Where you are Chapter 11: Bus


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It was already dark when we reach the closest bus stop. In k-dramas the best scenes happen at night. Yu-Na, please be at the same place you were in the last episode.
Min-Joon and I get inside the bus and we sit in the back. I take the window seat. Although it's his first time in a bus, this is my first time in Korea. I get to sit by the window. As I turn my head to look at the people on the bus, four high school girls catch my attention, mostly because they are looking at us. More specifically Min-Joon.
"He's so handsome" one of them says. Wow, I tended to think that the main characters just had good hearing, but I was wrong; people in k-dramas just don't know how to whisper.
They are smiling and giggling.
"Do you think that girl is his girlfriend?" another one asks. I widen my eyes and look at Min-Joon. Do we look like that? Although I am a huge fangirl, Min-Joon belongs to Yu-Na.
"As if! Just look at them, he's so dreamy and she's just ugh" another one answers. The other's giggled.
Wow, I didn't expect that comment to hurt my feelings so much. I take a deep breath and look out the window. My eyes start to water, how is this possible? It was just a passing remark.
"Do you think she heard us?" the fourth girl asked.
"As if!" the first girl answers.
Min-Joon gets up. I look at him surprised. Oh no.
"Min-Joon" I whisper. He doesn't sit back down but walks towards those girls. The girls widen their eyes. They giggle, fixing their hair and sitting up straight.
He leans in, smiling at them.
"She didn't hear you, but I did" he says. The girls' faces quickly change to shock "And I don't really take kindly to people that talk bad behind other people's backs. Especially if its behind my girlfriend's" at this point he's glaring at them.
"Do you girls have boyfriends?" he asks them. They all shake their heads "I thought so. No guys would date girls with such a hideous personalities" he smiles at them and sits back down next to me. They look down embarrassed. The bus reached its stop and those girls rush out.
Although I should have thanked him, my mind could only focus on what he called me. 'Girlfriend'
"Don't read too much into it. I only called you my girlfriend to make a point to those kids. Making fun of someone is just despicable" I look at him and chuckle. He quickly gets flustered and asks, "What are you laughing at?"
I decide to lie and say "I wasn't thinking about you calling me your girlfriend" he looks at me confused as if it was expected of me to think like that, although I did, I can't let him know "I was just thinking that you are a very kind person"
"What makes you think that?"
"You didn't need to go up to those girls and defend me. We aren't related, and we aren't friends, but you stood up for me regardless. I was just thinking how cool that was" I gave him a wide smile.
"Anyone would have done that" he said.
"Not really" I said. Why can't he take a compliment?
When the bus stops again I see the orange tent and hopefully that's the place where Yu-Na was at during the last episode. Sadly k-dramas don't give you maps of how far or close places are to one another.
"There!" I say excitedly.
"You want to eat in there?" he asks me. I nod.
"This is a type of restaurant, isn't it?" I ask as we walk inside. An old lady is frying chicken "This can count as a home cooked meal" I say with a smile, breathing in the freshly done chicken and the smell of burning oil.
"I don't think it works like that" he answers. I sit down at a table while Min-Joon tends to the order. Sadly, Yu-Na isn't here but the night is still young. Min-Joon sits in front of me and asks "How did you know this was a place to eat? It's a tent that's closed off"
"Would it make sense if I said that I feel like I've been here before?" I answer him with a question.
"Did you remember something?" he asks intrigued. I shake my head.
"But if I've been living in Korea, specifically this part of the city, the chances of coming through here are quite high" I say. It's kind of easy coming up with lies when I'm playing an amnesiac. Min-Joon nods in agreement.
The chicken and the beer come quickly, and I start to eat. Min-Joon on the other hand just stares at it.
"What? Did you just turn into a vegetarian?" I ask. He chuckles.
"It just feels unsanitary" a few people close by look at him, feeling insulted.
"Don't be a baby" I say. In k-dramas people tend to pour each other drinks so I open his bottle of soju and pour his into a small glass cup. I open my bottle and as I'm about to pour mine, Min-Joon takes the bottle out of my hand.
"It's common courtesy for me to pour it for you" he says. I nod. When he fills it up we clink our cups together and drink. I quickly regret it. I had no idea soju burned my throat so much.
"You remember chicken goes good with beer, but you don't remember that soju is bitter?"
"Didn't the doctor say that the brain is a mysterious thing?" I answer his question with one of my own. Min-Joon chuckles and takes another drink.
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