Victoria's Garden Chapter 3: Il Familia


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Taken aback by Al's sudden transformation, Katheryn was unable to say anything. Al shook his head, shifting his hair back to its original position. The confident and flirtatious smile plastered on his face reverted back to the gentle smile that resembled a cool spring breeze. Instantly he went from cocky playboy to the kind older brother that only exists in movies.

"How is it. Think I'll succeed?" He asked her.

Katheryn nodded, resembling a bobble head. "That was exactly her type. God damn gigolos who only know how to get into a woman's skirt for money."

Al sipped on his tea, greatly satisfied. "I take it that you want her signing those papers as soon as possible?"

"Yes. The sooner the better." Katheryn grabbed her purse and retrieved a wallet from within. "How much is the down payment?"

"How ever much you think it's worth."


"You determine the price, not us. Ask yourself, what am I willing to pay for my request to be granted?"

Katheryn looked down at the tea. She saw her reflection within, contemplating Al's words. Not long after, she opened her wallet and grabbed all the notes inside. She held the thick stack of notes and spoke. "He's priceless to me. I'm willing to even sell my soul to the devil for him. Please, make her sign those papers."

Al received the payment from Katheryn and put on his sales' smile, that warm smile that was almost indiscernible from his usual gentle one. "I have received your payment. We'll contact you again after we've completed your request."

Katheryn nodded and left soon after. She walked through the clustered hallway from earlier and left with a blue rose in hand. Al smiled and waved her goodbye, taking down the sign on the door and opening up his store again.

As usual, he took a seat behind the counter but this time, instead of reading a book, he got his phone out of his apron pocket. Al opened up the messenger app and clicked on the group chat named 'Family'. Within the seven member group, only two were chatting, the rest were either offline or just lurking.

Al: Someone requested for a blue rose today ^^

Olympia: !!! Another mission

Iris: we didn't even finish ours yet, still looking for that guys illegitimate kids

Vin: What kind of job is it?

Al: To seduce someone's wife and get her to sign the divorce papers. Hehe

Ren: >\\\< how embarrassing! Who's going to seduce her

Al: I am

Olympia, Iris, Ren, Vin: What?!!!!!

Al: I haven't gone out on a mission in a long time. This will be fun, ^^

Olympia: are you sure, Albert? This is seducing someone you know? You don't have to do this.

Iris: yeah! You can get Lance to do it instead. That guys stupidly handsome anyway ;p. He'll do it in no time


Iris: hah! I knew you were lurking.


Ren: why you doing missions so suddenly?

Al: it's not sudden all~ It was just that I've been unable to do the most recent ones. I'm too weak, haha

Ren: but you don't have to do requests. Isn't it easier to just stay at the shop and take requests? And who's going to look after the shop if your out and about seducing some lady?

Al: you guys can take turns. You deserve a break once in awhile.

Al: ah, you still have to help me research though

Olympia: Understood. I'll send the info to you by tomorrow

Al: Thanks :)

The silver bell rang yet again and in came a flashy looking man busily chatting away on his phone. He stood in front of the entrance, talking loudly. Seeing that he was still chatting, Al didn't greet him and just kept an eye out for him.

The man wandered around the store, studying the flowers and the small plants. He stood in front of each one for a minute before moving on and repeating the same thing again. Noticing his actions, Al glanced over at the clock. There was about twenty minutes until closing time but at the rate the man was browsing, it seemed that it would take forever before he could leave.

Wanting to speed things up, Al left his counter and approached the man. He was still talking obnoxiously loud on his phone and staring deeply at the pot of flower on the bench before him.

"Excuse me, sir." Al said. "Do you need any help?"

The man pulled his phone away from his ear and covered the speaker. "No, its okay. I'm just looking."

"Hah, understood. If you need any help, please tell me." Al went back behind his counter and fiddled with his phone. Once in a while, he would peak at the man only to see him standing before a pot of flowers, staring.

Wanting to go home on time, Al tried to rush him once more. "Sir, are you sure you don't need any help? There's only five minutes until we close and you've been here for fifteen minutes already."

"Ah? Already?" The man seemed surprised. He looked at his screen and realised that the call had been ongoing for about half an hour. "Sorry, can you make me a bouquet of red and pink roses?"

"...Understood." Al nodded, barely able to maintain his usual smile. The flowers the man has been staring at thus far didn't even have anything to do with roses! Al sighed and quickly made the man the bouquet before closing the shop.

He walked behind the counter and went through the hallway from earlier. The lights all turned on at once when they detected his presence. Al walked on, approaching the consultant room with the beanbags and all. The sensor in that room turned on and Al went in. He walked to the far corner where an elevator lie.

The door opened and Al walked in. "Ah, I forgot to buy groceries for dinner...Oh wells, I'll have one of them buy one for me."
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