War of the Realms Chapter 4: Friend or Foe?


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I studied him, trying to read anything that could tell me I shouldn't- or tell me anything at all. Nothing. Well, even if he does turn out to be evil, I'm sure I can kick his ass.

"Lead the way."

I followed him out to the back of the guild. It was a small opening, covered in grass with a few benches dotted around. Trees lined the semicircle lawn, hiding whatever was behind them.

I sat down on a bench and folded my arms, eyeing the man coldly. He sat down opposite me and I gave a small nod saying he could begin.

"Well I might as well start by introducing myself," he said "My name is Okisis, but you can call me Oki for short. I usually do guild jobs around the Mortal Realm.".
"Okisis. That's an... interesting name." I said, mildly shocked he had such an unusual name, but then again my name wasn't your average. "Ye, but I prefer Oki." he said happily. "Oh and something else." He looked around to check no one was listening. "I'm a demon and I know you're one two."

My eyes widened in shock. How the hell did this guy know I was a demon? Was he a spy?! Luckily, I had been at this camouflage game for nearly my entire life, so despite my shock, I was able to keep a neutral expression, although my eyes may have gave me away...

"Don't worry I'm not a spy, although I'm hella screwed if you're one!"he laughed. I was very skilled at reading people, so I could tell he wasn't lying. What I needed to know now, was how he knew I was a demon and what he wants.

After my brief pause, I slowly and cautiously replied, "You are correct. I am a demon. How did you know and what do you want?". "Well, I can answer both those questions at once. I once was an alone rebel like you, camouflaging solo. I then found my now closest friend- another rebel. We decided to team up and look for other demons who could help us in our quest to defeat Shad and his son. However, we don't want a big army, only a few of us so we can stealthily destroy their reign from the inside. I was able to tell you were a demon the first time I saw you, but I wasn't entirely certain so I've been keeping an eye on you. The only way I knew for certain is because you act a very similar way to how I act, completely fooling others."he answered informatively.

"Interesting." I said "So do you want me to join you on this quest?". "If that is a possibility, then yes. I can tell you're powerful, why else would you talk to a complete stranger in a secluded place if you couldn't kick their ass? Either that or your plain stupid." he replied jokingly.

I thought about his offer. It was exactly what my quest was. I hadn't had an opportunity yet to begin my adventure to seek revenge, so why should I let this one pass me by? I made up my mind.

"Ok, count me in."
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