Waking in another World Chapter 19: Following the Rapids


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Zayne landed very harshly on the ground, while Leonie landed on top of him, making him let out a gasp.

Leonie hurriedly got off of Zayne, asking: "Are you fine?"

Zayne didn't look fine, blood was flowing out of the many cuts on his skin, like on his chest, finger and even on his nose. But then again, they were only small cuts, not very painful.

Water was flowing past their air barrier and into the stream in front of them.

This stream was much more rapid and dangerous. But luckily they could walk at the sides of this 20m diameter cavern.

Zayne looked around: "I'm fine, I won't die, rather than that, I've always wondered where the water comes from. There can't be so much water from the mountain springs, right?"

Leonie: "I don't really know. Some say there is a water elemental other say that there is a true water source somewhere in the mountains. But no one can truly prove it because, all who tried finding it, happened to be found dead downstream at some point."

Zayne: "Why don't we go upstream and hide there, they wouldn't expect that."

Leonie was stunned by his suggestion, it was true that they wouldn't go upstream to search for them. But she still didn't want to, saying: "It's too dangerous. Moreover, what if they keep guards in the area? That would make it impossible to leave."

Zayne: "Oh, didn't think about that... Then let's go."

Leonie nodded.

They quickly moved downstream, on their way they encountered several splits in the route, rejoicing at their existence as they would greatly increase their escape chances. But at last, they soon reached a dead end.

Maybe it was better described as a steep hole filled to the brim with water. Leonie turned around, pulling Zayne with her. But Zayne said: "Wait. Let's go down there."

Leonie was confused: "Why? It's a dead end."

Zayne: "No, there must be a way out for the water, otherwise the water would long since have reached all the way up the last split. It also is a good way, since they wouldn't take this route, giving us more time."

This time they had much more space, so they could form a bigger air bubble around them.

They entered the water at a corner of the cavern and as they sunk deep into the water darkness surrounded them. After 5 minutes they touched the slimy yet hard ground.

Moving along the wall they then probed their way into the unknown.

As they were walking, they noticed that the ground was going up at an angle. Soon the angle turned into steps. Leonie and Zayne were getting a bit worried why would there be a staircase here?

They looked around, only to see lights dancing above them. It was a dazzling sight.

Leonie: "Let's go back, we don't have time for this."

Zayne: "I'm not going. You can go by yourself if you want to, but this place looks interesting."

Leonie: "I've never heard about this place, which also means that anyone who found this place before didn't return to tell the tale."

When Zayne heard this, he was indeed a bit frightened, but something within him told him that this place was important. He couldn't leave now, no matter what.

Zayne decided to be unreasonable: "I don't care. Let's go."

Leonie didn't protest any further only uttering her thoughts about his actions: "Idiot."

Zayne ignored it and proceeded to climb the stairs, pulling Leonie with him.

The moment they broke out of the water, a beautiful sight unfolded before them.

The mostly dim cavern had some bright spots, lit by some sort of fluorescent crystal as well as plants, glowing in mostly purple to green shades of color.

The place was kept from overflowing by a small stream to the side, flowing to somewhere unknown. It was obviously manmade. The many glowing plants next to the stream surrounded statues of many kinds of figures. Gnomes, Elves, Dwarves, etc. there was even a dragon off in the distance not all of it was shown, as most of it was chiseled out of a wall.

The floor below them had many small symbols and figures carved into it, creating a picturesque scenery.

Off to the side, a house could be seen, it was built in a baroque style, looking like it didn't belong here.

Zayne was in awe: "This place sure is amazing."

Leonie looked around, her eyes glittering: "Yeah..."

They first walked toward the statues, each of which had a name carved into the base they were standing upon.

They looked lifelike... scarily so...

On one Elven statue was written: Athtar Aurora.

Another statue was of an Orc, his muscles were bulging and he had a defiant look on his face. His name was Nugbu.

Leonie: "Let's go downstream and leave. I don't like this."

Zayne, however, looked at the house to the left of the stream, fighting the urge to just open the door and see what's inside. He indeed tried, but in the end, he couldn't restrain himself anymore.

Zayne: "Stay here, I'll take a look at what's inside."

Leonie rolled her eyes: "You are stupid as ever. If you go and die, I'll die as well. But since you don't want me to live anyway, let's go together."

Although Leonie didn't like this place, there might just be something that would help them to run away. When she was talking about being confident about escaping, she only meant the first step. It was indeed easy to do this much. But once they were tracked, it would be hard to run away.

There was a good reason for her not getting any cultivation resources. Keeping a kitten caged is much easier than keeping a Tigress after all.

Leonie wasn't considered strong, especially not compared to the older generation.

Zayne hugged Leonie, "I love you", then he pulled her with him as he marched bravely, or maybe stupidly to the entrance of the house.
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