Victoria's Garden Chapter 5: Britney 'Erika' Law


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"The target's name is Britney Law. On the surface she is a loyal housewife who devotes her time entirely to her husband and is supportive of everything he does. Everyone believes them to be the perfect couple.

Except, that's only what's on the surface.

In reality, Britney's a fickle woman. Mere weeks after her marriage, she started going out to nightclubs and the like to hit on guys. The name she uses during these nightly activities is Erika." Olympia showed Al various photos on her laptop, all of which was of the same beautiful woman with different guys.

"She really does know how to party." Ren joked, looking at the photos of drunk men and woman dancing about. "Oh, hey! That guy there looks like Lance."

"Where? Where?" Iris excitedly leaned in to see.

Ren pointed at the blonde man in the screen, drunk out of his mind and a perverted smile gracing his face.

"..." Lance was speechless.

"Oh, c'mon! Our Lance is much cuter than that." Iris complained.

"Guys, don't bother Albert and Olympia when they're working." Vin chided, patting Lance's shoulder to console him while he was at it.

Seeing that they settled down, Olympia continued with what she was saying. "She frequently goes to xx nightclub and xx bar. You should be able to easily meet up with her should you go to these places. Also, at times, she frequents a cafe called xx."

Al stroked his cheek, a smirk crawling up his face. "Thanks, Olympia. I'll get started on the mission tomorrow so I'm putting Lance in charge. He can work at the counter, everyone else take turns assisting him."

"Ehh~ why Lance?" Iris complained.

"Because he's handsome." Al smiled and stated.

"Gah, as expected, this world is ruled by appearances." Ren held his hand on his chest in fake anguish.

"..." Lance's response was the same as usual.

Olympia smirked, deciding to reply for him in her sexy Lance voice. "Ren, it's not my fault I'm so handsome. You can't take away what's god given."

"Wow, Olympia, you've gotten so good at that already." Iris praised with a blush.

"..." I don't act like that do I?

Al chuckled and pat Lance's head. "I'll be relying on you."

Lance touched his head in a daze and nodded.

The next day, Al dug through his closet for nice clothes that accentuated his looks. He swept his hair to the side and grinned. "Perfect." He muttered with a nod, reverting back to his gentle self.

"Kids, I'm going out now. There's food in the fridge so heat it up when you're hungry. If anything happens, tell me." Al instructed from the door.

"Okay~." Iris answered from within her room.

"Take good care of the store!" Al shouted back.

Vin, Lance and Olympia walked out their rooms to see Al out. They found him leaning against the wall texting in a tight fitting navy collared shirt and neat black pants. His hair was pulled aside, revealing his forehead and his beautiful eyes.

"Wow, I didn't think you'll suit this mission but this might actually work." Olympia said in awe.

Al looked up and smiled. "I wouldn't have offered if I couldn't do it."

The elevator dinged and opened up. Al waved and walked in. By now, he was already getting into character, the spirit of a playboy taking over. He was the very embodiment of confidence, romantic advances and gestures. A charming man.

"First of all, cafe xx." Al muttered to himself, a smile hanging on his face.

After commuting for awhile, Al arrived in front of a stylish cafe. There were quite a few customers inside drinking coffee and busing themselves away on their laptops. Quiet songs played in the background softly and the overall atmosphere in the cafe was tranquil.

Al went in and walked to the counter where the elderly barista stood. Committed to his act, he exposed a handsome smile and spoke, "Hello, I spoke to you yesterday. Do you remember me?"

"Oh, yes. Albert, right?" The sweet elderly man smiled back and replied. "I have been expecting you."

"As thanks for agreeing to my sudden request, I promise to do my best."

"Ho ho, no problem, no problem. It just so happened that one of our employees suddenly quit so we were short on staff. If anything, I'm grateful that you'll be here to fill in the spot while we search for a new employee."

"Should I get started now? A line seems to be forming now." Al said, pointing to the people waiting for their order to be taken.

"Oh, yes. Please." The old man said in the hurry, dismissing Al and quickly attended to the customers.

Al put on the black apron and flawlessly joined in, helping to take orders and make the simpler coffees. When the business finally died down, he made some small talk with one of the lady customers while making her order.

"You're new here?" The lady asked.

"Yes, I just started today."

"Oh, where did you work before this?"

"Nowhere special. Decided I wanted to make coffee and started the job. Unexpected bonus is being able to talk to a beautiful lady such as yourself." Al brought the completed cup of coffee to the lady's table. With a charming smile, he continued with a low voice. "The secret ingredient is a touch of love."

The lady glanced at the cute cup of latte with a heart drawn on top and blushed, "Oh my, my, my. I'm flattered."

"Please, have some. It'll be a pleasure for me to know what a lady such as yourself thinks of it." Al took a seat opposite of her and leaned against his hand with a smile.

She giggled, "Who are you kidding? I saw you tending to the other customers earlier. Why didn't you ask them?"

"We were busy earlier, besides, hearing you say it's good means so much more to me than hearing some old man say the same thing." Al nonchalantly revealed with a light laugh.

The lady's lips widened into a bashful grin. She took a sip of the latte and smiled. "It's delicious. I might have to request specifically for you next time."

"Then we'll be seeing each other more often."
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