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"A shrine portal in Alistor? Are you sure?" It was Nisha who first responded in Sophia's news.

"Yeah. We have sources of insider news. Hehe. Why do you seem to be interested?" Sophia's eyes became playful.

"I was there in the battle." Nisha directly answered.

"You mean, live stream?" Patrick tried to correct the boy.

"No, I fought against the Six Purgatories." Nisha candidly replied.

Prshhhh! Jack was caught surprised that he almost spat the orange juice in his mouth. "WHAT?! What do you mean? You're a member of the guild, Titans?"

"Yup, but I left the guild during the war. Before the bomb annihilated us by surprise." Nisha shared.

Sol almost coughed at the mention of the bomb. "Why did you leave?" He asked.

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"Our guild leader kicked out Lidar and blacklisted him." Nisha's tone was grim and had a tinge of anger.

"What?! Why would he do that?" Al was not able to see what happened after Lidar's death. So he missed the drama.

"In exchange for the lives of the other members. It was the request of 666666, but that scumbag did not keep his promise anyway. He planned to kill us after all. Thankfully, the bomb saved us from the large scale curse spell that would have banned us for one month in entering the Open World." Nisha continued to share. Meanwhile, Osho no longer dared to intervene in his little brother's narrative.

"What about your other guild members?" Sol continued to ask.

"Most of the elite members left too. After all, Titans would be nothing if not for Lidar." Nisha's tone was sad. It was a melancholic voice.

The room was suddenly filled with silence until Bertran spoke.

"So you came here to join our team, right? You're a man of culture, boy. You found the right place." Betran shamelessly grinned as he opened his huge hairy arms as a sign of welcome.

"You have a guild already? Is it WisDOOM? How come I have not heard about it in the global announcement?" Nisha smiled respectfully in return to Bertran and to the other members of the team. He obviously did not come to join their non-existent guild nor team.

"There's no in-game guild yet. However, we're competing for the coming Rookie Challenge." Solomon smiled; he obviously read the hidden message in Nisha's polite pair of hazel eyes. "Anyway, that's a piece of sad news. Lidar's fall is Titans' fall. So what are your plans?"

"Yeah. Titans' name will be gone for sure in the Top 20 guilds. I don't know yet. All I want to do is solve the incomplete mutation of my account. You see, I have an artifact called Dauntless Life that granted me three revivals. However, my curiosity got the best of me when I was still able to use it on the fourth time. As a consequence, it cursed my account into a half-demon & half-divine. An incomplete mutation that barred me from using more than one class skill." Nisha felt helpless for the first time in his whole life.

"So, you're hoping that we could help you with that?" Sol shot a meaningful look towards Osho, who evaded his gaze.

"Yeah, we originally came here to ask Al's help. Brother said that he'd got an idea on how to solve this permanent debuff. At worse, I'll have to start my account again from scratch." Nisha helplessly smiled.

"Not bad. You can even join us in the Rookie Challenge if you restart your account now." Bertran shamelessly added, fortunately distracting the others to have suspicions regarding Al's knowledge of removing mutation debuffs.

"Hehe. As much as possible, I want to save this account. There are just too many memories in this one that it's hard to discard it." Nisha smiled as Al immediately felt the stinging guilt and nervousness from being interrogated on why he knew about such matters.

Al left his original account, too, but it was out of helplessness. The first Udil was deleted after all upon the arrival of SARS.

"I know how to help you." Sol's smile turned into a grin as he too shot a meaningful look towards Al, who also evaded his gaze.

Osho was caught off guard. Initially, he was hoping that SARS could work around the algorithms and bypass the mutation, which was a real hacking of the gaming. However, the plan was a desperate one, and he would prefer not to succumb to that idea. Finally, a ray of light has arrived, but it did not come for free.

"Really? How? I'm willing to do anything to remove this curse." Nisha's tone was now filled with resolve.

"Through an NPC called Destraya. Ever heard of the Mother of Mutations?" Sol responded.

Nisha shook his head sideways to imply that he has never heard of the NPC called Destraya.

"It's okay. She's a Level 200 NPC after all and could only be found in the deeper territories of the Demon Race. However, we'll be needing to collect a huge number of life essences from NPCs, and I assume that you're aware of the consequences of killing an NPC, right?"

"I have not given thought about that. What are the consequences?" Everyone intently listened to the conversation between Sol and Nisha as the latter asked the question.

"You'll be marked as a rogue character and will be hunted down by NPCs belonging to the race and those that we're allied to them. Technically, almost all races of NPCs will hunt you down. Are you up for that challenge? The process is called Complete Mutation, and as far as I've known, no one has yet achieved that feat, or I'll say no one dared. It's one thing to be bothered by fellow players, but Nisha, to earn the ire of NPCs is just like signing your suicide note. Death will be your shadow." Sol sincerely explained and warned at the same time.

Nisha gritted his teeth. "Are there no other alternatives?" He definitely understood what Sol had just explained. It was indeed a troublesome endeavor to pull off.

"There's another way. Have you heard about the Underground Arena?" Sol's tone turned grim.

"No way! That's really true? Those VIP custom rooms?" Jack inserted.

"Yeah. They're real. They can grant you one wish if you'd be coronated as the Supreme Champion of their tournament. However, it won't be until the end of the Rookie Challenge that their contest would begin. I can grant you an entry, Nisha. But be warned, with the limits of your incomplete mutation, it would be like joining the war with a handicap. So is it Destraya or the Underground Arena?" Sol amusingly asked.
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