Where you are Chapter 48: Skip a bea


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Really? Now of all moments is when I have to hear about a murder mystery? I just wanted to know if she was coming to the party or not. I wanted this place to be the moment where the two leads have a romantic moment.

"That's great but…um…are you coming to the party Min-Joon's grandmother is throwing?" I asked.

"Oh, that. Yeah…no. That coverage was given to someone else" she said "Why do you ask? Wait, are you there, right now?"

"Oh…um…yeah, I'm here. I asked because apart from you and Min-Joon, I don't know anyone, so the party is going to be way boring" I said. Min-Joon is most likely going to go around the room talking business with everyone and maybe some ladies will go to him and introduce their daughters. I'll be left alone.

"So, you went there with Min-Joon" Yu-Na said.

"Well, yeah" I then realized that Yu-Na might think of this as a date and that Min-Joon might like me or I him, but I can't let her think that "But don't worry about it. I'm just here as a plus one. Nothing else. I'm just his fill in secretary, after all"

I forced a chuckle and Yu-Na chuckled at the other end of the line, but I noticed it was forced. I wondered if she felt threatened at all by the relationship Min-Joon and I have, which is nothing more than professional.

"Anyways…" Yu-Na said. She went on to explain how she got information on the accident. She used what I think could be considered illegal methods like bribing, breaking and entering and even stealing.

"Are you sure you should be telling me all of this through the phone?" I ask her.

"You're right, we should talk in person. Well, I got more investigating to do so I'll call you later…"

"Wait. Why don't you come to the party? You've had enough investigating for a while. Come over and drink with me" I said. Yu-Na didn't say anything. It seemed she was pondering over the idea.

"I…I don't have a dress" she said. I'm not Min-Joon so I can't call someone and have them magically get a dress for Yu-Na and send it to her place "Hey, don't worry about it" she said with a chuckle "You just have fun. We can hang out another time"

We said our goodbyes and she hung up, before me. Did I somehow hurt her feelings? No, I definitely made her feel awkward.

Suddenly I started to hear a lot of clamoring and camera shutters. I got up from the sofa and looked down over the railing. I saw reporters and cameras by hotel's the entrance. All of them dressed nicely but not extravagantly.

I noticed how some people started entering the room and the cameras went directly towards them. I could tell just by that, that they were invited to the party. They were all well dressed as well. I saw some women with such elegant and beautiful dresses which made me feel mine wasn't much to show off and I felt a bit underdressed.

I sat back down on the sofa and looked through the apps on my phone. Surprisingly none of them worked. It's like they didn't even exist. I then looked over my pictures. I saw me and my brothers, me and my friend. Pictures of my family. I remembered the moments they were taken which made me laugh at some of them.

Suddenly I felt my eyes tear up. I quickly looked up and tried to dry them. This make up took hours to get right, I can't ruin it with tears.

I then heard a lot more clamoring and camera shutters. I looked towards the stairs and saw Min-Joon looking at me. Through the railing. He hurried towards me.

"I've been looking for you" he said.

I worried, wondering if he saw me tear up. I hope he didn't, that would be embarrassing. I get awkward when I see someone cry and sometimes even chuckle because of how awkward I get which makes the person think I'm laughing at them. If I'm awkward, I don't want to know how he comforts someone.

"Well, you found me" I said. He reached out his hand towards me. I took it and he pulled me up.

"Most of the guests have arrived" he said. I looked out the window and noticed how it was already dark. How long have I been on my phone? Time so goes by fast.

"Time to go downstairs" he said. He took my hand and linked it over his arm. Then we headed downstairs.

The people that were by the entrance all looked at us. They looked speechless.

"Wow, you are pretty stunning" I say to him with a chuckle.

"The one that's stunning, is you" he said to me. His words made my heart skip a beat. Did he just say what I think he said?

I looked at all the people staring at us. They weren't looking at us…they were looking at me.

When we reached the ground floor, reporters started questioning Min-Joon on who I was and the relationship between us. I saw some of the invited ladies look at me from head to toe with piercing eyes. Does every woman that isn't Yu-Na have stares that can kill?

"She's my plus one" he said to the cameras.

"What is your name?" they asked me. I didn't feel comfortable saying my name. I didn't feel comfortable being in front of cameras in this world. If reporters look into me and find nothing, questions will arise, and I could be sent to jail.

"Look who's here. Jenny!" Min-Joon pointed towards the entrance doors at a young lady. By the English name, I could only deduct she was an idol and if she was here that also meant her parents are loaded. All the cameras quickly moved towards her.

"Reporters" Min-Joon whispered at me with a scoff "Show them a different toy and they'll give all their attention to that" I chuckled at that.

"Come on. Let's go inside" he told me. I nodded but was a bit scared of what will happen. I can't afford to get on anyone's bad side in this place.

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