War of The Constellations Chapter 22: Chapter 22: Rare boss


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Looking around, this medieval like castle was surely beautiful in its glory days. black/white pattern tile and stone pillars. In front of us was two large intertwining stairs leading up. As I was about to walk towards them….

"We should check this entire floor, you remember when they said there were rewards such as treasures?"

I heard Rahvin call out to me, I didn't think that there would be treasures until we defeated the dungeon but it does make sense…

"You're right, although this floor doesn't seem big enough to hide any treasures"

Rahvin and Michaelis went towards the right side, I decided to go towards the left. I started walking along the wall suddenly..


I stepped on a tile that caved in a little bit… I turned in to light particles and flashed away immediately.


I looked over and saw an arrow deeply embedded into the wall where I was just standing, I furrowed my brows. I thought of the possibility of traps but to think they would be so dangerous…


The wall that the arrow hit started crumbling and crashed to the ground. I opened my eyes wide in shock at the long and narrow corridor it revealed.

"Michaelis, Rahvin…. I found it"

I yelled out to them, after about 15 seconds I saw them walking towards me. Once they reached me and looked at the corridor Michaelis opened up and said

"How did you find it?"

"I knocked on the wall and realized there was an opening behind it…."

I had already hidden the arrow so they should believe me without much hesitation.

As I expected both Michaelis and Rahvin nodded their head without much thought at my words.

"Come, let's go through the corridor we don't know what kind of treasures await us"

I said as I pushed them to the corridor and they started walking in front of me, I smiled slyly.


Michaelis stepped on a trap and a metal rod came from above stabbed in his direction

"Miracle thread"

Michaelis used his thread at the last second to cut the metal rod in half before it impaled him… I could see the sweat trickling down his cheek.

Haha, I could barely hold myself from laughing out loud.
"How unforseen, to think there were traps"

I said, as I faked an expression of surprise on my face.

"We need to tread carefully, if these were normal traps it wouldn't matter with our inhuman capabilities but these are magic reinforced traps…."

Rahvin finally spoke up at this time…. Michaelis seemed to nod slowly in understanding.

We walked a down the corridor a bit more, there seemed to be three room at the end… I used my mana to scan through the corridor and located the other traps.

"Don't step on that tile, or that wall, crouch down here…."

I told Michaelis and Rahvin where the traps were and we moved through the corridor with no more interruptions. After we reached the location of where the last three doors were I spoke up..

"Should we each take a door or all three of us go in the same one to be safe?|

"Lets go separately"

Rahvin spoke bluntly and I agreed, almost all of my skills do damage to everything around me, not good skills to fight in an enclosed space with allies…

I went to the furthest door and opened it up, the room was pitch black as I walked in


The door behind me slammed shut… I looked around but I couldn't see much, the space around me seemed to distort and I was now in the middle of a street with tons of people, I could see my father, my mother, my sister…
"My past?"

[The constellations are very intrigued with your past]

I could see my past self as a child I was like a spectator just standing there, no one seemed to able to see me but I could see them…

I saw our family all dressed up in luxurious clothes walking to my father's work place, this was when my father quit and donated all of money to charity…

"Even though i'm rich, I am still human I want to be a symbol that money is not important in life"

He would always say, but after he gave his company away and give his billions away…. All of his friends turned their back on him, the family that once always talked to us and loved us destroyed their connection with us. My father couldn't get a part-time job due to his old business rivals blocking his path.

My mother not used to a poor lifestyle soon fell ill, my father asked others for help but they just jeered at us..

"Hah, they lived in luxury for so long now look at them"

"These were the people we used to look up to? Hmph, pathetic"

"That woman is kinda pretty though maybe we should 'help' her hahaha"

My dad ground his teeth in anger and said..

"I donated all of that money to charity are all of you so ungrateful?"

"What money? I didn't see any of it, why should I be grateful"
My father soon fell into depression and started drinking heavily… My mother was getting sicker and sicker by the minute. I detested my father for being such an imbecile.. He thought he was helping this world or being a symbol, He was only hurting those closest to him.

The scene changed and it was now in the hospital with my mother dying due to sickness…

"I'm sorry for your loss"

I hated the hypocrisy of the nurses saying that with there unchanged expression… I hated the look of my fathers lost look. I heard the sound of my little sister crying loudly.

I didn't want to relive these memories I thought, the scene changed again to when I was on the phone talking with someone from the hospital…

"Your father was driving drunk with your sister a-a-and… he crashed… both were unable to be saved"

I remembered the one thing my father did teach me was human nature...

