Virtual World Close Combat Mage Chapter 215: Surround them! (II)


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Chapter 215 - Surround them! (II)

“I got it!” Sword Demon answered as he suddenly materialized behind the thirty men, randomly choosing a target to viciously Backstab.

This one stab did not insta-kill the target. The man tried to retaliate, but Sword Demon was already a distance away by the time the man turned around. Just as some of the men tried to break out of their formation to chase after him, Cirrus once more stopped them, “Hold your ground and don’t give chase. Don’t let him close in on us again!”

Hearing Cirrus’s command, the men stopped their steps once more and settled to physically spitting in the direction where Sword Demon had run off to, “Ptooey! Come on! Try to approach us again!”

Sword Demon did not move from his position. Young Master Han smiled thinly and typed on the mercenary channel, “Miles, it’s your turn.”

“I’m on it.” Gu Fei took out his sword and said, “Let’s end this fight quickly!”

Gu Fei leaped out of the ditch he had hidden himself in and quickly dashed toward the High Cloud mercenary group’s PvP formation. The opposing Archers were currently positioned to shoot arrows at Royal God Call, so none of them could fire at Gu Fei to stop his forward sprint. Four more men proactively leaped from the formation to receive him, yet Cirrus once more commanded, “Don’t move. Wait till he gets close and we’ll surround him.”

“What do you mean surround him?! Don’t you see that that person’s a Mage?!” someone among the four angrily yelled.

Cirrus was stunned as he rubbed his eyes, “Mage? What sort of f*ck*ng Mage runs so fast?”

The four men regarded him contemptuously before charging at Gu Fei.

“Don’t go! Let our Mages deal with him!” Cirrus blurted out, yet the four men turned a deaf ear to his words. Why would they need to be cautious of just one Mage, anyway? The Mages of High Cloud could not help but worry about accidentally killing off their four charging comrades with their AOE spells instead of the lone Mage or their single-target spells accidentally hitting themselves given how clustered they were against their target. Nevertheless, some of them still chose to unleash Repeating Fireball and even Arctic Whirlwind on the empty space between the four men and Gu Fei.

“Translocation! Blink!” Seeing the four men charge toward him, Gu Fei immediately teleported himself behind the four men, which let him avoid the incoming spells as well.
The four men could only look around in confusion when Gu Fei, who had been dashing toward them with reckless abandon, disappeared into thin air. A distance behind the clueless four men, the remaining people in the High Cloud’s PvP formation who had seen the entire scene hurriedly warned the four, “LOOK BEHIND YOU!”

The four men reflexively looked behind them at the voice’s admonition and saw Gu Fei’s sword slashing toward them just in time. The blade that was enveloped by Twin Incineration brushed past their necks.

Gu Fei had finally learned to fight enemies craftily. A Mage only had to speak clearly and concisely to cast a spell. With that being the case, Gu Fei merely murmured the Twin Incineration spell’s incantation and it was activated without a reduction to its damage output.

Gu Fei no longer had any reservations regarding the use of the sword techniques, and even such a vicious move like targeting the necks of his opponents was employed unrestrainedly. He had never once utilized this particular sword move since he mastered it in reality. This was not because he had no one to exchange blows with, but because he had no way to unrestrainedly use it with his real-life opponents when everyone was merely using wooden swords. Gu Fei’s dad even put it nicely for him: “This is just a sparring session to exchange pointers. We’re comparing kung fu and not fighting to the death!”

In online games, ‘death’ merely meant that a player would drop a level, so Gu Fei’s reservation about using such a forbidden sword technique was completely gone, inadvertently increasing the kung fu variations he could utilize. His fighting maneuvers became plentiful, so the magnitude in which he could dominate his opponents improved as well. However, Sword Demon and the rest who knew nothing of kung fu failed to notice this qualitative change.

In the end, the three enemies were insta-killed on the spot. The remaining fourth man was still alive, but this was not because Gu Fei had spared his life, but because the four men had been standing apart. As such, Gu Fei had only been able to take down the three men.

Gu Fei ignored the remaining man and charged toward High Cloud’s PvP formation, instead. The bunch of players boiled in anger when they saw Gu Fei cut down their three comrades.

What is he? How did he manage to kill off our comrades with that single move? What sort of sword is he holding? A Mage that uses a sword… What in the world is he?! Everyone’s heads were filled with all these questions. Gu Fei was almost upon them, so the Mages within their PvP formation hurriedly cast the Fireball spell at him.

Gu Fei wielded his sword to dissipate the balls of fire heading his way and evaded the other spells, such as Repeating Fireball, without slowing his forward momentum toward the enemies’ ranks.

“Unleash AOE spells!” Cirrus barked.

“What AOE spells?! How will those hit him at the speed he’s going?!” the Mages asked Cirrus, feeling incredulous.

While the enemies were at a loss on how they should deal with Gu Fei, Sword Demon once more disappeared under some of the men’s watchful eyes as his Stealth’s cool-down period ended. “Ahhh!” These men hurriedly informed the others, “Mages, over here! The enemy Thief has just activated Stealth!”

“We’re busy here!” The Mages, who were currently bombarding Gu Fei, did not even look at their direction.

“D*MM*T! You stopped us when we tried to attack the Thief moments ago! What do we do now that he’s entered Stealth again?!” Several men angrily asked Cirrus.

