Where you are Chapter 52: Chest pains


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Well, this was a plot twist I wasn't expecting. Suddenly the leader hits me right in the stomach. I've never been hit before so in movies where the character falls to the floor after being hit once, I always found that hard to believe, but I was wrong. It hurt so much that I lost all feeling in my legs. I was about to fall to the ground but the girls holding my arms wouldn't let me.

The leader this time punched me in the face. Three times. I counted. I worried that I might lose a tooth. I didn't know how my face looked but I felt a bad taste in my mouth. I opened it and blood spilled out.

The leader punched me in the stomach and on the sides again and again. The girls that were holding me up let me drop to the floor and the leader started to kick me everywhere, dirtying and ripping my dress in the process.

There was quiet. The girls looked at me. Two of them looked scared "Don't you think you went a little too far?" asked the girl that was keeping watch.

"Ae-Ra just wanted us to mess around with her a little" said the girl that just stood and watched.

"So what? This girl is an eyesore anyways. If anything, I did Ae-Ra a favor that she'll be sure to reward" The girls left, leaving me on the floor in pain.

In all my years, I never thought I'd ever get into a fight. I always followed the rules and made sure to stay out of people's way and always thought things through before I spoke. I was always careful, yet I never thought I'd get beat up just for dancing with a guy.

I reach for my purse, take out my phone and stop the voice recording. I'm sure this will come in handy later. Now I just need to get out of here, but my body hurts all over. I try to stand up, but it hurt so much that I laid back down on the floor.

I should call someone but Min-Joon won't be a good idea. I just made a good impression on everyone; I don't want them to see me as a troublemaker. So, I decide to call Yu-Na. I tell her the short version. Some girls at the party thought I was an eyesore and decided to beat me up in the bathroom. I also explain that I don't want Min-Joon to know because he will make a scene and there are reporters everywhere.

Yu-Na tells me she's on her way and hangs up.

It feels like hours before I hear the door open. I think its another guest or someone that works here but thankfully its Yu-Na.

"Oh my God, Hannah!" she yelled, she looked at me worried and held me in her arms "Are you okay?!"

"Yeah. Just really hurt" I say.

"Can you stand up?" she asks me.

"I don't know. Shall we see?" I ask her. She helps me stand up. It wasn't easy. I groaned in pain as I stood.

"Let's go to the hospital" she tells me. I worry that the same thing that happened in the other hospital when I first arrived here, will happen again. The police will arrive and since I don't exist here they'll throw me in jail, but that was a risk I was willing to take. As I biology major I could deduct that there was major bruising in my ribcage.

We go out the back door and walk all the way to her car. She speeds to the hospital.

"Don't worry, there were CCTV's everywhere. We can sue them" she said "But, there isn't any more evidence than that. It'll end up being your word against theirs"

"What if I recorded everything that happened?" I ask her and play some of the recording.

"Did you let them hit you on purpose so you could get information out of them?" Yu-Na asked me.

"Bad idea, I know" I said.

"I was going to say you were brilliant" Yu-Na praised me. That made me really happy "You sure have some guts Hannah"

"The only question is what to do now. I could take them to court, but it'll form a huge mess with the media, and I worked too hard tonight to get all those rich people's good sides to suddenly get them all to dislike me" I say.

"I see what you mean" Yu-Na said "We could make sure that LV Entertainment never does work with their families again. Min-Joon could say bad things about them and that'll be enough to make everyone reject future projects with them."

"That's a good idea but isn't it kind of wrong? We're basically using Min-Joon"

"What's so wrong with using him? He's the reason you're in this state in the first place"

"No, Ae-Ra is the reason I'm in this state" I say. Yu-Na looks at me shocked "She sent those bimbos to hurt me"

"I don't know Ae-Ra very well, but the few times I've talked with her, I've found her to be really mean"

"I don't know. I wouldn't call her mean" I say "She's more of a b*tch" Yu-Na looks at me surprised with her mouth wide open.

"Hannah, watch your language!" she says while she laughs. Her laughter was contagious but as soon as I chuckled I started to get chest pains, so the laughing stopped quickly.

"We're close to the hospital" Yu-Na told me as she placed one hand on my shoulder "Close your eyes and relax"

And I did.

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