Where you are Chapter 20: In a fictional world


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When we got to the top floor it was a beautiful hallway with abstract paintings. At the end was a desk and a few feet away was a big double door.
"This is where you'll be sitting" he told me "And that is my office" he pointed at the door "I'm working on a very important project so when you receive calls only pass them over to me if they are life threatening or have to do with economical losses"
"It's amazing how you put loss of money and losing your life under the same category" I say with the straightest face ever. Min-Joon looks away from me and lets out a snicker. Wow, I made him laugh again. It was intentional, but I'm still glad it worked. I like his laugh. I think back to the talk he had with Ae-Ra. The mood was so tense, he didn't even answer my questions. I know the answers but if I don't want to mess up in the future, I need him to be completely open with me.
"Reminder, you sit here and look pretty, while I go into my office and work" I don't like how he's basically telling me to sit and not move, just like a toddler in time out.
He walks into his office and I sit down on my secretarial chair.
After a few minutes I'm already bored. I search the desk and skim over some papers. None that interest me. Then I stumble across an address book. I wonder if Yu-Na is here? Luckily enough her phone number is here, also her e-mail, her occupation and the number of the office she works at. Secretary Chang is very thorough.
Now that I have this information I wonder what I should do. Now that I think about it, I haven't thought this through at all. I've been eating and playing dress-up when I should be looking for ways to get back home.
Think Hannah. I'm in a fictional world, that isn't so fictional. In movies where people teleport to other Universe's or time travel, they usually an objective to complete. Once it's done, they're back home. This is insane, I'm comparing my situation to a movie's.
I look at the address book and look at Yu-Na's name. My hand instinctually heads to the phone. I look towards the closed double doors then back to the address book.
Could this be it? The only way I can get back home is if I play cupid? No. It's insane to even think about it...
Then again, this isn't a different Universe and I didn't time travel. I'm in a drama and drama's end. Am I just supposed to sit back and wait for it to end? Or am I supposed to help whatever or whoever brought me here bring Min-Joon and Yu-Na's story to a close?
If its the latter, I don't know the first thing about romance. I'm a virgin in all aspects. The only romance I know of, are the ones I see in movies and drama's.
The Dramaworld God sure has a nasty sense of humor planning on using a hopeless romantic with zero experience in love to play cupid.
"Dramaworld" I pause, contemplating how it sounded "I like the sound of that" I grab the phone and dial the number...I hear it ring...I hear the click...then I hear...
"Hello, Yu-Na? It's Hannah!"
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