Where you are Chapter 38: Asking about clothes


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It was finally Friday night. Min-Joon and I have been talking more frequently. He's told me about how he wants to take over the as the CEO of the company but the only way to do that is outshine his cousin. He also told me how he doesn't get along with Se-Jin, his strained relationship with his family and even talked about Yu-Na. All of this while being sober, and he didn't seem to regret telling me.
Min-Joon has also been cooking dinner. In the drama he used to get the maids to do it or maybe even get take-out, but this is new for me. I'm not complaining since I've been getting to try all sorts of Korean dishes and they taste magnificent but it's still pretty weird and out of character.
I look at the clock in the kitchen and I can't stop thinking about how he and Yu-Na are going to go on a date tomorrow. I'm so happy, hopefully I'll be able to get a glimpse of a romantic cliché moment.
"Don't forget tomorrow" I tell Min-Joon while we're eating.
"I won't" he told me "What will you be wearing?" he asks. I look at him confused. Why is he asking me such a question? I didn't tell him I was going with him but now that I think back to it, when I told him about the park I didn't even mention Yu-Na!
I should tell him, but I don't know how he'll react. I get up from the table and excuse myself.
I run to my room and call Yu-Na to make sure we were still on for Saturday and ask her about what she'll be wearing tomorrow. She told me she had forgotten about the park. My heart almost stopped beating. I planned all of this, if she can't go I'll be going alone with Min-Joon and Dae-Hyun.
Just imagining the awkward atmosphere between the three of us sends shivers down my spine.
"I've been swamped with work recently" Yu-Na said through the phone "A girl was murdered in her home but there were no signs of forced entry or murder weapon. Its like the killer disappeared into thin air"
I was listening in shock. This is a romance drama, what the hell was a murder investigation doing in this? Then I remembered Min-Joon's parents car accident and the other driver was never caught. A huge plot point in this drama has to be catching the culprit of the car accident. I'm certain that Min-Joon's uncle is in on it but, I can't just bring it up into conversation. It's been years and he was never caught so he's good at covering his tracks.
Maybe I could ask Yu-Na.
"I am so sorry, talking about murder changed the mood real quick didn't it" Yu-Na chuckled awkwardly. I smiled.
"Don't worry about it" I tell her "I was actually thinking about Min-Joon's parent's accident and that maybe it wasn't an accident at all" hopefully she gets intrigued by my train of thought and starts looking into it.
"Why are you telling me this?" Yu-Na asked me. I hit myself in the head. I should really think about my questions before actually asking them, if not I get into these kinds of conversations which I somehow manage to get out of but with extreme difficulty.
"I just thought that, you know, you're a reporter and…" I don't know how to get out of this.
"I've been thinking the same thing" Yu-Na said. I was shocked "I've been looking up on the car accident and some things just don't match up. Its like someone's covering up all of the important stuff"
How come I didn't know she was looking into this? They should have shown it on TV…but of course I'm no longer seeing the drama, I'm living in it.
"Anyways, enough about murder and cold cases…um…I'll wear a grey shirt and a long pink skirt, since it's getting cold out" Yu-Na said. I smiled making sure to pass it along to Min-Joon and I'll make sure to wear the complete opposite.
We said our goodbyes and then I went back to the kitchen where Min-Joon wasn't even eating. Was he waiting for me to come back so we could eat together?
"Took you long enough!" he said annoyed. I thought what he did was endearing but by yelling at me, the nice mood just disappeared.
"You didn't answer me" he said, "What will you be wearing?"
"A grey shirt and a long pink skirt" I answered. He'll be totally pissed with me when he sees I'm not dressed how I said I would.
My phone rings. I think it's Yu-Na but it was Dae-Hyun. I smiled wondering what he wanted to ask me.
"Hello? Dae-Hyun?" I say. I hear his kind and energetic voice through the phone. He sounds so different through the phone than he does in person.
He then asked me a question I didn't expect to hear "What will you be wearing tomorrow?" Why is everyone asking about clothes today? I don't want to match with him either but I tell him a combination of clothes I have planned.
"A blue shirt, black pants and brown boots with a brown jacket" I said. Most of my clothes were all fancy rich girl stuff and I had spent three whole days trying to pick out something that would look relatively normal to a park outing. That one was one of the most normal ones I managed to find.
He said okay and told me he'd see me tomorrow. When we hung up Min-Joon stared at me; an expressionless look on his face. What did I do now? Was it because I answered the phone while we were eating?
"What?" I ask.
"Who's Dae-Hyun?" he asked. I look at him shocked. He can't be serious.
"He's the executive producer of your family company" I say, "He even went to your office and I showed you his music" Min-Joon nodded as if this was the first time he's ever heard of him.
"What?" he asks me. Probably wondering why I'm looking at him so dumbfounded.
"Do you suffer from selective amnesia?" I ask him "This guy offered to help you with the wager you made with your grandmother and you rejected him"
"I didn't make that wager, you did" he said.
"And have you made any plans?" I ask him. He looks away from me "Time is almost up, and you haven't done anything" I don't know why but I was starting to get mad at him.
"For a guy that wants freedom you sure have a bad way of going for it" I say.
"For a girl that doesn't even know who she is you sure have a way of acting like you know everything" Min-Joon snapped back.
Although I know who I am, his words for some reason, still stung. I got up from my seat and left to my room. He's gotten angry with me a few times and I've given him reasons to. I've tried to be kind and submissive but somehow he always manages to piss me off and we get angry with each other. If this keeps up he'll surely quick me out.
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