War of The Constellations Chapter 23: Chapter 23:


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The dullahan was now on his feet, I presume my blasts earlier weren't completely ineffective. The horse must have been caught in the explosion.

"Michaelis, Rahvin, You guys take care of all the undead I will kill the dullahan myself"



Michaelis and Rahvin both answered me. I looked back towards the dullahan that was just standing there with his sword… I could see the eyes in the head that the dullahan was carrying start glowing green.

"I haven't gone all out in a long time~"

The dullahan seemingly noticing my intention put his sword up in a battle ready stance..

"It's useless"

I said as I formed large magic circles all around him, forming a dome like shape, I raised my hand in the air and accumulated magic power in all of the circles… They started glowing yellow with a reddish hue.


All of the magic circles spewed out blazing hot sunfire directly at the Dullahan… The dullahan didn't just stand there and get attacked, he started rushing in my direction…

"Shadow rush"

Dark energy started forming around his charge… like an arrow he charged at me, he parried the beams of sunfire in front of him with his sword… His sword seems to be capable of absorbing energy.

Seeing that I put my hand up in a finger gun like position and aimed at his heart…

"Impale" I whispered

Sunfire shaped like a spear flew towards the rushing dullahan.


The dullahan barely had the reaction speed to put his sword in front of the upcoming attack, the sunfire hit the sword, the energy started being absorbed however with the sheer power of inertia the dullahan was blasted back…

While the dullahan was still in the air I condensed 10 or so light swords behind my shoulders and rushed fired them in his direction… I turned in to light particles and flashed behind him lifting my right leg I kicked his back that was still being basted away in the air from the inertia.

My leg moved at a fast pace and time seemed to stop as my leg got closer and closer to his back.


I could feel bones crack as I kicked him in the direction the the light swords I condensed earlier…

The dullahan reacted after being kicked by me, there was no change in the expression of his face as he raised his sword to block as many of the swords as possible… But with his position 6 out of 10 still stabbed into him.

The dullahan stood their impaled.. No blood fell but I knew that he was dying, a blue essence was started to escape from the dullahan's body, before the essence fully escaped his body the dullahan raised his sword and let up a weird smile.


The dullahan slowly, suddenly the sword released a huge amount of sunlight from the tip of the sword and fired at my direction…

I was shocked for a split second but quickly regained my wits, I raised my right hand and activated 'fox's sin of greed' a reddish circle appeared on the palm of my right hand, I poured more of my magic power into it as it grew bigger and bigger… The gigantic blast soon collided with my greed and started getting absorbed.

Although this ability can't absorb physical attacks it works wonders with energy attacks, if this amount of magic power of any other elemental were absorbed by me I would probably face injuries however I was an expert at sunlight as well as it being my affinity I can control it quite well.

After about 15 seconds the big ball of light finally subsided, I looked towards Rahvin and Michaelis. They seemed to be finishing up as well.

[Dullahan defeated]

[floor 1/10 cleared]

[750 coins have been compensated]

[three minor rewards will be split among you three according to your contribution…..
[You have been compensated 500 addition coils]

After reading all of the messages I decided to check my status


[Character List is activated.]

[Character Information]

Name: Illumi

Age: 23 years old.

[level: 26]

Constellation Sponsor: 'Malthael the wise one' 'the jade emperor'

Private Attribute: wisdom lv. 8, mana lv.16, Fox's sin of greed lv.1, sunlight lv.13, Kings flesh lv.1, Sunfire.

Exclusive Skills: Patience Lv. 2, Martial arts lv. 20, all-seeing lv.2, flight lv.max, majestic flame, Magical knowledge lv.5, holy flame, undying will, holy flame bullet, majestic flame arrows, Holy flame beam, Holy flame bomb.
Renewal Taekwondo lv.10, Emperors taekwondo lv.10, 'flash'. 'stream', sunlight beam, light swords, heavenly tribulation, heavens ultimate tribulation, Impale, Mental Resistance.

Stigma: Harmony, Malthael's wings. Gate of Truth, the yellow flash.