Suddenly all of the images disappeared, and I was alone standing in the room again…

[Nightmare room: shows the person their darkest memories]

I almost laughed out loud, I got over all of these things long ago…. I wouldn't even consider them nightmares anymore.

[Nightmare room completed within 5 minutes and 35 seconds]

[300 coins have been compensated]

The room suddenly lit up and a blueish light flew into my forehead
[Mental Resistance skill has been acquired]

[Mental Resistance: mind attacks will not affect you nearly as much]

I stroked my chin, quite a good skill to acquire and walked out of my room, I saw Michaelis standing there waiting for me with a smile on his face… Seems like he passed his room faster than me.

"Yo, did you get the 'nightmare' room too?" Michaelis said

"Yeah, I wouldn't consider it much of a nightmare though"

"It seems like that dude is having trouble though"

Michaelis pointed towards the middle room where Rahvin was located, we could hear his rough breathing from all the way out here.

"Some people have harder experiences than others I suppose" Michaelis said

"I suppose"

We waited for about 10 minutes or so when Rahvin finally opened the door, his face was deathly pale and his breathing ragged. I didn't ask him what happened I just simply stated

"Are you ready to go?"


I don't really care about the past of others, everyone has a dark secret or two… We exited the corridor and started going up the stairs.


Suddenly we heard an old woman's laughter coming from afar, the laughter echoed and more laughter from multiple different locations soon followed suit.

As we were walking up the laughter got louder and louder until we saw what was making the sound… there were hundred of floating blue creepy looking woman that were flying around laughing… Once they saw us they started rushing at us.

It looked as though physical attacks wouldn't do anything I summoned 30 or so magic circles floating in the air behind me and fired out sunlight beams at the approaching wraiths…



[Wraith has been slain, 10 coins have been compensated]

[Wraith has been slain, 10 coins have been compensated]

[Wraith has been slain, 10 coins have been compensated]

[Wraith has been slain, 10 coins have been compensated]

[Wraith has been slain, 10 coins have been compensated]

[Wraith has been slain, 10 coins have been compensated]

[Coins earned: 500]

[Level up]
[1 stat point acquired]

I immediately killed around half of the wraiths…
"Thread pincer"

Michaelis used his thread to slice a decent amount of the 'wraiths'

"Blood spike"

Rahvin used reddish spikes that came from the ground and impaled the rest of the wraiths…

"Well that was quite eas…"

Before Michaelis could finish his sentence we heard the rattling of bones coming to us from the long hall way, due to the wraiths we didn't get a good look of the area we walked into but it appeared to be a large circular 'arena' like thing, the stairs behind us was closed off by a bluish wall and in front of us two big iron gates were lifted up.

Empty armors and an army of undead started walking through the iron gate… they kept clattering their jaws, In the middle of the large undead was a headless horseman that held a long sword in his right hand and a head in his left hand…. He seemed to be the leader of the undead.

The headless horseman lifted his sword and pointed in our direction, suddenly the walking undead started charging us.

I lifted my right hand in the air and created a large numbers of swords from sunlight in the air…. I put my hand down and the light swords flew at the undead.

Michaelis and Rahvin didn't hesitate either…

"Bird cage"
Michaelis used the same ability he used against the gryphon and caged all of the undead.

"Blood bullet"

Rahvin condensed blood into many little pellets and fired them at the undead making them look like beehives…

Everything was going smoothly. The headless horsemen suddenly moved, the horse under him charged towards the cage and he swung down with his sword.

"Darkness slash"

I could hear the headless horseman whisper as a dark energy forged on the edge of his sword as he cut down towards the threads of the cage.


The sound of metal hitting metal sounded out and the threads soon collapsed. Michaelis looked at the scene in disbelief.

"This guy… is strong" Michaelis said

I created 50 magic circles behind me, with the huge increase of mana from my dragon bloodline this amount of firepower was nothing to me....

"Heavenly tribulation" I whispered

The room was soon lit up and it seemed like a sun descended in the room, as 50 streams of sunlight moved towards the headless horseman.

An explosion erupted in the room…

"Darkness slash"

Dark energy slashed towards me from the dust the explosion picked up, right when I noticed it I tried to flash away however the slash was to quick, I moved to the right however it still cut my shoulder deeply.


Blood dripped down from my shoulder..

[Dullahan encounter]

[Difficulty level B]

[Rare boss]
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