War Act I: Factory of Heroes Chapter 17: Epilogue


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@@Proving Grounds: Forgotten City, Black Gate

1821Y 04M09D 0900H

The whole crowd was cheering, raising their weapons; banging it at their shields, as the War Guild left for the Black Gates.

Calor with a dumbfounded look on his face, pointing towards them. "How? How..." Galidor started to laugh out loud. "This is most interesting, the master will be sure to hear of this." Holding his stomach in sheer amusement.

"We will meet again, Undead." As the giant turned and head back to the city.

. . .

Proving Grounds: Forgotten Continent, Forgotten City

1821Y 04M09D 0930H

Cool, salty breeze blew through them. The suns rays poured over their heads as water wash their feet. Waves foaming the vast body of water, it is all they can see; the sound of it, is all they can hear.

Birds above seems to be mocking them with their cries. Menan dumbfounded ask "What is that?"

"It's the sea, pendejo," Baby wearily answered him. "Ocean, correction. It says here on the map." Luci holding in front of her an old parchment. Acki holding his chin, in deep thoughts. "Ocean sounds bigger than a... sea."

"It even have more letters on it." Menan holding his head like having a bad headache. He looked left and right of him, nothing but sand as far as he can see, encompassing the great walled city. "After everything, are we just gonna die here?"

Shiro started to laugh ominously at his side.


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