War Act I: Factory of Heroes Chapter 18: Announcements... etc.


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Thanks alot for reading my work...

War Act I: The Factory of Heroes ( Scene 1 )

If you have read this, I have already submitted the next part War Act I: The Forgotten Planet ( Scene 2 ). Hope you enjoy the next scene. :)

I write per "Arc" not per chapter... per Scene if I can but that would take weeks before I can release anything hahahaha. ( I just always have fun editing circumstances. )

If I ever post a single chapter that means I already made the whole 'arc' and just fiddling with it.



. . .


When I started 'War' I did not realize that I was making dialogues; scripts, that the it started to look like a 'play' rather than a novel. After I finish the draft it was a mess.... :D ( it is a mess still... )

That is how War "first act", "first scene" : The Factory of Heroes started out.

*First Act is about escaping the Proving Grounds, it is compose of three Scenes... 1st Forgotten City, 2nd Forgotten Planet and 3rd "secret", then comes War Act 2 "Reality".

. . .


This was suppose to be an experiment, as most first works are.

"Just testing the waters" so they say, but I am starting to kinda like the story myself. Found myself sleepless trying to research to make everything as close to what I want it to be.

Smirf's - Rhotic Accent \u0026 Latin

Baby's - Latin American ( Spanish/Castellan )

Luci's - Royal English ( Goddess ) \u0026 French ( Witch )

Menan's - American English

Acki's - suppose to be European finding it hard to put a little of norse there, although I have work with alot of Norwegians myself. I can even understand them better than Brits.

Shiro's - Shiro is Shiro he will eventually speak nihonggo ( I do know basic nihonggo — just basic )

I also work with chinese ( got myself Xue to ask about translations but he said "there is a — lot of variations of the chinese language even writing."... LOL ),

Well, I am already planning on putting a chinese female 'mad' scientist class, giving her title 'Dr. Frankenstein'. ( still on the works though ).

Other than that... research on world building which takes alot of time and effort.

*cry... cry

. . .


This is not my pen name it is my IGN ( in game name ) more than a decade ago when being good at competitive games, like Diablo, Counter Strike, StarCraft, WarCraft, Generals can make some pocket money.

Then I decided to dust off the name and use it as a pen name for 'War'... There is no rights for the name, and never bothered me if someone else use it, there is billions of humans on Earth, I myself derive it from a character named 'Kula'. ( I can still remember laughing out loud when enemies mispronounce it as 'ku-ala' rather than 'kuu-la'. )

But after submitting 'War' at various places using the pen name, a notification came up. The Legendary work "The Library of Heaven's Path" by Heng Sao Tian Ya is coming to an end.

After opening the first page. Ghad I was... like — I wanted to change name on the spot or like quit... Nothing is scarier than your work getting compared to someone elses ( specially when the other work is already 'legendary' status ). I do not even understand why it is there... nothing much I can do about it now.


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