Where you are Chapter 41: Theme-Park (Part III)


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We continue walking without saying a word. I start to see couples being all lovey-dovey holding hands and taking pictures. I wonder if we look like a couple in their eyes. I even wonder if we make a good one. I've never seen a kdrama that revolves around an interracial couple. They are usually side characters and don't have much screen time. It'd be nice to see a kdrama revolve around an interracial couple. That is sure to cause a lot of drama.
I look up at Min-Joon. He is really quite handsome…I quickly look back down. I should not be thinking about this. He is Yu-Na's man, not mine. He can never be mine. This is all fictional!
"Why did you invite Dae-Hyun and Yu-Na?" Min-Joon asked me. I looked up at him, but he was looking somewhere else. He didn't want to make eye-contact with me.
"That was always the plan" I say "Sadly I forgot to tell you"
"Hmm" was his response. Then he asked something surprising "Do you like Dae-Hyun?"
I look at him confused. Why does he care if I like a guy or not?
"Why do you care?" I ask him. Min-Joon scoffs and looks down at me.
"I don't care" he says.
"Then why did you ask?" I ask.
"I'm…I'm just…um…curious" he looks nervous for some reason.
"So, you do care" I say. At this point I'm just teasing him, but he doesn't seem to notice which makes it so much funnier.
"You know what? Nevermind!"
He starts to walk faster yet he doesn't let go of my hand so I'm basically sprinting right next to him just so he doesn't end up dragging me.
"And here we see another happy couple!"
Min-Joon and I turn our heads and see a young woman just a few feet away from us, a camera man right in front of her, now pointing his camera towards us. There is even a small crowd gathered.
She explains to us that they are making a special on TV about the new park and they are doing a small contest between couples. They have to answer questions such as how long we've been dating and where was their first date. The couple that wins get an all-expenses paid trip to a hotel at Incheon, near the beach. They even threw in a complementary dinner. It a perfect, romantic, weekend getaway for a young couple.
"Are you interested in participating?" the woman asks us. Min-Joon doesn't seem interested but I find this as a great opportunity to get him and Yu-Na together. The woman looks at the crowd to encourage us to participate.
I quickly agree and the crowd cheers. We are taken to a small stage and we are competing with two other couples.
"What the hell Hannah?!" Min-Joon whispers to me "We don't know a thing about each other"
"It can't be that hard" I whisper to him "Well, we've known each other for 1 week so we can say we've been dating for 1 year and we can say our first date was at a theme-park since theme-parks are considered date destinations and we're already here. We can lie using the truth."
"Fine, but how can I answer questions about you when you don't even know you?" Min-Joon asked, and he had a point. I've been lying to him since I met him, but I can't come clean now just because I want those tickets. Even if we don't win, I can still come up with something. I'm no longer alone in this. I have Dae-Hyun with me.
We were each given small white boards where we had to write our answers and then at the same time show them. If the answers differed, it was one strike. With three strikes, the couple would be out.
Rather than this being a competition to test how well a couple knows each other, it's a way of breaking up couples.
"We need to be a vague as possible" I whisper to Min-Joon. He agrees with me.
"Let's get started" the woman said. The crowd cheered "Its simple. Where did the two of you first meet?"
"That's easy. His office" I said to myself but thinking back to the hospital, he told Tae-Woo that he found me behind his building, passed out. So, we would have formally met in the hospital.
When it was time to show our answers. I was surprised to see that we answered the same thing. The hospital.
One couple wrote at University while the other couple's answers differed. One wrote Club while the other wrote Coffee Shop.
That couple tried to explain why their answers differed, but the woman didn't let them and that was one strike for them.
"I am really quite interested about the hospital story" the woman said, looking at Min-Joon and I. The crowed cheered.
"Its quite simple. She was passed out on the street and I took her to the hospital" Min-Joon said.
The woman in the audience said "Awww" There wasn't anything romantic about it but I guess in their eyes, he saved a damsel in distress.
If the next questions are this easy, we have the prize in the bag.
"Girls, when is your significant other's birthday?" the woman asked. I widen my eyes. How should I know when his birthday is?! I want to ask it out loud but then I realize I'm playing his girlfriend and girlfriends are supposed to know these things.
Will this be a strike for us?
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