WAR-Destiny of Future Chapter 118: Chapter 110 - Street Dance Competition.


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Chris is sitting at the viewer seat watching the street dance performance by another team while waiting for Sky's turn. However, he had successfully drawn a lot of unexpected attention from the crowd, especially from the girls when he starts playing with a stray cat with a gentle and dreamy look.

"Ah... Look at him! Is he a prince?"

"Omg! He is so cute!!!"

Yup, Chris successfully draw the crowd's attention away from the stage.

"That Chris..." Sky is a bit annoyed by Chris's behavior.

"Hey Sky! It's our turn next round, get prepare." said the leader while handed a bandana to Sky, it's a bandana with the team's logo.

Sky looks at the bandana, take a deep breath before wearing it, the fact is, he hasn't prepared anything for the freestyle yet.


Meanwhile, the public library, Seito, Itsuki, and Ai are still doing the school project. Seito found that some major statistics results had gone wrong due to the technical errors in distributing questionnaires. This means that they need to redo their assignment from the beginning, which also means that Seito's vacation plan is doomed.


"Coming up next will be the performance from the team, 'The Dancing Mantis'!" said the emcee of the event.

"Ah... That's a weird name." said Chris while popping in a chocolate marshmallow to his mouth.

Then the team enters the stage. There are five of them in the team, Sky is in the second position to the left. As soon as five of them are in their position, the music starts playing.

First, they start with a neat group wave, followed by a uniform dance moves by the group members. Then, it's an individual performance from each member by turn.

Then the dance starts entering the classical slow pace part, then rapper start reciting a poem which is a really fresh sight to the audiences, however, not everyone feels the same. As the poem starts blending with the music, the Immortals felts an obvious change in the atmosphere around them.

"Ah... I see, so this is not a song music after all." said Chris after a short thought.

Suddenly, a big batch of soul eaters slowly approaching the stage, however, the crowd cannot see them, they are only visible for magic users.

"So it is the rhythm for this ancient spell huh? No wonder it feels so familiar but yet I can't remember what song it is." said Chris with a casual look.

Then he put down his marshmallow and stop his previous actions. He folds his hands while staring straight to the stage in front of him, an unseen aura burst out from him and repelled the soul eaters within the range of ten meters around him...


Meanwhile, on the stage, Sky noticed the soul eaters as well, and he realized that in order to prevent any unwanted side effects to the audience, Chris is holding back his repellent magic to a limit of 10 meters around him, and he also realized that Chris wants him to eliminate the soul eaters outside that range without being noticed by the crowd. He needs to find a chance for that while secretly protecting his temporary team members from the soul eaters.

Then, the slow music part had passed, it's time for freestyle which also means it's Sky's chance to do the secret assault to the soul eaters. Then the first member starts doing his freestyle, the half-boiled robotic movement makes the dance looks a bit awkward at the beginning, but after a few fake moves he starts getting serious, his every movement are perfect from all the angles, applause can be heard from the audience.

As the first person continues to do his own dance, the soul eaters slowly approaching the stage...

As the soul eaters approaching, Sky silently counting the steps of the first person's dance, waiting for his turn. As soon as the first person is done with his final move, Sky moved his right hand in front of that first person face with a piercing movement, destroyed a soul eater that almost gets him, then Sky continues to eliminate the remaining soul eaters while doing the dance moves. As for the audience, who are not able to see the soul eaters, Sky's moves look like some refreshing and innovative dance moves with aggression, this successfully heats up the atmosphere of the audience seats.

While Sky is doing his dance while eliminating the soul eaters, he noticed Chris is not on his seat anymore...


After a few minutes, Sky had done with his performance. He followed Chris's magic trace to an open area away from the stage, he found that a shadow trap had been activated around that area, and so he effortlessly entered the shadow trap that is actually activated by Chris.

As soon as he entered the shadow trap, he saw a fat and gigantic translucent humanoid creature that is getting bind by Chris's magic.

"Ah... So, this is the reason why the Soul Eaters gathered huh?" said Sky.

"Mmm... Seriously, I wonder if you are actually getting possessed by God of Misfortune." said Chris as soon as he spotted Sky.

"Eh?" Sky is confused about what Chris just said.

"Getting targeted by the Sword Gang when you were not in the club, twice. Dissected a giant toad with deadly parasites, accidentally broke someone's leg while collecting water sample, what else?... Ah yes, getting attacked by Number Four when buying lunches. And now, summoned this ancient creature during a street dance competition. Or perhaps you are actually that God of Misfortunes." said Chris, a bit annoyed.

"Ah... Hahahaha..." Sky laughed awkwardly.

"So, what should we do about this? I don't care, I am not going to solve this kind of thing again, you will do it this time." said Chris.

"Oh, okay, let me just eliminate it as always." said Sky.

"I'll do the supporting magic then." said Chris.

Then a green aura gathered at Sky's left hand, Sky looks at that creature with a smirk...


Later, after all the contestants had done with their performance. A big area of the field away from the stage is found collapsed due to the loose structure of the soil, that area is currently been sealed up to prevent anyone from entering it.

"Hey Sky! What are you doing there? The competition results will be announced soon, come here!" said the street dance leader, then Sky followed him.

As soon as they left, Chris makes a phone call. "Jason, I want you to investigate that friend of a friend who gives them that piece of music... Urgent."


*Something out of the story

Sky: "Dear readers."

Chris: "Hmm?"

Sky: "This chapter is meant to be released for webnovel.com."

Chris: "Oh! This matter. Yes, if you're reading this chapter on another platform than webnovel.com, know that it's an illegal copy diffused without the Writer's authorization."

Sky: "As what Chris said. Right now, this story is free on the authorized platform, so please read it from authorized platforms as mental support for the writer."

Chris: "Mhm... There are two authorized platforms. One is webnovel.com. And another one is that messy and half-dead Weebly site that she uses for draft and backup... But not recommended."

Sky: "Ah... Haha. Yes, as Chris said."


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