WAR-Destiny of Future Chapter 116: Chapter 108 - Some. Fight Scenes.


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"He is an Immortal, right?" said Seito in a rather tensed mood.

"It looks like that way." said Xenoo. Then his weapons disappeared again, forming into seven equal-sized light ball that floating around him.

"My Master taught me that if you can't win a person's strength, you try to win them with your equipment." said Xenoo.

"I like what you said, although it does sounds like what a VIP gamer would say." said Seito while taking his thousand monster's gofu.

Xenoo arranges the light balls into a circular formation, the balls shoot out destructive light beams as his opponent charged towards him at a light speed. The Knives leader dodged the beam perfectly and exploded a magic blast to Xenoo which get blocked by Seito's Thousand Monster's 56Barrier.

"Ah... So, he is a Dull." said Xenoo. "Dull?" said Seito.

"Mmm... Or more commonly known as useless Immortal." said Xenoo which successfully enraged his opponent...


Some of you might be wondering what is Dull... Or probably not, but I'm going to explain it anyway. Usually Immortals will have their own special magic, skills, traits, and ability. For example Sky, his special magic trait is Curse magic, while Chris is God magic. As for Dull, they don't have any specialty except for the enormous amount of magic force, but since they don't have any special magic or skills, their magic is a waste, thus useless. Which is why they are much more weaker than normal Immortals, although still much stronger than most of the esper.


The Knives Leader's eyes glow, and his magic force burst out creating a heavy atmosphere around the area in the shadow trap. Then he pulls a metallic chain out of thin air, the chain glows as it touched contact with his magic. Then he swings the chain, the place that touched it melts immediately.

"Ah... That looks dangerous." said Seito.

"Ah... Indeed." said Xenoo.

Then he adjusted his light balls into a guarding position before launching another beam attack to his opponent. This time, the beam actually hits his opponent and created a big hole on his shoulder. However he doesn't seem to be bothered by the injury, and like most of the other Immortals, he has a fast self-recovery, the wound starts recovering within seconds.

The chain weapon floats and breaks down into individual small rings. That Immortal's magic causes them to glows even brighter, like stars that will explode at any moment.


The glowing rings scrape across the broken walls in the library (shadow trap), and caused the wall to melt and explode into dust. You can imagine what would happen if it in contact with a person. Xenoo tried to stop them with the light beam but it doesn't seem to be working. Then the rings changed their paths, charging directly to Seito's and others.

"Flamme*..." said Seito while touching a red gem bracelet on his left hand, a huge magic flow emerged from the bracelet, a huge and magnificent fire dragon spirit appeared around Seito and guarded people around him, including Xenoo. The fire dragon roared and successfully repelled the deadly rings.

*refer to earlier chapters.

"Hey, I'll keep him busy for a while, you give him a hard hit. With that dragon spirit, I believe you are able to deal a great damage to him." said Xenoo.

Then he moved all of his light balls to his opponent, trapped him in a circle of light balls, while Seito flies up high into the air with the dragon spirit and is ready to roast his enemy with a fire blast from the dragon spirit.

However, before Seito could launch his attack, a gigantic demon claw appeared behind of the Knives leader, crushed him deep into the ground. Then a man with wolf mask walks in, through a crack on the shadow trap.

"Sal... Master Sal, what are you doing in this place." said Xenoo, a bit surprised to see Sal.

"This person here is a subject that escaped from Kingdom, I'm here to retrieve him back to the Kingdom, as well as pass you a message from Terence. He told you not to forget about the request from Dr. Ben." said Sal.

"Ah... I... How could I forget?" Yes, he indeed had forgotten the reason why he was in the library.

When Sal and Xenoo, the Knives leader suddenly levitate from the crushed ground.

"Ah... Such a persistent pest huh?" said Sal while prepare to give him another deadly attack.

"Nerve control." Ai's voice can be heard from the background. Then the Knives leader suddenly stops his movement and goes into a sluggish state.

"Eternal Sleep." And he had an eye contact with that glimmering red eyes of Itsuki that totally immobilized him.

"Ah... That's unexpected." said Sal before chaining the Knives leader and leave through a portal.

"Oh my goodness, Ai-chan! That's amazing! And Itsu too!" said Seito, super excited.

"Actually this is my first time trying this, never expect it will go so well..." said Ai.

At the same time, Xenoo is mumbling by himself again.

"Why is that technique a bit similar to Her Highness's... No that's not the main issue right now. Miss Dolly is here, I need to apologize to her."

Then Xenoo walks towards Ai and gives her proper bow. "Miss Dolly, I apologize for all the mean things I did to you in the past!" said Xenoo.

"Miss Dolly?" Seito and Itsuki are a bit confused while Ai is even more confused than the two.

"Uhm... Did we met each other before?" said Ai, rather confused. "Eh?" Mhmm... A super awkward moment for Xenoo again.


*Something out of the story

Sky: "Dear readers."

Chris: "Hmm?"

Sky: "This chapter is meant to be released for webnovel.com."

Chris: "Oh! This matter. Yes, if you're reading this chapter on another platform than webnovel.com, know that it's an illegal copy diffused without the Writer's authorization."

Sky: "As what Chris said. Right now, this story is free on the authorized platform, so please read it from authorized platforms as mental support for the writer."

Chris: "Mhm... There are two authorized platforms. One is webnovel.com. And another one is that messy and half-dead Weebly site that she uses for draft and backup... But not recommended."

Sky: "Ah... Haha. Yes, as Chris said."


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