When I Shall Say Goodbye Chapter 239: Wherever You Go


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Later, when they started to get food, Jia, herself, saw how Hailey took care of him by placing food on his plate and cutting out the meat. She also saw how Jim returned her effort. Perhaps, Jim just did not realized that he was already falling for her.

When everyone put down their plates, Hailey spoke up to excuse herself.

"Please excuse me, Mr. Wayne and everyone around. "She said as she looked at each of them.

" I need to go ahead. I still have matters to attend tonight because I will be leaving early tomorrow. Thank you so much for the invitation. I am so blessed to witness how wonderful your family is. "

Mrs. Glenda interrupted. "Why is it sudden, darling? Aren't you going to stabilize first the treatment processes? "

Hailey smiled weakly. She had no more reason to stay. If she would, it would only mean a total wreckage of her heart. She decided to stop dreaming and learn to love herself again. She had long been giving herself to wishing for a man who could never reciprocate her feelings.

Seeing Jim's treatment to Jia tonight, made her realized how fool she was to keep on hoping for the impossible, to keep on reaching the impossible heights of the stars. She had already achieved her dreams, she had avenged Jim against their enemy. The reality that he survived and did not die was a slap against their desire to have him killed before, in order to topple down the success of Hailey's Pill. And those were already enough. She had to move on.

"Jim is here to do it, mom. "

Hailey replied, looking at her mom's protesting expression.

Jim, then, interrupted. "Who said? "

Hailey creased her brows. "And who would? What about you? "

"I will be wherever you go. "

Hailey was taken aback. He was too confusing.

Having understood her reaction, he stood up and helped her to stand up.

"Please, excuse us. We need to

talk. " Jim said, as she placed an arm around her waist and led her towards the porch swing, at the other side of the house.

Everyone's heart felt tickled, but still no one dared to voice it out.

The moment they reached the swing, Hailey confronted him right away. She was already used to his sweetness and thoughtfulness, but she knew that it didn't mean anything.

"What are you talking about? Why won't you manage it yourself?" Hailey asked.

"Endorse it to Aijohn and Grace. They are very capable in running it. "

"What about you? Why won't you run it yourself? " Hailey asked again.

"What sense there is in running it without you? "

Hailey refused to listen to this flatteries. Such words were only meant to break her heart apart. She should never expect, should she want to to be spared from getting hurt.

"It's time to part our ways, Jim. We have already achieved our dream, to find the most potent cancer cure. We have avenged yourself against our enemy. So, it's time for me to move forward. "

"I'm going with you, as I said. "

"Stay here. Your children and your family needs you. "

"I also need you. "

Hailey was not able to hold her tears anymore. She looked away towards the starless skies. The loneliness of the moon as it sailed alone on a wide silver path, spoke of the loneliness inside her heart. She gained the world's adoration for her success, she heard their defeaning applause but to the man she had secretly loved for years, she was worthless.

While she never demanded nor begged because she chose to hide it, she could also get tired of it. She already pitied herself and decided that it was already time to give herself some worth.

"Dear, I am not blind that I can't see. I am also not numb that I can't feel. I just need a closure between me and her. Perhaps, I just need a big blow, hard enough for me to open my eyes to accept the reality. I need to let her go and I also need to move

forward. "

"Please, don't give up on me now. I just didn't want to promise you anything I could not do for the moment. I just wanted to clear my path before allowing you to pass through. All I needed was time. But starting tonight, I promise to spend the rest of my life with you. "

Hailey's tears then fell like a mighty waterfalls on a dry land. She waited so long for this day to come...

"Dear, can my heart be treated with Hailey's Pill? "

Hailey sobbed louder as she hugged him tightly.

"Yes, I will administer it directly to your heart. "

Jim laughed. How he wished the pill would totally make him forget and empty his heart to fully welcome her. He recalled all her sacrifices, all her thoughtfulness and all her unreturned care and attention. He knew that all along, she silently loved him without expecting anything in return, but he chose to ignore it, unwanting to make her live in lies.

"Dear, can I still love you?"

Hailey knew very well that his decision to move forward and free herself from Jia, just started today.

"I will teach you how. "

"Even with my pasts and my unworthiness? "

"For whoever you are. "

"Even if I have loved someone else and even if I have children with

her? "

"I will love whoever you love and I will love all your children. "

Tonight, his endearment finally got its meaning. Tonight, his kisses finally got deeper under the moonlit night, sending pulses of life to her broken and dying heart.

When they finally got back to their families, Mr. Ybañez asked her.

"Are you going now, my dear? "

Hailey looked at Jim and he answered for her.

"She's staying with me tonight... "

Hailey nodded in agreement as she hooked an arm around his waist. All of them also saw that Jim wrapped his arm around her shoulders, pulling her closer...

Their families no longer need to ask nor they needed to say it...Love was written all over in bright letters of red.


Three years after, Mr. Wayne happily ran to meet his grandson on the gate. Jim had just called up that they were arriving in few minutes.

"Son, he's too cute! Now, I already have two grandsons and two grandaughters. "

"Wrong dad, three grandsons and three granddaughters. "

"What? " Mr. Wayne was surprised.

Hailey, then, got down from the car, holding a two year old boy who was dressed exactly like the first.

"Twins? "Mr. Wayne exclaimed, his eyes widened.

Jim laughed. "Yes, dad! And a girl is on the way. "

Mr. Wayne looked up and just noticed that Hailey was heavy with pregnancy.

"Oh, dear! It's really three granddaughters! I can now go down to my grave in peace!"

"Not yet, dad! Who will take care of them? We're going to leave them to you. " Jim protested while laughing.

Jia and Anthon laughed loudly, as well, in amusement as they listened to them, hugging them warmly as soon as their dad released them.

"Jim, you're too fast! It's already three? " Jia exclaimed.

Jim did not answer but lifted her, instead, into the air.

"I miss you, sweetheart! "

Jia's heart skipped a beat and her eyes widened. Anthon and Hailey were around, laughing and watching them.

Jim laughed, sensing her sudden discomfort.

"I'm just being used to call you like that. "

- The End -

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