Victoria's Garden Chapter 4: The Bunch from Victoria's Garden


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"We're home~!" An energetic yell echoed from the elevator. Al popped his head out from the living room and saw two girls about fifteen years old come in, accompanied by three slightly older guys who were between 17-18 years old.

"How come everyone came back together?" Al smiled and asked. He glanced at the big bags of groceries they held in their hands and chuckled. "And I see that you've bought a little more than just groceries."

"We all happened to finish our missions at the same time so we decided to go together. And about the other things, ahaha, they were on sale." Ren explained and laughed. He had black hair and a rat tail that was braided and reached his waist. Ren was slightly baby faced but was tall and slightly muscular. His muscles couldn't be seen through his clothes but it was easy to tell that he was rather athletic.

"We bought a lot of potatoes!" Olympia exclaimed with a joyful smile. She held up the bag of potatoes shakingly in her arms and displayed them proudly to Al. Olympia had short brown hair and brown eyes that looked like pools of honey in the sun. Her hair curled inwards and she somehow looked sporty yet lazy at the same time.

"Then let's eat meat and potatoes tonight." Al said and had them put the groceries away. They all walked into the kitchen and began to obediently put the food where they belonged. After they were done, they grabbed the snacks that belonged to them and retreated into their rooms upstairs.

Al smiled and shook his head at the sight before heading over to the kitchen to start preparing for dinner. Mid way through cooking, a thought suddenly flashed through his mind. 'Why do I feel like a dad even though I'm still in my early twenties?'

"Albert~, I'm hungry! Is the food ready yet?" Iris called out from the stairs. She had long wavy hair that fell to her buttocks and was short and petite, very cute looking. She wore a pair of rectangular glasses that suited her very much and gave her a somewhat scholarly air.

'Oh, that's why'. Al thought to himself and answered her absentmindedly. "It won't be too long. Maybe about ten-fifteen minutes?"

Iris decided that she couldn't wait that long and scurried into the kitchen. She found a basket of fruit on the table. It was filled with fruits of all seasons and made for a strange sight. Iris was not deterred by this and casually grabbed a mango and a knife. She cut up the mango and sat at the table, dripping mango juice everywhere.

Vin also came out of his room in search for food. He had short neat hair and a pair of droopy eyes that made him look sleepy all the time. His posture was proper and his clothes nice and tidy. Vin was also rather athletic and was quick on his feet.

Upon entering the kitchen, he found Iris and her puddle of mango and clicked his tongue disdainfully. "You're such a messy eater. Can't you at least get a plate or something?"

Iris lifted up her hands. They were covered in mango and its sticky juice. "No." She shrugged and moved onto her second mango.

"Urgh, that's so disgusting." Vin chided. He walked into the kitchen and found a wet towel waiting for him on the counter. He glanced over at Al and grabbed it, wiping the table and also Iris' dirty fingers.

"I'm almost done cooking so can you call the others for me?" Al asked from within the kitchen.

"Okay." Vin went back up and knocked on their doors one by one and told them to head down for dinner.

When they all finally gathered, Al had already set everything up and was ready to eat. When everyone was seated, the elevator door dinged open.

"Hmm? Someone's here?" Olympia asked.

"Victoria?" Al stood up and went to the elevator. Sure enough, a woman in white stood there at the elevator, a man in a suit beside her. She had platinum blond hair, pale blue eyes and a delicate, angelic face. A small smile graced her face when she noticed Al's approaching footsteps.

"Al, you made meat and potatoes?" Victoria held out her hand for Al to grab and asked.

"Yeah, let's eat." Al grabbed her hand and carefully led her to the table. The other kids saw her and each respectively greeted her.

"C'mon, Leon. You too." Al gestured for the suited man to join them and sat back down. Leon nodded and took off his sunglasses, casually chatting with the others. He had orangey red hair and beautiful green eyes. His face appeared stern but when he smiled, it became much more friendly and lax.

"Al, I heard that you're doing a mission." Victoria chimed after swallowing her food.

"Mm, I haven't done one in a while and wanted to let the others take a break." Al answered.

"You're seducing someone?"


"Hmm, is that so?"

Al was going to say something in reply but didn't when he felt a stare land on him. Turning his head, he found Lance dazedly looking at him.

Lance was frankly put, a pretty boy. He had golden hair, sparkly blue eyes and smooth, clear skin. He didn't show much expression and always looked dazed but always managed to catch one's eyes. Lance was taciturn and hardly spoke a sentence per year. Legend was that if you heard Lance's voice, you'd have spent your luck for the entire day, resulting in misfortune for the remainder of it.

"What is it, Lance?" Al asked, a gentle and patient smile on his face.

"..." Lance looked at Al and then back at his phone. The wallpaper was that of a blue rose so Al instantly knew what he was thinking.

"Are you offering to do the job instead of me?" Al laughed.

Lance nodded.

"I appreciate the sentiment but I want to do this one myself."

"Why? Because you want to go on a date with a beautiful woman?" Victoria chimed.

Al chuckled and rubbed Victoria's head. "Of course not, I don't even know what she looks like. Besides, why would I want to hang out with someone else when you're more beautiful than anyone in the world, Victoria?"

"Mm, that's true." Victoria very unabashingly accepted the title.

Lance continued to stare at Al and showed him his wallpaper again.

"It's impossible, Lance." Ren laughed and slapped his shoulder. "I mean, you look the part but you have no social skills at all! I mean, can you even make a friend, let alone a girlfriend?"

"Don't be mean Ren!" Iris yelled out. "Lance is our mascot, alright?"

"Right, right. My apologies, Lance. You just gotta stand there and look pretty for us." Ren teased. "Olympia can talk for you. She's very good at changing her voice, isn't she?"

"Oh, you mean like this?" Olympia chimed. She changed her voice from a soft feminine one to a mellow and handsome voice. It seemed like a voice that will suit Lance a lot.

"Ahahaha, that's great!" Iris clapped wildly like a seal. "Now you just have to do it without moving your lips and it'll be perfect!"

"..." Lance awkwardly looked away and shoved food into his mouth.

"Oi, you guys." Vin called. "Stop teasing him and eat."

"Yes yes." The three half heartedly agreed and continued to eat.

"No kissing and all that alright, Al?" Victoria reminded when everyone settled.

"Mm, I know. It's not like this is the first time." Al nodded nonchalant

"Mmm-! Last time that girl kissed you!"

"What?! You got kissed by a girl, Albert!" Ren and Iris both yelled.

Al laughed and shook his head. "She suddenly pecked my lips. It wasn't anything serious or anything."

"Gah! I haven't even had my first kiss yet!" Ren lamented exaggeratedly.

"No more, alright? Save it for someone you actually like." Victoria warned.

"Mm, I will."
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