When I Shall Say Goodbye Chapter 240: Will You Remember Then?


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Dear followers,

For those who still saved this book to their library, I intentionally opened another chapter to let you know that I am starting to write a new novel titled, "Will You Remember Then? "

I am deeply wishing that I will also be blessed with your support just as you did in my first book.

However, this new book doesn't exempt me from any errors, may it be grammatical or typographical. Your CONSTRUCTIVE criticism would be very much appreciated and valued.

If ever you would find this book annoying, please DROP this silently. Please spare my heart from your disheartening comments.

I'm also boldly asking for your reviews, votes, comments and ratings.

Thank you so much.

Greatly inspired by you,

gents46 or babyljaie46




When the first set of fireworks erupted into the sky which marked the end of the city's annual festival, Adrian, the son of the world's top luxury yacht builder who sponsored the Musical Fireworks Display got lost into the thick crowd.

Many years later, he fell in love and got married to Allyza, a woman who held the dirtiest secrets which toppled down the glory of the once impenetrable and massive drug cartel.

Her enemies just wouldn't let her go in peace, especially Louise, the son of one of those leaders of the great drug syndicate. As he started to hunt her down in revenge for his father, she ran for her life and changed her identity.

She thought she was already safe, not until she realized she had run into the enemy's lair, instead. How would she escape?

How would she escape when she later realized that her heart was also trapped?

Adrian, on the other hand, gave up the hope of finding her again after many years of waiting. He decided to terminate his marriage with her so that he could marry Jane, a woman who efficiently handled his daughter's deficiency and her need for a mother figure.

In the end, how would the two of them get out from the tangles brought about by their wrong choices and decision?

Will both of them remember then that once in their lives their hearts beat as one?

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