It was at this moment that an arrow swiftly flew toward the Archers’ ranks. Royal God Call could only insta-kill others using the Snipe skill. Sadly, he could only fire off arrow on Snipe once every 45 seconds, and the shooting preparation for such a formidable skill was rather long as well. Under the suppression of the enemy Archers, Royal God Call barely managed to insta-kill one of them.

Some of the Archers were abruptly angered by this and told Cirrus, “Send some men to slay that Archer! How long are we gonna be exchanging shots like this?”

Cirrus felt completely perplexed at how to proceed. It was already a tall task to get this bunch of men to collaborate with one another for this one assault. In the end, the arrows of Royal God Call, the sneaky stabs of Sword Demon, and the oppressive attacks of Gu Fei had left the men with not even a shred of security. Unable to handle their three aggressors, Cirrus quickly found himself unwittingly becoming the venting outlet of his men.

The men’s earlier criticisms about Cirrus began to resurface again, and they all started to argue with one another. The Mages were telling the Archers to hold off Gu Fei, the Thieves were saying to the Mages to bombard Sword Demon, and the Archers were directing the Thieves to ambush Royal God Call.

Each of them believed that their judgment was the best way to extricate the group from this situation, and all of them refused to heed one another’s advice. The players of High Cloud continued to bicker like this despite the messy situation that they were currently in, so it was not surprising that the Thieves who were calling for the Mages’ aid ended up being viciously stabbed by Sword Demon, the Archers who were yelling for the Thieves’ support were picked off one by one by Royal God Call, and the Mages who were at a disadvantage in melee were massacred by Gu Fei.

Sword Demon quickly retreated after plunging his dagger into an enemy. Scoring a headshot, Royal God Call readied another arrow on Snipe. Gu Fei, for his part, swung his sword toward the Mages without any spells.

“Warriors! Where the f*ck are you guys?!”

“Mages, that Thief is about to sneak away again!”

“Where are the Thieves?! Have you lot killed that Archer yet?!”

All continued to call for the various job classes for help. They could not help but think that they were in the worst mercenary group ever. Eventually, all of them began to call for their friends.

“Xiaoshui, come and blast that Thief!”

“Wild Boar, come and block the Mage!”

“Nebby, enter Stealth and kill that Archer!”

The thirty-man group that Cirrus had painstakingly assembled for this assault instantly crumbled and returned to their usual habit of fighting alongside their friends.

However, this bunch of players argued even with their friends. Some said that they should target the Mage first given how fierce he was; the others claimed that the Thief deserved to become the first target as he was treacherous; meanwhile, a few cried that the Archer was utterly despicable and therefore deserved to be prioritized.

With all of them insisting for the others to eliminate their respective targets, they could hardly put any resistance to the three. In fact, Sword Demon easily found a chance to kill off an enemy player, which was truly a laudable feat, given how his current Attack Power was no match for Royal God Call or Gu Fei’s.

“Can I go yet?!” War Without Wounds remained motionless this whole time. Judging that it was time for him to participate in the ongoing skirmish in the distance, he hurriedly asked Young Master Han for permission.

“What for? The three of them are already enough to handle the enemies,” Young Master Han replied.

War Without Wounds’ eyes grew as wide as a camel’s, “So what are we standing here for?!”

“Us? We’re just here to draw the enemies’ attention away from Royal, Sword Demon, and Miles and provide an opening for them to initiate a three-pronged attack. Thanks to us, Royal’s ranged arrows, Sword Demon’s sneaky stabs, and Miles’ oppressive attacks could be executed smoothly,” Young Master Han replied.

“Then, what about me? What’s my role in all this?” War Without Wounds asked.

“It’s to protect Brother Assist and me, of course!” Young Master Han replied.

“Are you kidding me?! I want to earn kill points, too!” War Without Wounds roared as he rushed forward, leaving the two behind.

“The heck. Insisting on doing such grueling work... I simply can’t wrap my head around how you, combat-crazed commoners, think!” Young Master Han said under his breath as he and Brother Assist trailed after War Without Wounds.

As he arrived at the skirmish, War Without Wounds hurriedly lowered his head, charged at the enemies’ formation, and activated Cyclone, felling a few men with his two claymores and allowing him to earn some kill points. With the addition of him, Young Master’s Elite’s fight with the enemies only became easier.

The men of High Cloud mercenary group were no match against the four players of Young Master’s Elite, so when several of them caught sight of the Priest Young Master Han and the Knight Brother Assist, they immediately proceeded to charge at the two, thinking that they were easier targets to deal with. It was truly a rare display of unity among these men.

“We have no choice. Guess you gotta go,” Young Master Han sighed to Brother Assist. Knights had better combat strength than Priests, after all.

Brother Assist was a different breed to his fellow mercenaries. Having chosen a support job class this time in Parallel World, he truly had no combat experience to speak of. His heart thumped audibly when he saw the bloodthirsty individuals pouncing on them like tigers on gazelles.

Just as Brother Assist was about to shut his eyes, a figure appeared before him. Gu Fei materialized in the path of these men in the nick of time. Roaring his Twin Incineration, he wiped two of the incoming men off the face of the map.

The remaining three players looked as if their souls had departed their bodies, turning around to flee as they shrieked endlessly, “It’s another Mage! A MAGE THAT LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME AS THAT OTHER MAGE!”
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