Where you are Chapter 51: Being bea


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Min-Joon and I walked over to Ae-Ra and his grandmother.

"You are quite the dancer" his grandmother said to me. I bowed and thanked her.

"Though she did miss a few steps" Ae-Ra said "You're lucky that Min-Joon was there. If he wasn't you would have made a total fool of yourself" she said with a smile. I want to give this girl the benefit of the doubt but if she keeps being a pain in my neck. I might just hit her.

"Yes, the Vice President is an excellent dancer, far better than myself" I agreed with her "You must be very proud of him Madame" I smiled at his grandmother "He is smart, responsible, a good cook and very popular with the ladies. You raised him well." I told her.

His grandmother was surprised by my statement, a hint of a smile formed on her face "Well…yes, of course"

Ae-Ra seemed bothered by the Madame's expression. After all, she was talking and even smiled to a secretary when she is usually cold and aloof towards everyone.

"The guests have told me that you've made quite an impression on them" Min-Joon's grandmother told me.

"I just want them all to see me as a competent secretary, fit to work for the Vice President"

Min-Joon's grandmother grins and walks away without a goodbye.

Min-Joon looks at me and whispers in my ear "I think my grandmother likes you"

I look at him surprised "Really?" I ask. He nods. I was surprised because I could have sworn she wasn't happy with how close I looked with Min-Joon.

"Excuse me" Ae-Ra said. I almost forgot she was still here. She reached out her hand towards Min-Joon "Would you dance with me?"

"Um…" Min-Joon looked down at me. Although I didn't want him to dance with her, I didn't see what wrongs she could do in the middle of the dance floor. If she talks bad about Yu-Na or me, causing a misunderstanding, I'll make sure to clear all doubts.

I smile at him.

Min-Joon grabs Ae-Ra's hand and they both walk towards the dance floor. As I looked at them dancing. The two of them looked like the perfect couple. Which made my heart ache…wait…did I just say heart ache? Why would my heart ache because of this? I know he has no interest in her.

I decide to go to the bathroom and fix my make-up. Once I finish, I decide to use the toilet.

Suddenly I hear the doors open and see various shoes, pointing at me, from under the door. My heart stops for a second. This is the part in a drama where the female lead gets beat up by girls that like the male lead.

"Hey, get out here!" one of the girls yells and knocks on the door. My heart stops for a second.

"I'm using the toilet. Can you wait a second?" I ask. There is murmur between them and the girl that called me out apologized.

"Um…sure, go ahead" she says.

"Can I have some privacy? It feels kind of awkward all of you leaning on the door listening to me pee" I say. There is more murmur between them.

"Sure" one of the other girls say. I see from under the door how they walk away and then I hear the bathroom door close. Did I just talk my way out of a fight?

No, this is not over. They'll be waiting for me outside these doors. Once I'm done they'll just push me back inside and beat me senseless. How do I get out of this?

I can always try to run away from them and call the reporters. Sure, there'll be rumors but if they record the girls beating me, the netizens might be on my side, but getting into a rumor as soon as I introduced myself to everyone in the party and got along with them. This will be bad for me.

I finish and wash my hands, but I don't dare go outside. Suddenly the doors open. The girls that were glaring at me while I was dancing with Min-Joon walked inside. By their shoes I could tell it was them.

"Hello" I say with a smile.

"Shut up!" one of them yells. I'm betting she's the leader.

"Do you want to beat me up?" I ask her. She is surprised by my question and blinks multiple times.

"Um…" she composes herself, placing one hand on her hip "Yeah, that's right" she says. The other girls behind her do the same.

"Now?" I ask, "During a party that all of your parents are attending and that reporters are writing about?"

"If we get in trouble our parents will just cover it up" the leader says. The other girls agree.

"You know, hitting me won't make Min-Joon like you. It won't make him like any of you" I say. The girls look at me angrily. I start to think that those were the wrong words to say while trying to talk my way out of being beat up.

The leader snaps her fingers and two of the girls grab each of my arms. Another girls goes to the door to keep watch and one is just watching, while the leader is preparing her fist.

"Where are you planning on hitting me?" I ask her. The girls look at me confused. I'm sure they are expecting me to beg them not to hurt me, not hear weird questions.

"Everywhere" the leader says. The other girls nod in agreement.

"Does it have to be now? I mean, it's a party, and we're all dressed so nice" I say. The leader grins at me.

"No talking your way out of this" she says.

"Why do you guys even want to hurt me? I'm only Min-Joon's secretary. If you want to beat up anyone, its Ae-Ra. She likes Min-Joon and she's dancing with him right now as we speak"

The girls chuckle.

The girl holding my left arms says "I think you're misunderstanding something"

The girl holding my right arm says "Ae-Ra was the one that sent us"

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