When I Shall Say Goodbye Chapter 181: Building Blocks


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Dr. Aijohn treated everyone for a lunch buffet at the resort's restaurant. The staff set up their table by the glass wall that would give them a full view of the sea. It was already past twelve and the noon sun was high above them. Its scorching rays reflected on the water, sending sparkles in every tiny wave.

Everyone almost came in together, except for Casey who was always busy with her picture - taking. Having Jianna in one arm, she posed in different areas and took photos by herself. Through time and experience, she had mastered in setting up her camera quickly through its tripod stand. In fact, her husband wondered why she took up business, instead of photography.

Seeing how she also get tickled everytime Jianna giggled, Dr. Aijohn wondered how many children did she has.

"Ate Casey, how many kids do you have? " They all called her ate, being of the same age with Kuya Nap, who was three years older than Jim.

"'Haaay, we don't have the luxury of having a child. " Luxury because, no matter how financially able they were to induce conception, still she couldn't afford it naturally. They had already gone to different obstetricians but all ended up in vain.

"Te, if I may suggest, you and your husband should treat yourselves with a vacation like this where you would momentarily free your minds away from worries and demands of business world. Just enjoy and take Hailey's Pill. " Dr. Aijohn said sincerely.

Casey eyes glowed and widened, then she laughed. "John, you really make me hope again. I'm getting excited about it. "

"As long as you will not stress yourself in thinking if you will really get pregnant or not. Just take it easy and enjoy. Most of the times, stress matters much. Along with healthy diet and lifestyle, let's pray that Hailey's Pill would be blessed as the channel to the fulfillment of your desire to have a child. "

She then called up her husband.

"Hon, guess what? I have a good news! " She then narrated everything to her husband including the miraculous recovery of his dad.

"But Casey, I'm really sorry. I need you to be here as soon as possible.

Our company has encountered another problem and I know that only you can handle this very well. "

Casey sanked in disappointment. Her time being spent with the family was still not enough. They were still planning to go to other famous tourist destinations out of Cebu, most of all to Bohol, to visit Anthon's known parents, and to Palawan, the place that held their dad's unforgettable memories.

"So we may, as well, leave here after lunch. " Mr. Wayne said sadly.

"I will try to settle everything there then we will come back as suggested by Aijohn. Then, we can go on with our halted vacation. "

"But..., " Casey looked at Anthon.

"I will be missing you, Ton. Perhaps, you can go home for a while when I will be back so that the family would still be complete with my husband. "

Anthon's looks became grim. "I can't promise, te, but I'll try to consider that. "

He, then, stood up and excused himself. When he came back after ten minutes, he was already bringing two boxes.

"Dad, are those boxes for me? "

Jian' s eyes glowed as he saw the printings of the boxes.

Anthon nodded.

"May I open it now?" Jian asked again.

"Sure. " Anthon gave a pursed smile.

Jian opened the smaller box first and saw that it was a small toy plane.

"Place that at the farthest corner of the table. " He instructed as he picked up the box and the plastic wrapper.

"Okay. " Jian agreed right away before he proceeded to the big box. Inside were toy building blocks.

"Wow! Can you help me assemble these, dad?" Jian asked again.

"I will give you the instructions but put it first at the opposite corner of this table. "

Everyone watched them silently wondering what's going on in Anthon's mind. Their lunch was totally forgotten.

"Spread the instruction sheet here and proceed to instruction #1. " Anthon patiently began his first instruction.

"From the end of that table, hold your plane and let it fly as high as you can and make it land over the opposite corner where your blocks are. "

"Zzzzzzzzhhhhhhhnnnng! " Jian made his own sound to imitate the sound of a real, flying plane. He raised his hand as high as he could before lowering it down slowly and made it land down beside the unassembled blocks.

"Okay, dad, what's next? " Jian innocently asked further.

"Look at your instruction sheet and go to instruction #1 and so on.. " Anthon leaned on his back as he sorrowfully looked at his son.

Jian began laying down the foundation of the building as instructed then attached one block to another.

"Dad, there are so many blocks. Help me! " Jian started to become bored as he was now getting hungry.

"Son, come over here. " He gestured Jian to sit down in his lap. The boy instantly obeyed. Then he went on.

"Son, tomorrow, daddy will ride on that plane towards a very far place.."

The ever onion - skinned Giselle began sobbing as her tears had already started to fall from the start of Anthon's demonstration.

"In that very far place, daddy will read the instruction sheet and will then give all those instructions to lots of men until the building will be finished like this. " Anthon said as he pointed the picture of a building outside the box.

"But dad, it takes so long to finish the building!"

"Yes, son. It takes three to five years to finish and then daddy will come back. "

Jian became silent as he thouht about it.

"If you will miss me, build these blocks again so that you will be reminded that I am just there building the blocks. "

Jian began crying. "Dad, I don't like you to build the blocks over there!"

Jim, the weakling, began brushing his tears away. "Why do you have to go far? What about Jian's Garden and all your businesses? " Jim argued.

"Giselle will take over under my supervision. Our advanced technology today will still enable me to manage it even if I am away. "

"Ton, I don't understand. The hospital needs expansion for the oncology department. Why do you have to work for someone else? You are already a part of the family and a part of our company. " Jim further objected.

Everyone felt silent. Only the sound of stiffled sobbings prevailed.

"Since we are a family and that everyone knows it, I may as well tell everyone of you my reason. I accepted the contract, not because of money, but because I want to move on..."

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