my eye I could see Min-Joon holding one himself, but quickly puts it back in his pocket "Don't cry. We know this situation must be difficult for you. We'll take this one step at a time. Don't worry" he tells me, patting me on the head.
Disagreeing with them would be of no use, so I just nod.
"Could I be left alone, please" I say. They all look at each other and nod. When they all leave I get up from the bed, I notice that I don't have my shoes. They aren't anywhere to be seen, just like my stuff. Why would Min-Joon take my shoes as well? No point in questioning this now.
I look out the window. The scenery is beautiful. The sun is setting; a light orange covering the sky "How am I getting out of here?" I ask myself.
There's a knock on the door. Tae-Woo came inside with two cups of coffee. He handed me one of the cups and pats the bed, a way of telling me to sit back down.
Didn't I ask to be left alone? I don't even think 2 minutes have passed "It must be difficult. Not knowing who you are or where you are" Tae-Woo said. I force a smile and nod. Lying to the police is something I never thought I'd do.
"You don't have to worry. We'll help you find out who you are" he said. I thanked him "Do you think you can tell me anything at all that happened to you before you woke up in this hospital?" I'm supposed to be playing an amnesiac. The whole point of me being one is that I don't remember.
"I'm sorry. I don't remember anything" I say.
"Can you tell me what you and the man that was sitting next to you talked about?" I don't understand why Tae-Woo would ask me that. Why does he even care? Is he maybe, thinking that I'm faking my amnesia?
I know how these things go. I've seen the TV shows. His partner is probably asking Min-Joon the same questions. If our answers differ in the slightest we'll be in trouble. Thankfully Min-Joon, his secretary and Tae-Woo's partner come back inside. I look at both Min-Joon and Secretary Chang.
"I was talking to her about how I found her" Min-Joon said.
"Where is it that you found her?" Tae-Woo's partner asked Min-Joon.
"In the back of my building" Min-Joon said
"What were you doing in the back of your building?"
"I wasn't in the back. I was on the roof. When I looked down I saw her lying on the ground. I thought she was another bum sleeping where she shouldn't be, but then I took a closer look at the position she was in. I called Secretary Chang and we went down to check on her. She not only wasn't wearing any shoes, she also had no possessions on her person. I could only deduct she was mugged. Secretary Chang and I picked her up and headed directly to the emergency room."
Shoes? Possessions? That's why he took off my boots and none of my things are around. He already planned to lie to the police for me. But the fact that he's lying for me makes me question his motives. If I was in his shoes, I'd be telling the truth and want nothing to do with me. There's nothing he can gain from lying. Or is it maybe because the person asking questions is Tae-Woo.
If it's the latter. Min-Joon is pettier than I thought.
"I see. Then we'll have to check the CCTV's" Tae-Woo said. Why isn't Tae-Woo believing him? He said he'd help me, yet he seems skeptical about this whole ordeal. I hope he's not being petty too.
"Sadly, the camera's in the back aren't working very well. We called for a repairman, he'll be coming tomorrow" Secretary Chang jumped in.
The police officers look at each other "What do we do?" Tae-Woo's partner asks him "She can't stay in the hospital and we don't know how long it'll take to track down her family"
"She can stay with me" Min-Joon said. We all looked at him shocked "I'm the one that found her. I will take full responsibility. You two can keep tabs on her if you want" Min-Joon said with a grin. Tae-Woo seemed annoyed.
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