Where you are Chapter 49: Boring


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When we entered all eyes were on us. I noticed more closely this time. Everyone was indeed looking at me. Men were looking at me up and down with obvious desire in their eyes. The women were looking at me as if I was a threat.

I've watched enough k-dramas to know those glares. I always felt angry when the female lead was in situations such as this one. Everyone taking it out on her when she didn't do anything wrong and she had such a pitiful face that made me want to hit it because she didn't stand up for herself.

Now I know, its because she was scared. It's kind of scary situation. Everyone sees you as a threat when the only thing the female lead has done is fall in love with the male lead.

The first people to approach us were a happy couple. I was surprised when I saw it was none other than The Chairman of Gu Group. The one that almost ran me over with his car but we ended up having some lunch with Tae-Woo.

"Mr. Gu!" I said surprised.

"Miss Hannah!" the man was surprised as well "I had forgotten you were the Vice-President's secretary" I didn't want to be rude, so I looked at the woman next to him and smiled at her.

"And who might this lovely woman be?" I asked him. I knew she was his wife, but I still wanted to sound nice. The woman smiled.

"I'm his wife" she said.

"It's a pleasure to meet you. Oh, I love your dress" I said looking at her in awe.

I turned to Mr. Gu "You have a very beautiful wife Mr. Gu. You better hold onto her" I smile. The couple chuckles.

Mr. Gu wanted me to set his daughter up with Min-Joon, but I never did. I'm trying to keep the atmosphere happy so he or his wife won't bring up the topic.

The couple started to talk about how beautiful the hall was and then they moved onto the topic of business. I actually zoned off when they started to talk about numbers and using fancy words to describe something simple.

I looked around and noticed a group of men staring at our direction.

"We'll talk more later Mr. Chairman" Min-Joon said.

"Of course," Mr. Gu said. He looked over to me and said "Have a pleasant evening Ms. Hannah.

"It was a pleasure to see you again" I said shaking his hand. Then I shook Mrs. Gu's hand "And it was a pleasure meeting you Mrs. Gu"

Min-Joon and I continued walking around the room.

"I didn't expect you to know Mr. Gu" Min-Joon said.

"He's the old man that I had lunch with that day you got sick" I told him. Min-Joon looked at me surprised.

"The one that almost ran you over?" he asked. I nodded "Why didn't you tell me earlier it was him? I could have canceled a project LV Entertainment was doing with them"

"Woah! He's a nice man. You'd actually cancel an important project just because of that?" I ask him.

"Your life was in danger" he countered. This guy is blowing this thing out of proportions. I roll my eyes. He notices and arches his eyebrows "Did you just roll your eyes at me?"

"Mr. Lee, we meet again" Min-Joon and I look up and see three men in front of us. I remember them from the binders Min-Joon gave me. The men look at me with smiles. The one in the middle takes my hand and kisses it "And who might you be?"

"I'm…" before I can introduce myself. Min-Joon answers for me.

"My secretary" he gets closer to the man and whispers in his ear "Off limits" Was he protecting me from the man. I could tell he was a flirty man but maybe he has a dark history with women. I've seen the male lead protect the female lead from flirty men.

The men excused themselves and walked right past us "Aren't you worried they'll be mean to you?" I ask Min-Joon.

"Oh, what's this? Are you worrying about me?" he asks with a smile.

"I always worry about you" I say. Min-Joon's smile disappears and his cheeks flush red.

"Let's keep mingling" he told me.

As the night went on. I kept smiling and talking with strangers. In the middle of the conversations I would always zone out when they talked business. It was so boring. After the conversation the people would say goodbye to both of us.

"You seem to have made quite an impression on everyone" Min-Joon whispered to me. By the sounds of it, he was praising me. I guess faking a smile was worth it.

"So, in all these parties there is no dancing. Just talking?" I ask him. Min-Joon raises his shoulders.

"A little bit of both" he said. I look over at the dance floor. No one is dancing but they've had the band playing music for a while. All classical music.

"This is so boring" I said.

"Well, its not supposed to be fun" Min-Joon said.

"It can be" I said. An idea came to me. Hopefully it will work.

I walk towards the band and ask them to sing a slow song. I was thinking that maybe if they actually sing and change the pace of the music, people would actually want to dance. The band have no problem with me asking for their help. They were bored just playing classical music.

I walk back to the tables and look around, but no one seems to want to dance. I look back towards Min-Joon. I noticed he was already surrounded by young women. I should say something.

"Mr. Vice President" I say. The girls all look my way. I don't know what excuse to come up with.

As I think of something Min-Joon says "Just the girl I was looking for" I look at him confused. What is he planning to do?

"Shall we dance?" he asks me as he reaches his hand out to me. I see all the girls staring at me. I don't know whether to call them, glare-terror or glare-attack. Min-Joon nods so I nod as well.

He takes my hand and we walk towards the middle of the dance floor.

"Do you know how to dance?" I ask him.

"Of course, I'm more worried about your performance" he said.

"I know how to dance" I say. Min-Joon grins at me.

"We'll see" he says.

Min-Joon and I start swaying to the beat of the song. He is surprised that I'm following him and haven't stepped on his toes. I smile at this because only female leads clumsily step on the male lead's toes. Lucky for me, I'm not the female lead. Also, my mother taught me to dance. She said that dancing was one of the many ways to get a guy to fall for you.

Sadly I've never gotten to use my ability since no guy has ever shown any type of interest in me as to ask me to dance with him.

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