Versatile Mage Chapter 1127: Nothing is Too Deceitful in War


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Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

As the fiery pillars emerged from the ground, a curvy, black silhouette slid across the ground strangely. The pillars of lava were always slightly slower, and would only devour the afterimages left behind by her.

When the entire volcanic crater appeared, Asha'ruiya was already a hundred meters away. She tipped the foot before her up slightly, raising the sword in front of her. The sword was almost invisibly thin, splitting her perfect body in half...

The black sword reflected both sides of her silver mask. It was impossible to tell what expression she was wearing, but her demeanor was imposing, with the icy aura of a soldier that was ready to face death.

"One-Word Slash!"

{TL Note: It literally implies the slash is like the Chinese character '一' which means one.}

She remained still as a statue, but as she uttered the words, a dark aura rapidly contracted toward Asha'ruiya's foot like a ring...

More rings of dark auras contracted rapidly and accumulated at her foot.

Suddenly, the dark glow erupted under Asha'ruiya's foot in the shape of a deathly lotus!

Her sword swept forward like a black raven gliding along the ground. The icy afterimage pierced through everything, including Mo Fan's wildly erupting volcanic crater!

Whoosh! The sound it produced was incredibly short, yet shocking. The volcanic crater was slashed in half.

The woman was so quick that it felt like she had blinked to the other side of the volcanic crater as soon as the lotus blossomed. The dark lotus slowly dissipated, but the woman was still lifting her sword in front of her, as if she had never moved it!

Blood sprayed across the place like a mist. Mo Fan had a red wound on his chest. The cut was very thin, but blood kept jetting out from it.

Protected by the scorching flames, Mo Fan only felt a sudden chill from his chest, and a shadow flickering past him. Luckily, he was able to react instinctively. Otherwise, the slash might actually have sliced his chest in half.

"How was it? I said that you are no match for me!" the woman under the silver mask giggled.

"It's just a tiny cut with some blood, it's nothing serious!" Mo Fan glanced at the cut. It was not anything serious.

A spurt of flame swept over Mo Fan's chest. In order to stop the bleeding, Mo Fan decisively seared the cut just to seal it off!

It was pretty cool to mend his wound like that, but the pain was shocking. Mo Fan tried his best to pretend that he was at ease, but his forehead was already covered in cold sweat. Asha'ruiya saw the little twitch on his face.

Asha'ruiya giggled even more when she saw Mo Fan forcing himself. Her hips were shaking from her laughter. Her alluring temperament stood out more than the dark energy shrouding her.

Hearing the woman's giggles, Mo Fan had the urge to tie the cunning vixen up and whip her a hundred times. With just five minutes, he could guarantee that she would not be laughing anymore, and would struggle to get out of bed too!

"Do you want me to take a look at your injuries?" Asha'ruiya asked.

"But your milk is poisonous!" Mo Fan did not forget to trash-talk even when he was in pain.

{TL Note: Healing magic is described as feeding milk as a modern saying, maybe because both are giving vitality to someone? A Healer is also called a nanny, and is very common in video games. Looking for a nanny for party quest!}

"Little Mo Fan, it seems like you desperately need some instruction. I guess I'll just beat you up, heal you, beat you up, heal you, and repeat the same things for a hundred times. That way, you'll learn how you should talk to a noble Saintess of the Parthenon Temple," Asha'ruiya replied, her voice all smiles.

"But that wasn't something you said in bed last night..." Mo Fan deferred.

Asha'ruiya's chest heaved. It was not the first time that the asshole had vilified her with filthy words. She did not lose her calm, as she did not want others to know that it was actually getting on her nerves. However, Mo Fan seemed to be enjoying it; he acted as if he wanted to let the whole world know the Candidate for the role of the Goddess was actually very passionate when it came to having sexual intercourse!

"I have decided to take you out first!" Asha'ruiya was serious this time.

The strength of the Chinese team would decline significantly after she took Mo Fan out. She would worry about Zorro later. Even though it was not as ideal, anyone that dared to piss her off had to scram right away!

"Bring it on!" Mo Fan straightened his face and prepared himself for Asha'ruiya's attack.

Asha'ruiya executed the Tip-Toe Death Lotus once again. It was a kind of footwork, allowing her to dance lightly and gracefully like a black butterfly, making her movements unpredictable.

Mo Fan stood still, waiting for his chance patiently. His eyes were following Asha'ruiya's movement with a grim expression.

"Now!" Mo Fan yelled all of a sudden. A Gravitational Space suddenly came crashing down.

Asha'ruiya giggled in amusement. She was a Space Mage, so she was clearly not afraid of Mo Fan's spell. Strictly speaking, her Space Element was actually stronger than Mo Fan's.

Asha'ruiya quickly summoned a Gravitational Space in the opposite direction to cancel out Mo Fan's spell.

"Asha'ruiya, I now believe that you're a naive Saintess," Mo Fan grinned.

Asha'ruiya was startled. She was about to attack with her sword when she sensed the temperature dropping rapidly.

