When I Shall Say Goodbye Chapter 125: Give Them To Me


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Jim kept no secret to Jia. He shared everything about him, even his full financial status as well as his plans and decisions. He told her his every opinon regarding anything, even the marriage annulment he started to arrange with kuya Nap per Judge Ramirez' request. They had a bigger and better plan. As for now, they had to play along. For their protection, Jim hired bodyguards for all of them.

While still engrossed with the discussion, Mr. Wayne halted it with his call.

"This coming Sunday will be your engagement dinner. Be sure to come and don't ever plan to disappoint me. The schedule of the research launching is now set and be sure your wedding comes before it. " It sounded like an indirect warning from him.

"Give me my wife back and I'll be there." It was a broad and open indication of his turning against him.

What did he think of him? A puppet?

A paid servant? A brainless son?

"I'm imposing a bigger cash reward for those who can give any information about her and I also increased the number of the search operation team. All exits are being monitored.So don't worry. You can have her back by that time. "

Just what did he really think of him? A child who could be easily bribed by a piece of candy? A stupid slave? Or, a hopeless idiot? Dream on, father dear!

Jim was already shaking in anger and was ready to rant again but Jia covered his mouth and hugged him.

Then she grabbed the phone from his hand and ended the call.


Anthon was on his morning jog in the neighborhood, when he met Brian, one of his and Jia's classmates in high school. He was also taking a round with few men behind him. He remembered that few days ago, he received a memorandum from the subdivision's administration office that a group of police officers will be dispatched within the subdivision to tighten the security of their place. He predicted that it must be Jim's request.

After their warm exchanges of greetings, Anthon invited him and his men to his place for a breakfast. It was already 15 years since they last met and there would be lots of things to catch up with.

"By the way, why are you assigned here? " Anthon asked, hoping to catch an information.

" It is an order from the higher rank as requested by Mr. Rex. " Brian explained.

Mr. Rex. Mr. Rex again. Just who was he? Why was he extending his protective support until here? Rescuing her was not enough and he even requested men to ensure her safety?

"Is Mr. Rex you mentioned assigned here in Cebu? "He asked further.

"Yes, but he is on leave lately." Brian answered, clueless that his revelation caught Anthon's interest.

"Bry, who among the homeowners here are you specifically protecting?"

Anthon tried his luck.

"A certain Jia Wayne.. " Brian, unexpectedly took the bait.

Anthon's eyes widened as he tapped his shoulder. "Bry, you don't remember Jia anymore? Our classmate? "

Bryan suddenly turned pale. "What? Jia Anna? Oh, why haven't I thought about her? " He slapped his forehead as he shook his head.

"Noooo, how can I be so ungrateful? How can I do this to her? "

"She married a Wayne. That's why it did not occur to you." Anthon did not understand right away. He assured him, instead, that there was nothing wrong in not recognizing her at once. It had been fifteen, long years and so many changes had taken place.

"How could I be so dumb? When she had done so much for me. "

"What do you mean? "Anthon's heart raced. Did anything happened in the past? Could he be one of Jia's ex?

"Way back in high school, Jia knew I had no time to study because I was a working in a car shop for my school's expenses and for my own's survival."

Brian, then, began to narrate his own's story and how Jia became someone he valued in the past...

"Brian, I will find a way to go to the bathroom again. I will leave the paper in the same place. Follow me right away. "

That was Jia's routine for Brian during examination day. Her heart always went out for him in pity because she knew how hard his life had been. Just like anybody else who knew him and his real story, she wanted to see him succesful someday. With that, she could never allow him to fail. He was never given a day off even during examination days as their shop was the only one available in their place and clients were always in a long queue. Everytime he asked to be excused, he was always threatened to be terminated and be sued for his debt. His and his parents means of living depended on his meager income in that shop. Everytime they got sick, he made cash advances until his debt accumulated and became impossible for him to pay.

Because of this, Jia would bring two packs of lunch everyday, one for her and the other for him. This went on for the long, four years in high school but went unnoticed because Jia did not want publicity. She also protected his self - esteem. That's why none of the class knew about Brian's life.

One time, as their JS Promenade was fast approaching, Jia was expected to get recognitions for her achievement on that special day. Her cousin , who came from overseas and who knew about it, gave her a cash gift for her to buy new pairs of clothes and shoes for the event.

But Bryan's parents were sick and his employer would no longer allow him for another loan or cash advance.

"Bryan, somebody's lookin for you! "

His fellow car shop attendant called him. It was one of the busiest hour in the shop and even from afar, Jia could already see his rugged look, filled with oil stains and moistened particles of dusts.

Never expecting that somebody would visit him, he quickly wiped the stains in his face which his shirt.

"Jia, why are you here? The Prom is about to start!" The truth was he did not want her to see him like that.

"Bry, hurry up. Buy your parents the medicine they need..."

Bryan was suddenly teary - eyed when he related his story with Anthon. He could not recall anymore how many times he was scolded by his employer everytime he asked for cash loans but he vividly remembered the pain of shame and humiliation.

"Did you remember that Jia wore a very simple and old casual dress during the awarding ceremony that night? " He looked at Anthon as if he was indeed sure that he remembered. "

"That was the most painful sight I had ever seen. I promised myself then that someday, I would return her the favor." He could no longer hold the tears that were threatening to fall a while ago.

"Yes." Anthon briefly replied.

"Of course, I knew that you were eyeing on her. "

Anthon was surprised. There were only two people who knew about it.The two women whom Jia called as her bestfriends, Giselle and Jay.

He laughed, as if he read his mind. "I knew it because I had been observing you. You were fortunate, Anthon. You were her secret inspiration. "

"Really? " He smiled, his mood lightened up.

Bryan continued. "After we graduated, Jia referred me to her missionary churchmate who was looking for a male house helper. That was when my life changed. He paid my debt and I was sent to college until I graduated and found a job."

After his confession ended, Brian suddenly looked bothered and uneasy.

"What is it that bothered you? "

Brian did not answer. He covered his face with his hands and cried. His men instantly understood their need for privacy so they silently walked away, leaving him and Anthon alone.

"Ton, I betrayed her over a big amount of money. I did not know it was her. "

"What? And how? " Anthon threw a cold look at him.

Someone came over to talk to me last night and bribed me a great fortune in exchange of her and her son's life. Now, that I know it is Jia, how could I do this to her? And how could I retract from the agreement? "

Anthon was greatly shocked and horrified with the news. With the glitters of gold, any one could be dazzled, including him.

"Why would you do that?" Anthon asked with tremors down his spine.

"It was because of a debt again. I issued a non - sufficient funds and the bank is already suing me gravely for it. "

There was really fear and confusion in his looks. Who knew then that an intimidating man like him because of his height and built could be so frail and weak at this moment?

"Bry, please listen to me. Accept his money and make it as an evidence against him. In this way, you can return the favor you always had wanted for her. "

"I will pay you twice as much. Just, please, don't harm her and her son. Please give them to me. "

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