Where you are Chapter 27: I didn't know you could sing


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We arrive at Min-Joon's office. He is sitting in his desk reading over some paperwork, but my sudden entrance scared him. I take the folder from Dae-Hyun's hands and hurry to Min-Joon's side.

"Hannah what the hell…" before he says any more, I step in.

"The answer to our problems!" I hand him the folder "We just need a singer to sing one of these songs and boom, we got the 10%" Min-Joon opens it and looks at all the songs Dae-Hyun had written. I have to say, there were a lot. As Min-Joon skimmed through them I could read them, which surprised me since I don't know the Korean alphabet, but a problem for another time.

The words written where beautiful and with an upbeat rhythm, one of these songs could be the one.

"No" Min-Joon said.

"No?!" I ask shocked "What do you mean no?!"

"These were written by you, right?" Min-Joon asks Dae-Hyun and he nods "And you are the executive producer" Min-Joon adds and Dae-Hyun nods once again. He had his hands in fists and was biting his lower lip.

"Min-Joon, these are good songs. One of them can help us win this wager" I say. Min-Joon looks at me.

"I agree, but we have composers that do those things. This person in front of us is an executive producer, he can't just change jobs at the drop of a hat"

I can't believe him right now. I'm trying to help his situation but he's just making it worse "Min-Joon forget his job for a minute and think about what you'll achieve if you win this wager!"

Min-Joon stares at me poker-faced "I said, no" he says but I look at him as well.

"And I said, yes" this time I am not backing down.

Min-Joon sighs taking off his glasses.

"Hannah, think of this from a singer's perspective" he tells me, then looks at Dae-Hyun, a way of telling him to listen up "Would you work with a well known composer who has won many competitions and worked with other well-known artists, or will you work with a little nobody who the closest he's gotten becoming a famous composer is working with artists in a studio fine tune his performance?"

Dae-Hyun storms out of the room without a single word. I look at him saddened and try to run after him, but I had no idea what to tell him once I caught up to him, and when someone is mad, its best to leave them alone.

"You are unbelievable!" I yell at Min-Joon "I'm here trying to help you and you just turned me down"

"You don't always get what you want in this world" he counters. I really want to hit this man. His attitude is just like back then.

"You're not the President or the CEO to be acting like this. If you want to reach the top you need people that respect you, not people that fear you" I say loudly "You need friends, not enemies"

Min-Joon doesn't say anything.

"If you're not planning on helping you, then I'll do this on my own!" I say as I take the folder from his hands and storm out.

I sit down on my desk and scream internally. I can't face Dae-Hyun, I asked him to trust me and all I did was break his heart and I haven't even known him for more than 3 hours. What the hell his wrong with me?

I place my head on the desk. When I turn it to the side, I see the phone. Which makes me think of Yu-Na. An idea suddenly goes into my head, like turning on a lightbulb.

I rush back down to the studio where Dae-Hyun took me. This time, no one was there, except Dae-Hyun himself. His back was towards me, but it was him. I want to apologize but, apologizing will just make him angrier.

"I know you don't want to talk to me right now, but I need one of your songs to go on the radio before 2 weeks are up or Min-Joon will lose a wager, that if the opponent wins will make Min-Joon's life miserable.

Dae-Hyun doesn't say anything. I get closer to him and turn him around. What I see surprises me. He has his legs up on the seat, with his arms around them, and his eyes are watery.

"Don't look at me!" he says and turns the chair away from me.

"Are you crying?" I asked surprised.

"So, what if I am? Can't a guy cry?"

"Of course, they can but I thought you'd be angry with me, not crying"

He turns his chair back to me, wiping his eyes. He shakes his head at me.

"I'm not mad at you. I know you tried to help me, I thought of showing my work to the Vice-President first before going to the President, but I knew he was going to reject me. I just wasn't ready to hear it, but if it wasn't for you, I would have never gone through those doors" his eyes started to water again "I'm such a coward" he put his head back on his lap and turned the chair back around.

I know this is an emotional time for him, but I feel like laughing. I start to mess with the studio buttons next to him and although I'm no expert, I do love music and enjoy singing.

"Hey, Dae-Hyun!" I yell out to him. He glances at me "Put some music for me" I say and explain to him how I'd like the rhythm. He looks at me confused but intrigued which makes him do what I told him. Putting on the headphones I hear the music. Sounds exactly like the music to one of the songs I've been listening to constantly since I heard it on the internet. Hopefully he'll like it and feel better.

Since this is a world that's completely different from the real world maybe the song I'm about to sing has never been sung here. This isn't stealing, is it? Nah.

I start to sing, and I see how his expression changed. He seemed happy and as I moved along to the rhythm, he started to bop his head too. I don't sing the whole song, just the part that makes you want to dance to it. When I finished, he applauded.

"I didn't know you could sing" he said to me through the com.

"Do you feel better?" I ask him. He seems surprised by my question but lowers his head and answers with a yes "What I read in that folder, it can make a great song if it has the right music and is sung by the right singer. It could be a huge hit" I add.

His spirits seem to have risen.

"What do you want to do?" he asked me.

"If Min-Joon isn't going to help us, we'll just have to do it on our own" I say "You find a singer and I'll find a way we can get it out there" he looks at me amazed by my determination and looks like he wants to say something but just nods.

I go back upstairs to my desk and call Yu-Na. I tell her the whole situation about his grandmother, how I made a wager with her, as well as the deadline about Dae-Hyun.

After our conversation she tells me "I'll help you" I smile "What do you want me to do?"

What I want her to do is get word out that LV Entertainment is getting out a new single and it was made by one of their very own producers and directed by the Vice-President Lee Min-Joon but since it'll be a song done in secret, I need her to find a radio station that'll play it.

When I finish telling her my plan, Yu-Na laughs through the phone. Does she think it's stupid?

"Don't take my laughter the wrong way. You just amaze me, Hannah. Although you have no memory of your life before now, I think you were an extrovert with many friends and one hell of a leader. I'll call you later." She says but I'm worried that if she calls here and I don't answer, Min-Joon might suspect something.

"I don't have a phone" I tell her.

"Oh, I forgot. You were mugged" she said. I laugh awkwardly, I'm keeping so many secrets.

"Don't worry about it. I'll call you" I say and hang up.

I run back downstairs towards Dae-Hyun and see him talking to a boy group, but they shake their heads in annoyance and keep walking. I can imagine what happened.

I go towards him, he sees me and sits down on one of the sofas in defeat "I've asked every famous group I can think of" he says "None of them will take it"

"You're the Executive Producer, you can make them take it" I say.

"If I make them sing it, they won't enjoy it. If their hearts aren't into it, the song won't reach the hearts of the audience and if it doesn't reach the audience you can say goodbye to winning that wager" Dae-Hyun says in defeat.

In dramas this always happens. No one wants to help the character in need, then someone shows up who is willing to help but everyone thinks it won't work but at the end it does. I know what to do.

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