Where you are Chapter 16: Being his maid


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When morning came I was awoken by various knocks on my door "Hannah, wake up!" and a voice, yelling at me. The clock on my nightstand said 6am but it felt like I was missing about 10 more hours of sleep. I never thought time difference would be a problem for me. It's not like I came here on a plane. I teleported.
Opening the door, Min-Joon is surprised to see me, Secretary Chang appears just as shocked as he was. No one looks perfect when they wake up in the morning... They both act like they smell something funky as they move their heads closer to me. Min-Joon quickly moves back while Secretary Chang moves takes out his handkerchief and covers his nose.
I widen my eyes. Are they saying that I look ugly and smell? I just took a shower yesterday.
"Did you mutate during the night?" Min-Joon asks straightforwardly. I suddenly feel like digging a hole and hiding in it. I know k-dramas are supposed to have some comedy but the male lead calling me hideous makes me feel all kinds of embarrassed.
Secretary Chang puts his handkerchief in his pocket and bows, greeting me. He tells me that my clothes are here and asks me to follow him downstairs. I like Secretary Chang, compared to Min-Joon, he has manners.
I have to thank Yu-Na though, since Min-Joon met her, he's calmed down a lot. If it was the regular him I doubt he'd take me in, let alone buy me clothes.
Downstairs I see three rows of clothes. The first thing that pops into my head is beautiful. The second is product placement.
"This is the newest line from Lucy" Secretary Chang says. Yep, definitely product placement.
"You don't need to tell her. She won't know who she is anyways" Min-Joon says. True, in real life I don't know any of the products they use in k-dramas. Not even clothes. I actually don't know a lot about fashion, period.
Most of the clothes are dresses, jackets, dress pants, skirts and blouses. I don't see any jeans, regular shirts or anything that looks slightly normal. All these clothes just scream rich girl.
Three women come in holding about 4 shoe boxes and they head upstairs to my bedroom.
Two men come in holding even more shoes boxes. Min-Joon orders them to stop and they show me some of the shoes. Although extremely beautiful, I doubt any of those shoes will be sneakers, just high heels and flats. Some are going to be hideous, that I wouldn't be caught dead wearing, but for the sake of product placement, I might have to.
Two more women, that I guess were the ones that brought the clothes come in holding bags that said Lucy and a bra sign was right next to it, now I definitely know what that is. They bowed and quickly went upstairs.
"What do you think?" Min-Joon asks me.
"Holy fuck" I say. The women look at me surprised, so do Secretary Chang and Min-Joon. What? Are there bad words that can't be said in dramas? They say bastard and shit all the time, but they cross the line at fuck? Anyways, I turn around to look at Min-Joon.
"When you said clothes, I thought you meant a few shirts and jeans, I didn't think you were going to bring me a whole clothing line!" I pause "And underwear!" I won't be able to pay him back all the money he spent on me even if I worked overtime for the next 10 years. I look at the clothes one by one, just imagining how I'd look wearing them.
"I think she likes them" Secretary Chang whispers to Min-Joon. Well I do like them but just imagining Min-Joon and Secretary Chang talking about my boobs and trying to guess what size I am kind of embarrassed me.
"But why did you buy me all this fancy stuff?" I ask.
"If I'm going to be seen with you, you might as well look the part" Min-Joon said. I looked at him with a confused expression plastered on my face.
"Did you bring the stuff?" Min-Joon turns his attention to Secretary Chang. He nods.
Secretary Chang looks at me "I will be taking a few weeks off and that means the Vice-President won't have a secretary" he stopped there hoping I would catch on. I definitely did.
This situation has pros and cons.
Pros: I would get closer to Min-Joon, know his schedule, which would be helpful for making chance encounter with Yu-Na, and it would be good because Se-Jin by seeing me with Min-Joon, he'll keep his eyes away from Yu-Na.
Cons: I have to be a secretary, I'll most likely be talked about on a regular basis, and considering I almost cried by the words those teenage girls said on the bus, I might burst into tears by the words those adults say. Also, Se-Jin by seeing me with Min-Joon, he'll keep his eyes on me and put pieces together that don't really exist, but somehow it'll make sense to the members of the board and might later on during the drama make Min-Joon, not only look bad but also, lose his position as Vice-President.
The cons seem to outweigh the pros so I go with the most obvious excuse to not do the job "I don't know the first thing about being a secretary" I say.
"I did a power point" Secretary Chang says and walks towards the living room. Min-Joon and I follow. In the living room Secretary Chang had his computer on a stand and asked me and Min-Joon to look at the TV. He turned off the lights and started his presentation.
Secretary Chang put pictures of Min-Joon's family. Se-Jin, Dong-Il, his grandmother, Ae-Ra and some and members of the board which names I forgot seconds after he mentioned them. Either way, the members of the board aren't even that important. In the drama's they just nod or shake their heads.
In the presentation Secretary Chang also put in basic things a secretary does and how to do them. He even put a blueprint of the building and talked about all the departments and what floors they are in. His presentation was long but educational. With that, Secretary Chang ended his presentation. Both Min-Joon and I clapped as he bowed.
"I can do most of the work, you just have to sit there and look pretty" Min-Joon said. I don't know if I should feel offended or relieved.
"Miss, you should go get ready" Secretary Chang told me. I looked at him confused "For work" I widen my eyes in disbelief.
"Like now?" I ask. They nod "But you just showed me the presentation. I'm still processing all this stuff" I say looking at both of them. Min-Joon stretches "Not to mention I just got out of the hospital"
"A kid can only learn how to swim by getting in the water" Min-Joon tells me.
"Yes, comparing my situation with drowning is a fitting example" I say. Min-Joon rolls his eyes at me.
"With that attitude you'll drown anywhere" he says. I swear I feel like hitting him. Min-Joon and I have a stare down, but Secretary Chang gets in front of me probably knowing what I was thinking of doing.
"Please do this for me" Secretary Chang says. His face just makes me want to do whatever he says. I mean, he's such a kind secretary for sticking with Min-Joon, even when he has such a horrible personality. I look down and nod.
"You don't have to put please in that sentence. Hannah knows very well that she can't stay here for free" Min-Joon says. I almost forgot he told me that I had to repay him with manual labor, but I didn't expect he'd turn me into his secretary. But maybe being his secretary is better than being his maid.
"Now go get ready!" Min-Joon says "I can't be seen with someone that looks like they came out of a horror movie and smells like a trashcan" I look at him angrily and try to push Secretary Chang out of the way.
"Let me hit you just once" I say. Secretary Chang holds onto me. Min-Joon backs away quickly. I actually scared him. He regains his composure and looks at me with a smirk.
"You just got a whole lot interesting Miss Hannah Elizabeth Morgan" he said to me.
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