Overall Stats: Stamina Lv. 45, Strength Lv. 10, Agility Lv. 100, Magic Power Lv. 50.

[coin currency 2400.]

[Items Mana core, Historians Monocle, damaged malthael suit, 2 medium mana potions.]

[stat points: 4]

[Skill evolution books: 0]

[dragon god bloodline: 2%]

[Malthael Inheritance Level: 45%]

[Jade Emperor Inheritance Level: 10%]

[imp store level 3 is now opened say "shop" to open it]


I decided to put my extra stat points into magic power...

[Magic Power increased to lvl. 54]

After absorbing the sunlight energy I was practically in the best condition possible… I looked towards Rahvin and Michaelis.

"Are you guys ready to move up?"

"Give me 5 minutes" Michaelis said

I nodded and sat down thinking about my future development… all of my skills point to becoming a magician, with the recent mana upgrade from the dragon bloodline however I needed to find a way to use my magic to strengthen my body as well..

I didn't want to have a weak body and rely on my speed at all times… As I was deeply in thought Michaelis got up..

"Alright, i'm ready"

I looked towards Rahvin and he nodded his head… I got up and said

"Let's go up, we have 9 more floors to clear"

We started walking up the stairs,

"Hey, I wonder what would happen if someone enters the dungeon after us?" Michaelis said

"I assume they would just enter and everything we killed would be already dead?" I replied

"Or the monsters would 'respawn'" Rahvin butted in

I truly didn't think about the chance that someone would come in after us...

"I guess we can only wait and see" I said

Our talk ended as we were reaching the next floor, we soon reached the top. The room looked like a large dining room, a large table was in the middle of the room. Delicate vases and beautiful portraits were along the walls.

[floor 2/10 entered]

At the end of the table sat a noble looking middle aged man, He had a large beard and was busy using his fork and knife to cut elegantly…. There was no food on the place though.

After looking at the man for about 6 seconds, he must have noticed our gaze and put his fork and knife on the table

"Welcome to my dining hall"

The man spread his arms and welcomed us…

Everything in here is meant to be killed, I didn't have time to play games. I raised my right index finger and started concentrating a ball of sunlight, as I was about to blast him Michaelis raised his hand and and stopped me.
"There could be secrets much like the first floor in those three rooms… we should talk to him to gain information" Michaelis said

"Okay, good luck"

Rahvin suddenly stepped forward..

"Let me question him"

Rahvin didn't talk much but this time he offered so I was a bit surprised… Rahvin didn't wait for our reactions and stepped forward.

Rahvin POV

"What is your name?"

"Thomson von kilderbrich VI"

"Are there any secrets, and how do we pass this floor"

Thomson smiled at me and said

"The way to pass this floor is to answer my question correctly"

"What question?"


Thomson cleared his throat
"If both your mother and lover were drowning in a pool of water but you could only save one, which would you choose"

I drew a blank at his question..

"You can all think of the answer together, you have 5 minutes to give me the answer"

Illumi PoV

After hearing thomsons question I started thinking about it, which would I save… Michaelis to the right of me smiled and said

"Isn't it obvious, you can find a new lover but you can never find a new mother"

"You're an idiot" I replied indifferently

If we take into consideration the mother is older and doesn't have as much life left… and that she would prefer to have her child and his lover live it would probably be better to sacrifice the mother. However both have good reasons to sacrifice and to save.

"I think saving the mother would be most important" Rhavin said

"What is your reasoning for that?" I inquired

"I loved my mother dearly but never had a lover"

I caressed my forehead at both of these fools….

"The question is undoubtedly testing our morals"

"1 minute left boys"

Thomson called out as we were thinking breaking us out of our stupor…. I looked towards Rahvin and Michaelis.

"Since both answers are rigged why don't we just not select either of them"

"That does make sense" Michaelis said while stroking his chin

The time limit came to a close and thomson called out

"So what is the answer"

"I will not sacrifice either"

I called out with confidence



[Spectral general enraged]

[Floor 2 boss engaged]

Michaelis and Rahvin both looked at me...
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