Where you are Chapter 24: A simple wager


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When we go into his office, he noticed all the scattered papers.
"I thought you said you'd help with this mess" he told me.
"What can I say? I'm bad at cleaning up" I chuckle. He scoffs and tells me to help him clean up. As we do so, I pick up papers and books. Suddenly out of the book I pick up the picture falls off. Min-Joon and I look at the picture as it dramatically falls to the ground. I immediately start to think of ways I can get out of this while Min-Joon is most likely having flashbacks of the girl and ready to yell at me when it reaches the floor.
Once it hits the floor I bow down on the floor.
"What? What are you doing?" he asks surprised.
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snoop. I just saw the picture, thinking it was important I put it back. End of story" I say flustered "Please don't quick me out. I have nowhere to go!" I'm so embarrassed right now.
After a moment of silence, I hear laughter. He picks up the picture and reaches his hand out for mine.
"First of all. Get up. This is embarrassing for the both of us" he says. When he helps me up, he says "And second of all. This is just a picture" he looks at it, his expression darkening. It really isn't just a picture. I can tell he liked her, very much indeed. And I'm also sure its because of her that he refuses to love anyone, just like he said in the last episode.
"I'll clean the rest of this up. You can go back to your position" he says, but in normal people speak he just told me to get the hell out.
Suddenly the doors open with a bang. In came Min-Joon's grandmother and 4 bodyguards. Though I don't know why an old lady would have so many bodyguards. She looks like she about to croak at any minute. No offense.
"Grandmother" Min-Joon said, but he didn't seem at all surprised. She's probably come here to talk about marriage dates.
"Did you find anyone you like?" his grandmother asked him. Min-Joon looked away.
"How many times do I have to tell you that I don't want to marry?" Min-Joon asked angrily. The grandmother ignored his question and continued speaking.
"How about the daughter from the Gu Family? She's pretty and has a good background. She went to a very prestigious University, studied business and graduated top of her class. Not only could she make a good wife she can also be a good business partner"
"Grandmother" Min-Joon said with a sigh.
"Or how about Ae-Ra. She is so adorable, and you have known each other since childhood? Her family is powerful and she can make a great addition to our family, you can say she's already a part of our family. She's just missing our last name"
"Grandmother!" Min-Joon yelled. His grandmother stopped talking, rather than shocked by his outburst she looked at him with a blank look on her face. Ha! now I know who Min-Joon got that look from "Please…"
"Such a disrespectful child" she says "I sent you to school, I've given you this job, I even thought of giving you the CEO position, just like your father. All I ask of you is to get a respectable wife"
I want to laugh at her face. She's asked more of him than just that. She gave him this job which he didn't want, she sent him to Europe because of something he did, which now that I see the picture, definitely has something to do with that girl in the picture.
Min-Joon doesn't say anything.
This is the most he's ever argued with his grandmother. I can sort of understand why he doesn't say anything. He needs to stay in this position until he can reach the CEO's seat. Something which belonged to his father.
I want to interfere but if I say anything Min-Joon will question who I truly am, and his grandmother might make my life a living hell.
"Why don't we make a wager?" I ask. Both of them look at me. Even the bodyguards, which were straight faced the whole time, seemed surprised by my sudden question. I have to say, even I was.
"Who are you?" the grandmother asked.
"It's a simple wager. If the Vice-President can manage to raise the gross profits of the company, you Madame Chairwoman, can let him marry whomever he wants" I say "Not only will you be at ease, knowing how capable the Vice-President is, the Vice-President can be happy being single for as long as he wants. It's a win-win, don't you think?" when I finish, I let out a small chuckle and stay smiling at her.
The grandmother looks at me up and down, then looks back at Min-Joon.
"She's my new secretary, just while Secretary Chang is away" Min-Joon answers. She looks back at me. She turns and walks towards me.
"Fine. I will accept your wager, but it'll have to raise to 30%, in three weeks" she said. I don't know much about profits and percentages, but I do know that what she's asking for is almost impossible.
"I wasn't born this morning" I say "9 would be just fine" suddenly I feel like I overstepped my boundaries. She was glaring with me.
"Are you negotiating with me?" she asks me, but it feels more like she's growling. In the screen she's annoying but in person she's kind of scary. The aura she emanates is kind of terrifying "Fine. 20" she says.
"Maybe 10" I said. She raises her eyebrows.
"I'll do 15" she said.
"12" I say reaching my hand out to her. She looks at it then back at me.
She walks towards the doors and turns just to say two words to Min-Joon "Not bad" then she leaves without another word.
Did I just win a discussion with the devil incarnate?
I lost all strength in my legs, falling on the floor.
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