Where you are Chapter 28: His muse


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"What about any new boy groups, or any new solo singers?" I ask him.

"No. That's out of the question" he said. He knew exactly what I was thinking "It's like asking a newborn to walk and talk. It won't work" he looks away from me. He's giving up without even trying.

I place my hands on his cheeks to make him look at me "Someone is going to sing one of your songs, I know that for a fact, but you can't give up before you even try" I tell him. I raise my eyebrows "Understand?" he nods, and I let him go.

"Where's the new blood?" I ask him. We go through other hallways and arrive at a dancing room. There are boys on the floor and others that are still dancing. They all look exhausted.

"Hey, its Dae-Hyun!" one of the guys says, the others look surprised and go towards us. I have to say that all of these guys…mmmm…They're so hot they could melt a popsicle. Not going to say that out loud though.

Dae-Hyun tells them about a new up and coming composer and he wants them to sing one of the composer's song's as their debut. He also tells them that it has a deadline of 2 weeks. The guys nod without a second thought. I guess they aren't that picky since they still haven't debuted. They all decided on a time and date to meet up, look over the song and practice it.

When Dae-Hyun and I are about to leave on of the guys looks at me and asks who I am. I have to say I'm a bit nervous, such a handsome guy looking at me. No, scratch that, so many handsome guys in one room, all looking at me. I could faint.

"Hannah" I say "I'm the Vice-Presidents secretary"

The guys all look surprised and hyped up "You're her!"

"No way, its her!"

"What, what happened?" I ask.

"We heard about you. Everyone's been talking about how you beat up a bunch of people this morning because they were talking shit about you"

I was shocked by his words. I just talked, I never beat anyone up. Then all of a sudden, all of them started talking at once.

"Yeah, you shut everyone up real good. Lots of people are afraid of you now, saying you're a cinnamon roll full of rage"

"And they say that you shut up the rest with just a few words"

"You were so confident!"

"Wow, I'd love to have your confidence"

I was shocked by their words. Yes, I shut a bunch of people up but I didn't beat anyone up.

"You really think such a small person in high heels would beat up a bunch of people?" I ask them pointing at myself.

"I told you guys it was just a rumor"

"I should have known"

Suddenly their words of praise stopped and they started talking about how stupid it was of them to think it was true and how its impossible for a girl like me to hit someone, which was actually making me feel pretty bad so I interrupted them "But I made everyone shut up in fear" I say.

They all look at me.

"It wasn't a rumor after all!"

"The part of me beating people up, yeah, that was a rumor. The rest is true" I say. They all say words like wow and oh.

"We'll see you guys later" Dae-Hyun tells them as he grabs my wrist and pulls me out.

"Good luck with practice guys" I say "Fighting!"

"Thanks, noona!" one of them says, the others followed his words and called me noona as well. Which means big sister in Korean.

Oh my God, I was called noona! This is so exciting.

When we leave, I grab Dae-Hyun by his shirt and say excitedly "They called me noona! I'm a noona! I've never been called noona!"

"You're that happy for being called big sister?" he asks with a smile "You're such a strange woman" he says chuckling "But was it true, what they said? he asks "About you talking back to a bunch of people this morning?"

"I thought everyone was talking about it" I said.

"Well, I don't like to gossip"

I scoff "I didn't say anything wrong, I just defended myself. I'm actually surprised that people think I beat some people up" It's surprising how people believe the most stupid rumors, I have to watch out for those now. Rumors and misunderstandings. Why am I stuck with such a difficult job? And I can't ask anyone for help because they think I'm insane. Calm down Hannah, one problem at a time.

"Come on, lets go pick out a song" I tell him.

Once we reach the recording studio, we read over some of the songs he's written. I like a lot of them which I think can make great hits and reach the top 100 but he seems unhappy with all of them.

"Don't be like that. We'll find one you like" I say.

"I'm not worried about me, I'm worried about them" he means the boy group we just talked to "If they don't like it…"

"Stop thinking about that" I tell him "Your music is great, if they don't like it, that's their problem, not yours"

He looks at me with a grin "Thanks for this" he tells me. I look at him with my eyes wide open. I don't see why he has to thank me.

"You just met me and you're doing so much for my sake" he says. Now I feel like a monster "I'm helping him because of the wager, I mean, this all started because of my big mouth and my determination to help Min-Joon and get him and Yu-Na together.

"Don't…don't worry about it. My pleasure" I say, and we keep looking through the songs.

"Hey, that song you sang earlier. Was that yours?" he asked me. If I tell him the truth about listening to it in the radio he might try and look it up and when he doesn't find it he'll think that I sang it, but if I tell him I did sing it, I'd be stealing a song, that's plagiarizing, I could be sent to jail but that song isn't from this world, but mine.

"What do you think?" I ask and laugh "Let's keep looking"

"How about we stop looking and you help me write a new one" he said with a smile. I quickly deny his offer. I don't know how to write music, I just sing along to it "What's the big deal?"

"I just sing, I don't write music" I say "That song, someone else wrote it, I just sang it for you to make you feel better because, whenever I hear that song it makes me happy, so I thought it'll make you happy too"

Dae-Hyun looks at me without saying a word for a few seconds. Did his perception of me change by me telling him the truth?

"Then why don't you just sit there and listen?" he asks me.

"You're going to come up with a new song, right now?" I ask. He shrugs.

"Why not?" he gets up and grabs a guitar in the far corner of the room.

"I didn't know you could play" I said.

"There's a lot you don't know about me"

He starts to strum the guitar and sing a few words, then he writes them on a piece of paper. He would now and again look at me for a few seconds and then keep on writing. If I didn't know any better, he was looking at me for inspiration. As if I was his muse.

"No! Don't do this to yourself Hannah! You just met the guy, stop thinking that just because a guy looks at you, he likes you, besides, you like Noah" I internally yell at myself. Yes, I like my brother's best friend, I always have. Besides, I'm not the type of girl that guys would fight over, I'm not even the type of girl I guy will fall for.

So those thoughts I just had, I pushed them to the back of my mind as if I never thought of them.

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