When I Shall Say Goodbye Chapter 238: Running Away 3


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"Darling, you need to sincerely talk. Tell him about your worries and fear, tell him that he needs to let you go.. "

With this, Mr. Wayne hurriedly turned away to give them space.

"I'm sorry, dear, it's all my fault. I'm sorry for my unrestrained behavior yesterday, you wouldn't have run away again. " Jim tearfully apologized as he held her hand and helped her get seated into a couch.

"I know it's wrong, I was just carried away. None of us wanted all these to happen but miseries, heartaches and failures are all part of our journey. All we have to do is stand up and move on. "

"I and Hailey are going back to the lab to go on with our research and also to allow us space and time to move forward. Hoping that someday, we can all laugh about these, then, without the pain. "

Jia's tears were already drenching a portion of the couch as she remained looking down, her shoulders moving as she sobbed silently.

"Sweetheart, please promise me that you won't run away again. Haven't you learned your lesson? You almost lost Anthon because of that. "

Jia lifted his head and looked at him.

"What do you mean? " She finally broke her silence.

"All along I knew that deep within your heart, it is still him whom you truly love. That's why I chose to return to Hailey. "

"But I am very grateful that you still chose to learn to love me and to be faithful on your promise to stay by me all throughout your whole life. "

"And I understand you now. Because even if I'll remarry, there would always be a space for you in my heart. And I will also be faithful to her in all my life, and learn to love her the way you do."

" I certainly believed that first true love never dies. "

While listening to him, Jia reflected on her life. Just what kind of life did they have? Fame, material possesions and outward appearances were never a guarantee for a perfect life. Nevertheless, as a consolation, while there were moments of pain, they also experienced true love. While there were sacrifices, there were also forgiveness. What matters most, while there were mistakes, shortcomings and sins being commited, there were always rooms for understanding and forgiveness.

Jianna, then, came running over. She leapt into Jim's arms and clung on his neck.

"Sweetheart, thank you for giving me a beautiful daughter. Though I will be away from her, I know I don't have to worry because Anthon loves her also the way I love Jian. "

"You may also borrow her. " Jia laughed as she stood up to hug him.

"Really? "

"Why not? "

During dinner later, Anthon prepared them a feast by the garden , to celebrate Jim's homecoming and his success, and to celebrate reconciliation and forgiveness. The Ybañez family were invited and they gladly came over. Hailey and Giselle also came.

Soon, the twins and Jia's little girls' shrill voices filled the atmosphere as they happily chased each other on the playground. The adults watched them happily, likewise, while they gathered around the giant, round table, waiting for the dinner to start.

While Jia laughed hardly as she got infected by the children's laughters,

Aijohn came over and twisted both of her earlobes.

"What's wrong with you, Koko boy?"

She said as she reached out to take revenge but Koko hurriedly ran away.

"If you were not so stupid enough, you wouldn't have witnessed the kid's happiness, Anna girl! "

Irritated but amused, she ran to catch him, wanting to twist his earlobes harder than he did. But Koko ran faster so they ended up circling around the garden.

When Jia almost caught him up by the pool, Koko had no choice but to jump into the pool and swam fast.

With movements constricted, Jia pulled out and threw her sandals out of the pool and swam faster than him. Holding his arm finally, she laughed hard, feeling triumphant.

"Come heeeeere! Lend me your ears! "

But as they came out of the pool, Aijohn slipped and ran away towards the table.

Seeing Jia running too fast that she almost stumbled, Jim pitied her that she caught Aijohn's arm and laughed.

"Sweetheart, fast! " Jim shouted, while the rest of them around were laughing and cheering them on.

When Jia finally caught him, Aijohn giggled and covered his ears.

"Tooon, her fingernails are too long. Please, help! " Koko squealed in fear and amusement.

Anthon then came over and wrapped Jia with one of the two towels that he brought, throwing the other one to Grace. Grace also stood up and rubbed Aijohn's hair with a towel.

"You lose, Koko boy! You should

pay! "

"The game is not over yet." He protested, still laughing hard while panting.

Jia stood up to catch his ears but Anthon hugged her.

"Stop it, dinner's ready! " Anthon then covered Jia's mouth as she started to protest.

Mrs. Glenda Ybañez could no longer hold her amazement. For a long time, she was not happy about Aijohn's rescue moments for Jia because she couldn't seem to accept a man -and -woman type of friendship. She was afraid that such friendship could only end up with infidelity.

But now, as she watched how the Waynes laughed and supported them without any sense of malice, only then did she understand.

"What a beautiful friendship! May our grandchildren inherit the same spirit! "

Soon, the dinner started and before meal prayer was offered, Mr. Wayne spoke up.

"Anthon prepared this dinner tonight to celebrate again the success of Jim and Hailey, Jim's homecoming and the fact that he is still alive This is also to celebrate our thanksgiving for sending Hailey into his life to give him the last hope to live. And, most of all, this is to celebrate our family's reconciliation and forgiveness."

Hailey smiled as she listened attentively to Mr. Wayne. Feeling again the sense of gratitude as his dad recalled it, Jim who sat by Hailey's side, reached out for her hand and squeezed it tenderly.

"Many thanks again, dear! " He smiled as he squeezed her hand tighter.

Hailey looked into his eyes tearfully.

"You have already thanked me countless times. "

Little did they know that all eyes fell at them but no one dared to make a comment.

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