War Act I: Factory of Heroes Chapter 5: Chapter 4: Huntress


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The Proving Grounds: Forgotten Mountains

1820Y 09M12D 0700H

He opened up his inventory console, double-checking as they come near the cave entrance.



Great War Hammer

Hatch Shield

Heart of Colossus


Black Warden Set

Black Wolf Skin Mantle


Leather Bag


Reinforced Mutant Bone

First Aid




There is a holographic sign blocking the entrance. WARNING: Area will convert to a Dungeon once entered.

"Ah don't like, w'at it say's." She tugged at his mantle. Mat faced her the put his hands on her shoulder. "Stay here with the wagon, it will be safer."


"I'll keep in touch, don't worry." Patting her head.

She knew she will just get in the way but still... "Take care now, I'll be waitin' for ya, right here." Not letting go of his mantle. "Don't worry," He repeated, took her hand, and put it down gently then slowly turned his back. He put up the map which showed the areas he already discovered, and the red blip where Azaleah's last location was.As he steps inside, cries of agony echoed within the cave. It gave Mhirfa quite a scare.

He pauses for a bit, then continued on.

. . .

The Proving Grounds: Forgotten Mountain, Mutant Lair

1820Y09M12D 0900H

A torch still burning on the cave floor. He threw that the second he saw a pair of mutants ahead of him. The mutants seemed to be stronger than last he remembered but doesn't matter now, already he killed a bunch of them; too tired to tell the difference. He bashed the first one that came for him, knocking it cold on the ground. Another one leaped, immediately he rolled away and countered with his hammer.

Almost there — just a little more. He took a bite and sip at his canteen.

Finally, arrive at the rock bridges, just in front of him was the area where last he saw Azaleah, but there was nothing there. He gave out a deep sigh. "Azaleah," Out of Reach flashed again.

Pass the bridge, he continued deeper, killed a few more till he arrives at the blue fields. A huge mutant showed up and was blocking the path ahead. It started pounding the ground the moment it saw him.

"Come," Taunting. He activated his hammers philosophers' stone making it gyrate, then static electricity started crackling around it.

The mutant enrage, charge at him. He lowered his stance, shield forward then rushed beneath the monster, sending it tumbling overhead. Immediately he turned to strike, but it scrambled away crashing at a wall.

A few mutants showed up, lurking at a distance. He kept his back facing a wall. One by one.

Banging his shield to provoke it. The mutant roared, then rushed again towards him then swung its fist. He moves a bit closer deflecting the attack, sending the mutant crashing again behind him. He raised his hammer, now crackling heavily with electricity; bashed his foe. It looked like lightning struck where his hammer fell, charred the mutant's chest.

The bystanders scampered away.

He sat down and rest a little bit staring at the weird glowing flowers when a mail came.

\u003eHow are you?

I'm fine, just arrive at the flower fields.

\u003eOh, the field of glowing blue flowers.

Yes, that field. Resting here for a while.

\u003eMe too, I'm inside the wagon.

I see, sorry, I need to be going.

\u003eOkay, Take Care Now.

I will...

Gone deeper inside the cave; cautiously moving about the uncharted place. A bunch of mutants attacked, different from the last encounter. Wielding stolen weapons, most of them just swing them around like a club but with enough strength, they could do serious damage.

"Azaleah," He uttered. A blip on an uncharted part of the map suddenly appeared, just a short distance away from him.

An SOS. Looking at the moving arcs on his map, he hurried towards it.

Ahead he saw a familiar white glow from afar but can not make it out. He put the torch ahead of him and walk closer trying to analyze what the SOS is for.

"Mat! Help me!" Azaleah shouting from the darkness. He threw his torch ahead and saw that familiar jagged teeth, smiling at Azaleah, holding her imprisoned inside a glass bubble. It didn't bother to look at him but continued to play with her ball.

"Azaleah, that mutant doesn't feel right." A sense of danger engulfing him. Azaleah looks at it. "Yeah, looks more horrible than the rest of them".

"I Scan, cross-reference it with your bestiary then synchronize it with mine." Moving away from its line of sight. Unique Mutant 'Huntress'. Cold sweat drip down his face.

"Well, do something! She held on for me for days! I don't think we can wait out till she gets tired." Furious at him. Here goes nothing. He walks up behind it, determined to finish it in a single blow. He raised his hammer when suddenly it twisted back its head looking at him with her hollowed eyes; smiling with jagged teeth.

Startled, he panics and flailed his hammer, hitting nothing but the ground.

Where? Taking a defensive stance and frantically looking around.

"Help!" Azaleah called out. He saw that familiar white light dashing around the dark. He steps closer to his torch while trying to keep track of her. In such short notice, it lunges toward him. He barely blocks the attack, it left him reeling. The Huntress turned around in a swift manner and swipe those claws at him. He gave up getting back to stance and let himself fall flat keeping his shield close to him, the claws grazed his shield as he fell and rolled away.

"Ugh..." He quickly stood up and regained his footing, but she was nowhere to be seen. He glances at the map, Azaleah's signal is very near. "Look up!" She shouted. Startled, he instinctively put his shield above him, something crash on it. He pushes it aside then quickly followed it with a hammer but again hit nothing. He bashed the hilt to the ground and started charging his hammer.

"Azaleah, standby!" He ordered. "Okay!" Her voice echoing around.

He strikes his shield in aggravation "Come on you ugly —." It lunges before he could finish. He blocked its first attack then swung his shield at her, but it jumps away leaving himself open. The mutant immediately launch her claws at him "Now, Whiteout!" Searing white light flashed instantly, making the Huntress miss her mark. Grazed his chest plate, barely missing his neck, then went past him.

He immediately followed with his hammer regardless of his footing, trying to tag her before she scampers away. His hammer manages to reach her leg, could not give much force in the swing, but it charred as soon as it made contact. A huge cry came out, then it ran away limping.

"Come back here!" shouted at her as he grabs his torch and followed her. Just a few steps he took when out of the dark it leaps at him. Caught him by surprise. The Huntress made deep cuts on his leg before it rolled back in the darkness. The torch fell on his feet as his senses began to obscure. "What is this — poison!?"

He lowered his stance keeping his shield close, hammer at the ready. The Huntress movements slowed down, circling him about with a foreboding smile. It looks like she waiting for me to pass out. grabbing an antidote from his first aid kit. Hope this works.

"Azaleah, standby." He shouted at her. "120s more!"

The Huntress reacted, it kept Azaleah's ball close to her stomach as she prowled.

A few moments later, he collapses, laid flat on his stomach. "Mat!" Azaleah cried out to him. Limping, the Huntress lurk closer, careful as she moves about him. Grab his hammer and shoved it away as Azaleah kept calling at him. She raised her claws to give the finishing touches when suddenly, he grabs her foot, dragging it towards him. She fell on her back, he crawled forward and pinned her down with his shield then started stabbing relentlessly with the Mutant Bone.

The Huntress thrashed about either clawing at him or trying to escape but he didn't give an inch.

Eventually, the Huntress stopped moving but it left its mark all over his body. Mat rolled to the sides and laid flat on his back.

Azaleah rolled away from the mutants' hand then the bubble broke. She flew straight towards him. "I thought... I thought... you're dead." Crying as she slams on his face. "Not yet, but get me one more bottle of that antidote, I can barely feel myself... anymore." She took a bottle and help him drink it.

"Let me rest for a while, wake me up when there is trouble." Barely conscious, then fell asleep "Okay, rest well" she laid on his chest. Thank you...

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