War of the Realms Chapter 5: A Fellow Rebel


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"Great!" he said cheerfully as he got up from his seat, "Follow me and I'll introduce you to my comrade."

He walked out from the back of the guild and started heading in the direction of the town inn. I followed behind him, checking no one was staring or being suspicious at all- better safe than sorry.

After going inside the inn, we immediately headed upstairs to the rooms. Oki unlocked the 3rd door and went in.

The inn room was small, containing 2 single beds, a small table, 2 stools and a small bathroom.

Sitting on the bed next to the window, was a young girl, probably a year older than me, with long brown hair in a high ponytail. She looked quite tall and she wore blue jeans and a light beige top. Her shoes were simple black and white trainers. She was engrossed in a book named "The Magical War".

Oki gave a small cough and the girl looked up. She was fairly pretty and wore a cautious expression.

"Oki, who's this?" she asked warily. "This is Surina, she's also a rebel demon."
"You found one? She's agreed to join us on our quest?"

The girl got up and walked over to me. She held out her hand and shook mine. "Hi, my name is Chloe." she said, smiling sweetly.

" Hi, it's nice to meet you. You're a demon right? What magic do you use?" I asked cheerfully. "I use air or wind magic, what about you?"

I hesitated for a moment. Being an MMD when you're a rebel, isn't something to flaunt about.

"I use....Ice...and Shadow magic."

They both stopped. Their facial expressions were alarmed.

"You're an MMD?" Chloe asked cautiously. "Yes. Does that bother you?" I replied honestly. "No, I was just surprised. It's rare to find a rebel MMD these days, most of them have been captured and tortured into joining Shad's army.".

She was right, it was extremely rare to find a rebel MMD now, because they had been hunted down at a rapid pace. I was probably one of the only ones left.

Suddenly, someone banged violently on our door. We froze. That didn't sound good.

"Oi! Open the door!" The inn owner shouted from the hallway.

Oki opened the door and was faced with the scowling inn owner.

"Can I help you Sir?" he asked politely. "You brats need to get out my inn now! I'm not having suspected criminals in my inn!" he shouted sternly. "Suspected criminals?". "Yes and" he spotted me, "Oh great you brought another one! What she guilty of, a fellow rebel? It doesn't matter, you all need to leave now!" After finishing his rant, he stomped downstairs.

Oki turned back to us, like mine and Chloe's, his face was alarmed. "He's right, we need to move.". "But where? We still need to finish a few details before we can set our plan into action, so we can't head for the Demonic Realm yet." Chloe asked anxiously. "You could stay at my house." I replied, trying to be somewhat helpful. "I have enough rooms and it would be easier to plan everything, as we wouldn't have to worry about people over hearing.". "Are you sure that's ok? We wouldn't want to intrude." Oki replied. "Of course it's ok. I've agreed to join your quest, so I need to be updated with the details. It will be easier this way.". "Well it's settled then, Surina lead the way."
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