War Grounds Chapter 92: THE THIRD OPTION


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Numerous Human Race players flocked around the vicinity of Alistor City, which was now covered in a yellow barrier.

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"What's happening?" One of the onlookers in the North Side of the City asked as a caravan of Human NPCs flooded the ruins of Alistor. Wooden wagons loaded with construction materials that were guarded by Level 100 Human Knights, Cavaliers, Archers, Mages, and Architects buzzed through the city.

"I don't know, I've never ventured in the deeper territories, but they seemed to come from the capital city of Honkai," another player replied as he stared on the northern horizon.

"Hmmm. Interesting, I've never thought that War Grounds would have this depth in its content. Let's start grinding so we could experience more of the game's offer!"

Meanwhile, on the Southern Side of Alistor, another caravan of around fifty Demon Race players were also marching. Leading the group was a bulky figure covered in a brown cloak. Twelve purple candles that were lit with a seemingly undying blue flame floated behind him in a clock formation.

"Vice-Guild Leader Borascca, the city is filled with numerous Human NPCs. Should we proceed?" A figure in brown cloak appeared out of stealth. He seemed to be a scout that had gone ahead of the group.

"Don't worry. We have the management rights of the city. Keep going, and prepare the scrolls to set up the Shrine Portal. We've wasted a lot of time already by just traveling. The game developers should release a mount feature for this vast world." The Demon Player named Borascca grumbled.

"Woah, run! Quick, run! The members of the Six Purgatories have arrived. They'll slaughter us!" One of the low-level onlookers exclaimed as he saw the fifty figures nearing the city's broken south gate.

The pathway immediately cleared, although some curious players stayed at a distance to get a view of what would happen. "Do you think the NPCs will attack them? I've heard that if you visit hostile territories, you'll be hunted by the NPCs."

Borascca and the players that followed him suddenly stopped on the entrance of the Southern Gate as a pair of knights gilded in white breastplates halted them.

Before the two NPCs could speak out a word, they were quickly melted into a pile of silver mud by the figure named Borascca. A wand made of grey wax and seemed to be in the shape of a candle as a black flame flickered on its end could be seen in the purple right hand of the leader of the caravan.

"Keep moving, and don't hesitate to kill any NPCs that get in the way. Don't waste time, and don't forget to collect their life essences." Borascca coldly instructed.

The remaining members immediately took off their brown cloaks and infiltrated the yellow barrier only to be repelled back by an invisible force.

"We can't enter, Vice Guild Leader." One of the members exclaimed.

"I can see that fool," Borascca chided. "These NPCs are a pain the ass. Let's wait for their boss to show up. Make sure to summon the guild banner."

Yellow bolts suddenly flew out from the city and rained on Borascca's troops.

"Bastards, they're attacking us!" One of the troop members angrily shouted as he blocked the attacks with a massive bone shield that seemed to be made from the ribs of an enormous monster.

"Isn't that to be expected? We killed their members." A demoness with short purple hair and a pair of black bat wings giggled. She was wielding a cannon made from obsidian material.

"Intruders! How dare you disturb the reconstruction of the city. Men kill them!" A tiny elderly wizard riding a cumulonimbus orange cloud could be seen flying inside the city. He was quickly heading towards the edge of the yellow barrier in Alistor's South Gate. Knights, Cavaliers, Archers, and Mages followed behind him as he continued to release yellow bolts from his golden staff.

"We're the ruling guild of this city. Grant us an entrance now or be annihilated." Borascca coldly claimed as a purple banner with the logo of a cloaked skull holding an almost snuffed out white candle fluttered before him.

"Demons, like you don't belong to this place! Citizens of Honkai, eliminate these fools and make sure that the reconstruction of Alistor will not be disturbed." The Level 200 elderly NPC wizard named Ozcar commanded.

"These NPCs surely know how to make a drama. Folks, there's no diplomacy today. Prepare for battle, this is a mana hungry spell, but we have no choice." Borascca grinned as he took off the head-cover of his brown cloak, revealing a pair of golden thick ram horns, covering the side of his purple demon face.

The grey-wax wand in his hand whirled as the twelve purple candles floating behind him spun in a counter-clockwise. "Dissonating Limbo!" Twelve crimson arrays suddenly shot out of Borascca's figure as if they were disks and penetrated the yellow barrier, which immediately shattered upon impact. "Tsss. What a weak barrier spell. Troops, show these NPCs that we own this place. Slaughter them!"


"So, what's your choice, Nisha?" Solomon repeated the question as Osho's brother remained silent for a minute already. "Destraya or Underground Arena?"

"Hey, I thought that Al has a solution too?" Sophia suddenly joined the conversation with a giggle.

Al has been preparing for this moment. While the others were busy listening to the conversation, he was chatting with SARS through his phone. There was a third option!

"Al?" Solomon was surprised. Mutations are high-level topics and should not be typical for rookies.

"Yeah. Haha. I happened to read about that from a random thread." Al gave out a half-truth.

"Really? Being a wide reader really helps. So, do you have an alternative?" Sol seemed to buy Al's alibi. "What's the third option?"

"From what I could remember, you can complete a mutation by extracting the life essence of another player with the same debuff of incomplete mutation," Al responded.

"Oh. Dark Arts. Interesting, I never thought that you read about such topics, Al." Solomon's eyes hid a trace of suspicion. "I never thought that it's possible. However, extracting the life essence of a player is easier said than done. It technically means deleting his account. Are you aware of that?"

Nisha and Al immediately looked at each other, they both know one player that has an incomplete mutation - RockSalt.
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