Where you are Chapter 22: Dae-Hyun


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Now that he's gone I feel the sudden urge to snoop around his stuff, but of course its no easy task. I want to find something that could end up putting a twist in the whole series but all I find are books, loose papers, binders and his computer is locked with a password.
As I look through books on the other side of the office and go through binders suddenly, a picture falls out of one of the books. I pick it up and it's the picture of a girl with short wavy hair, wearing a stripped shirt and suspenders. She looks pretty cute.
The back of the picture states the year 2007 and a really depressing sentence, even though it was smudged I could make out the words "Never love again" I don't know how to interpret this. During that year I was in 7th grade, middle school. I don't know how old Min-Joon this year was, but in dramas the characters ages usually round from 25 to 30. If he's in that age group, that means he was most likely in College when he met this woman. Following drama logic, this sentence shows that she and Min-Joon had something going on and parted ways on bad terms.
Now that I find this, does that mean Yu-Na will come across another rival? If this girl is the reason he won't fall in love with Yu-Na, she's most likely going to appear soon. How do I deal with this? I don't like harems, I leave those in anime and manga.
I hear someone knock on the door.
Scared I put the picture back inside the book. If it was Min-Joon he wouldn't knock and if it was his family, they wouldn't knock either.
I open the door and see a guy standing in front of me. He looks young, either my age or a bit older, but not older than Min-Joon. He's wearing a grey shirt with a tie but had a beige cardigan over it, he also wore dark grey dress pants and dark brown dress shoes. He looked so fashionable and bright, unlike everyone else I saw in this building.
He seemed surprised when he saw me. I'd be surprised as well if I saw a woman coming out of my boss's office.
He lets out a cute yet awkward chuckle and of course my heart skips. Why do all the guys in k-dramas have to be either cute or hot. I feel like he'll be playing a minor role in this drama. Maybe appear for an episode or two. A helping hand to get the main characters together.
"Hello!" I say as I close the doors behind me "I'm Hannah, the Vice-President's new secretary, and you are?" I ask as I reach my hand for his.
He chuckles awkwardly and introduces himself "Hello. My name is Kim Dae-Hyun, I'm the executive producer of LV Entertainment" Executive producer, I know the word and I know its supposed to be a high-position, I just don't know what that job entails. For a guy that seems to be my age to have such a high-rank sounding job, he must be a genius in the field. I don't want to look like an idiot, so I smile and nod.
I see Dae-Hyun holding a folder. It must be something important, that's what folders tend to have "The Vice-President went out for lunch. If you need to give him something I'll be happy to take it and make sure he gets it"
"Oh this, no. This is mine" he lets out another awkward chuckle "I guess I'll come back later" This guy seems shy. He has such an important job, yet he can't even look someone in the eyes for very long.
I thank the heavens that that was over. His awkwardness made me feel awkward. As he walks to the elevator the thought of having no friends crossed my mind. Min-Joon, Yu-Na, secretary Chang, Tae-Woo. They are all people that I've met, and I'd like to consider them as friends but something in the back of my head just tells me not to.
I should pick a complete stranger.
"Kim Dae-Hyun!" I yell. He turns around. I decide to ask him a series of questions.
"Have you eaten?" I ask him. He shakes his head
"Do you eat lunch?" in dramas, characters tend to skip on that, but he nods.
"Did you bring food?" another question where he shakes his head.
Ok, now comes the big question, but I first have to explain myself "It's my first day here and I don't have any friends, let alone anyone to have lunch with, so can I eat with you?" As soon as it leaves my mouth I regret it. I not only sounded pitiful, but I also sounded like a middle schooler trying to make friends.
I wait for Dae-Hyun to answer me. I smirk forms across his face as he nods. A sense of relief rushes through me. If all goes well during this lunch, I've got someone to talk to other than Min-Joon and secretary Chang.
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