"Ice Lock Formation!" In an instant, ice chains filled the air as the ground was covered in frost. The thick chains immediately formed an enormous formation encapsulating Asha'ruiya and Mo Fan in a spectacular manner.

On Mo Fan's side, the ice chains did not bind him down, but on Asha'ruiya's side, the ice chains stacked up in layers and rapidly sealed off Asha'ruiya's escape routes...

Asha'ruiya completely lost her cool. She tried to escape with Blink, but the ice chains were being flung at her fiercely. She did not have any chance to construct the Star Constellation.

The Ice Lock Formation completely sealed off Asha'ruiya's movement. She was soon trapped in the middle, her waist, arms, and legs were tied down by the ice chains!

"Asshole, you asshole!" Asha'ruiya blushed with anger.

This asshole Mo Fan had set her up when it was meant to be a duel. He had been buying time for Mu Ningxue to set up the huge trap.

Unless Asha'ruiya was able to Blink away as soon as the trap was triggered, she would have no chance of escaping from the Ice Lock Formation because of its ridiculous coverage area and the chains that were restricting her movements...

"HAHAHAHA, you dare scold me, asshole? Aren't you a great fan of pulling your dirty tricks on us?" Mo Fan burst out laughing. -You cunning little vixen, how are you going to escape this time?-

As for the pride of a man? Mo Fan obviously did not have any sense of integrity. If he could eliminate Asha'ruiya in an easy way, why would he bother fighting her in a duel?

"Mo Fan, you shameless prick!" Asha'ruiya cursed.

She had not expected that she was being set up. Mo Fan had not intended to fight her alone from the beginning, since it was obvious that Mu Ningxue had spent quite some time setting up her Ice Lock Formation.

"Xiao Meng'e, you should really go and revise what it means by nothing is too deceitful inwar!" Mo Fan chuckled. The Lightning Tyrant was already glowing in his hand.

With how the situation was, he could easily disqualify Asha'ruiya with a Sky Lightning Claw. Mo Fan, with a rather perverted grin on his face, was so pleased that he totally lost his sense of measure and raised his brows at Mu Ningxue. However, the grin on his face disappeared when he saw Mu Ningxue's stern eyes.

"Sky Lightning Claw!" Mo Fan did not show any mercy.

They were currently in the middle of a match. Even though he had been flirting with Asha'ruiya throughout the match, he had never said that he was not going to set her up too, had he?

Asha'ruiya had been responsible for provoking the English team to team up with the Greek team to take out the Chinese team first. She was also the reason why the Chinese team had teamed up with the Greek team. Mo Fan agreed that Zorro was a great threat, but the resourceful Asha'ruiya was a great threat, too. If he could take her out, it would be easier for their team to control the situation, since they only had to worry about the English team instead of worrying that the Greek team would backstab them!

The lightning tore through Asha'ruiya's armor and penetrated her defense before landing on her.


Seeing that Asha'ruiya was in danger, Karolina immediately flew into the air and dove at the Ice Lock Formation that Mu Ningxue had set up!

"She's crazy!" Mo Fan stared at the reckless woman in astonishment.

There was no way Mu Ningxue would let anyone destroy her Ice Lock Formation. She leapt into the air by dancing on the ice chains and engaged Karolina.

Karolina completely ignored Mu Ningxue's attacks. She used the power of her sacred light to break the ice chains that were trapping Asha'ruiya.

Asha'ruiya regained her freedom. She grabbed Karolina and prepared to Blink away, worried that Mu Ningxue would entrap her again with the Ice Lock Formation, but Mu Ningxue's ice chains had wrapped around Karolina, dragging her out of Asha'ruiya's spell.

"Don't mind me, our team can't lose here!" Karolina said firmly.

Asha'ruiya did not push her luck further. She finished the spell and escaped from the huge Ice Lock Formation.

Meanwhile, Karolina clearly had no chance of escaping. As the Sky Lightning Claw continued to land on her, the protective light of the Ring of Venice soon surrounded her.

Mo Fan stopped attacking when the light appeared, allowing the assistant judge to carry Karolina away.

Not far away, Asha'ruiya stared at Mo Fan and Mu Ningxue coldly.

She had indeed been too careless. She did not think Mo Fan and Mu Ningxue had such great synergy. It turned out that Mo Fan was not the only threat on the Chinese team. Mu Ningxue's Ice Magic was terrifying too! She was almost trapped inside the Ice Lock Formation. If it wasn't for Karolina's sacrifice, she would have been knocked out by now!

Asha'ruiya was still feeling some lingering fear!

"It looks like we've completely fallen out with the Greek team," Mu Ningxue said.

"It was going to happen eventually. Too bad that we didn't manage to eliminate that foxy," Mo Fan replied regretfully.

It went without saying that Asha'ruiya would still have lots of tricks up her sleeves. Mo Fan's greatest worry was not Zorro, the man with outstanding strength, but the possibility that once they used everything to eliminate Zorro, Asha'ruiya would overwhelm them with her trump card!
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