War Grounds Chapter 93: CONDITIONS


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"I'm not aware of that." Al honestly replied to Sol's question regarding the consequence of collecting a player's life essence.

"Oh." The suspicion in Solomon's eyes toward Al became more evident as he quickly hid it away with a faint smile. He then looked towards Nisha. "So, what's your say, Nisha?"

"The third option sounds easier. There's this player named RockSalt that me and big brother, Al had encountered back then. He also has a half-mutation debuff. However, it won't be until next week before he could return to the game." Nisha shared.

"Wow. What an impeccable timing. Mind you, Nisha. If you were killed in the Open World, you'd also suffer the same fate as RockSalt; dropping a lot of your equipment and barred from logging in. It's a steep price to pay for extra powers." Sol warned as the others intently listened to the conversation.

Nisha knew the weight of his predicament. His face was grim as he gave an expectant look towards Osho. The boy was waiting for his brother's advice.

However, Osho felt helpless too. Nisha was already in the Gold Division, and having only one skill to use in that range of competition would be truly troublesome.
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"I have an offer." Sol smiled upon noticing the reaction from Nisha as he glanced at Sophia before focusing on the two brothers.

"What's your offer? Mr. Solomon?" Running out of ideas, Nisha politely asked.

"Oh please, drop the formalities, Nisha. Join WisDOOM, and we'll help you complete the mutation. By the way, after this, you would become a Demon Player. That's better than being crippled, right?" Sol replied.

"Isn't that amazing? We're just lacking a Divine, Elf, and Murloc Player; then, we would be able to complete the ten races. What guild has achieved that?" Jack suddenly joined the conversation.

"Yeah, as far as I've known, there's still no guild that has successfully integrated the ten races to their guild," Sol confirmed what Jack has claimed.

Meanwhile, Nisha was in deep thinking as he surveyed the players around him. "I don't mind becoming a Demon Player. Although I don't want to sound special, I'm afraid that WisDOOM would not be able to sustain the resources that I would need to nurture my account. Hehe." The boy politely shared his observation.

"Haha! Of course, I had assumed that you would say that!" Sol suddenly burst out in laughter.

Nisha was suddenly confused. "What do you mean, Sol? Do you have trump cards that could contend against the Power Houses?"

"Sophia, I think it's time that we take drastic measures." Sol smiled towards his younger sister.

"Brother." Sophia nodded as support.

"I'm Yakouza, and here beside me is Gerd. Although Al and the rest are still low-level, I believe that a year from now, we have the potential to contend against the powerhouses. What about that? Are you willing to reconsider my offer?" Sol confidently asked.

Nisha's hazel eyes enlarged as he could not believe that the person before him was the one who forged his weapon, the infamous underground blacksmith - Yakouza together with the Top 1 Undead Player, Gerd. The boy immediately looked at his brother as if he was asking for confirmation.

Meanwhile, the others were no longer shocked as they already knew about the identities of the two.

"It's true, Nisha. They're indeed who they're claiming to be." Osho confirmed with a smile.

"Please forgive me for my ignorance, Lord Yakouza, Queen Gerd." Nisha immediately bowed.

"Haha. Any stranger would not suspect anyway. No worries, Nisha. So what's your decision?" Sol was pleased with the boy's reaction.

"I acknowledge the indispensable presence of you and Queen Gerd in WisDOOM, Sol. That's a good start. However, I hope that you've seen the slaughter in Alistor City, right? The two of you won't be enough to stop the bullies from the other guilds. No disrespect from you seniors, but your levels as of now are just too low." Nisha flashed a peace sign towards the other members of WisDOOM.

"I see your point, Nisha. It is indeed too much to ask you to be a part of our team. But do you have a better choice?" Sol shrugged his shoulders. "Technically speaking, your character right now is good as nothing against your own tiers."

"I just can't...I can't leave, Teacher Lidar behind." Nisha confessed.

"Oh, don't worry about Lidar. He's got himself for good." Sophia smiled.

"What do you mean?" Nisha was once again confused.

"I, brother, and Lidar are close to each other. We've started playing the game together, Nisha." Sophia explained.

"Woah!" The other members were surprised by Sophia's revelation.

"So, what's that has to do with my guild affiliation?" Nisha clarified, seemingly unimpressed.

"Who do you think caused the explosion in Alistor, Nisha?" Sol amusingly asked.

There was a moment of silence before Nisha spoke. "You-"

Solomon nodded in approval. "We're the reinforcements that Lidar was waiting for. Unfortunately, we came late. Apologies for our last resort. It was better to annihilate your guild before the casting of the curse was finished."

Nisha was speechless before he suddenly bowed. "Thank you, Sol. That was a brilliant move."

"Oh. I thought you're gonna be angry. Hehe. Thank you for your understanding, Nisha. Now that you've seen the things that we could pull off, I hope you've changed your mind. Will you join our cause?" Sol once again asked.

"I will join WisDOOM, but I also have a condition." Nisha smiled.

"Interesting. What would that be, kid?" Sol smiled in return.

"That Al and his team should win the Rookie Challenge. If we're indeed gonna be a promising guild that could contend against powerhouses in the near future, we should have a good start, and what's a better way to create a guild made up of promising rookies? Correct, big brother, Al?" Nisha shot a challenging look towards Al.

"Challenge accepted." Al grinned.

Meanwhile, Bertran stood from his huge chair and made his way towards Nisha.

"Uhhhh...Hi, I'm Nisha. Nice to meet you...?" Nisha awkwardly smiled; he was waiting for Bertran to introduce himself.

"Bertran Godofrodo, the real MVP. Consider this as your advanced welcome." Bertran offered a handshake with the utmost confidence.

"Hahaha!" Nisha could not help himself from laughing because of the seemingly natural confidence that was emanating from Bertran. The boy immediately gripped the handshake with an amused grin.

Just like that, the promising future for WisDOOM was slowly becoming into the picture.


Bodies of melted and slaughtered Human NPCs littered the City of Alistor, which was now covered in a grey barrier. Only the Architect NPCs were left alive by Borascca and his still intact troops to continue the reconstruction of the city.

Meanwhile, seating in the middle of the ruined plaza was a circular formation of obsidian boulders with a purple stream of energy in the middle - a shrine portal for Alistor City.
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