Where you are Chapter 30: Pizza


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It surprised me when after 2 hours Min-Joon opened his office doors. Stopped in front of my desk and without looking at me he said "Let's go home" I didn't think he would talk to me for a while or worse of all, quick me out. I guess I was worrying over nothing.
When he reached the elevator, he looked back, this time making eye contact with me "Unless you want to stay here" he said. I shook my head and rushed to his side. Standing next to him I could see hints of a grin on his face.
I thought he was the kind to hold a grudge, after all, he's hated his family since he was young, but this was unexpected.
Maybe if just a little, I feel like I've changed him. I quickly place my hands on my cheeks. What am I thinking? The one that's changed him is Yu-Na. I've only known him for two days and we haven't talked about anything personal.
As we left the building the men and women that worked on the front desk said goodbye to him and bowed. Then they looked at me and surprised my by saying "Have a good evening madame" they even bowed. I bowed as well and hurried after Min-Joon.
"Why did they call me madame and bow?" I asked Min-Joon in a whisper.
"They respect you. Why else?"
"Is it because of the spectacle I made of myself this morning?"
Min-Joon grins "You didn't make a spectacle of yourself. If anything, you made a fool of everyone present" his words shocked me. I've never made a fool of anyone, I've never shut up someone and I've never defended myself. I feel like I was able to do those things because this is a drama, once it's over, I won't see them again since they don't exist. Being praised for something I'm not made me feel guilty.
Back home, Min-Joon went straight to his study. I had no idea what to do now. I can't cook and I don't want Min-Joon to think I'm lazy if I go straight to the living room and just watch TV. Should I help him with work? I am his fill in secretary after all.
I peeked into his study and saw him staring at a picture. He turned around in his chair and as I took a closer look at it, I noticed it was the picture of the girl which made him show a darkened expression. This is not good. I tried to find out more about Min-Joon that could help me get him and Yu-Na closer, but I feel like I drove an even bigger wedge between them than what Ae-Ra and Min-Joon's family has been trying to do this whole time.
"Min-Joon!" I say as I enter his study. I notice how he quickly hides the picture under one of the papers on his desk "Want some food?" I ask. His surprised expression changed to one of dread.
"Don't you dare try to cook!" he said as he got up from his seat.
"I was gonna ask if you wanted to order pizza" I say. Min-Joon sighs and nods sitting back down telling me I could order whatever I wanted. "I was going to do that when I realized I don't have a phone and I don't know any pizza places nearby"
This time Min-Joon seemed to forget I had amnesia. He looked inside one of his drawers and walked towards me, handing me a phone…my phone!
"Is this mine?" I ask him, knowing the answer.
"Yeah. I should have given it to you sooner. I was worried about you. Suddenly disappearing after our fight made me worry. I planned on calling you but one, I don't have your number and two, you don't have a phone"
The only words that I was able to process where "worried about you." Those three words kept replaying in my head like a broken record. It made my heart flutter thinking about how an attractive guy was thinking about me, but he's not supposed to think about me, let alone worry about me. He has to do that to the female lead.
No, you're thinking too much into it Hannah. Thinking about Dae-Hyun liking you is now making you think that every guy likes you. I place my hands on my forehead and take a deep breath. I'm an embarrassment to even myself. If Min-Joon knew what I just thought, I wonder how he'll react.
Min-Joon coughed and specified "I worried about you like a superior worries about his staff. If you, who is working as my personal secretary suddenly disappear with no way of being contacted. Of course, I'd worry"
I knew it. I'm thinking too much into things.
Min-Joon gets closer to me and tells me the pizza place's number as well as his own. When I put his number, rather than writing his name I write "Mr. Mean" I look up at Min-Joon and smile. Min-Joon on the other hand seemed angry.
"Why'd you put that instead of my name?" he asked.
"Because its funny" I said "Also, because of your attitude this afternoon"
Min-Joon quickly takes my phone off my hands and takes his phone out of his pocket. It was the newest Samsung model, so I quickly thought of product placement. He handed my phone back and showed me the name he put under my number.
"Dummy?" I ask.
"How does it feel?" he asks me "You don't like it, do you?" it's like he's waiting for me to feel sad and embarrassed, but I just can't help but laugh, which surprises him "What? What's so funny?"
"Just because you put dummy under my number isn't going to make me change your name on my contact list" I said as I exit the study but before I leave the study, I say "You're so cute Mr. Lee"
I see Min-Joon's expression change and his face grow red.
"I'm ordering the pizza, cheese only. Don't plan on making me change it" I say with a smile.
Min-Joon placed his hands on his cheeks as I walked away. He sure gets embarrassed easily.
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