Where you are Chapter 4: This can't be real


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I open my eyes slowly. The first thing I see is a monitor, the second thing I see is a needle on my arm. I'm startled for a second but I calm myself down. I look around the room which has a chandelier, a huge TV and sofas, although its super fancy I'm obviously in a hospital room. Apart from the monitor, something about it just screams hospital.
The memory of what happened starts to come back to me. Watching a k-drama, then appearing in front of two characters from said drama, I must have passed out during school hours, someone found me and took me to the hospital.
I quickly sit up straight but groan in pain as everything around me starts to move around, then my head starts to hurt so bad I can't even think. I hear the door open and someone gasp.
"Vice-President, she's awake" it was the voice of a man. Is that the person that found me?
Footsteps rush to my side "Don't move too quickly you're still recuperating" The person that talked to me was a different man but because everything was moving so much, I couldn't see his face very well.
"Do you remember what happened?" he asked me. I try to talk but all that comes out is a mumble. My head hurts too much.
"Secretary Chang, bring the doctor" I hear footsteps recede. Secretary Chang, why does that name and those voices sound familiar?
"Miss, can you tell me your name?" the man asks me again. When I try to speak once again, this time I am stopped by the opening and closing of the door. My bed is quickly surrounded by people in white coats.
"Good afternoon, miss" one of them says. When the hell is my vision going to get better? "Your head must hurt. Please lay back down" the man says.
"Do you remember what happened?" he asks. I nod "Do you have any family we can contact?"
My vision starts to clear up. The first thing that crosses my mind is the fact that I'm surrounded by Asians. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just weird to be surrounded by so many Asian doctors.
I turn my head and see none other than Min-Joon sitting on a chair next to me. I scream and jerk to the side. Everyone is startled by me.
"You!" I say loudly.
Min-Joon points at himself "Do you remember me? Do you remember what happened?"
Wait. This can't be real.
"Miss, please look over here" a nurse walks towards me and places a light in my eyes. I try to keep my eyes on the light and follow it.
"She seems to be okay" the nurse says.
"This can't be real" I whisper to myself.
"Do you remember your name?" a doctor asks me.
Everyone's eyes are on me. I place my hands on my cheeks and hit myself. They all look startled, but more startled than anyone in this room is me. This hurt so I'm definitely alive, and I'm definitely not dreaming…wait…I'm not dreaming!
Usually in movies and books when people are teleported to their favorite movie or tv show, they seem to be ecstatic but me, I'm worried about the fact that I'm a foreigner without a passport, I'm going to be taken to the authorities. How the hell am I going to explain myself? The worse part, I don't exist here and neither does my family. How do I explain myself when they can't find my identity anywhere? No one that can take my side exists here.
"Miss, can you tell us your name?" the doctor asks me again. There's only one way I can play this.
"I don't remember" I say.
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